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99 spyder gst

Posted by gst96spyderman, Nov 2, 2010

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  1. gst96spyderman

    gst96spyderman Proven Member

    Joined Oct 22, 2008
    atlanta, Georgia
    I have just totalled out my baby. :mad: May she rest in peices... all over the damn highways where that drunk son of a :notgood: clipped me in the rear at 70 mph and ended up hitting a tree dead on frontal... But that okay, I'm alive and there are some salvagable parts plus insurance check :thumb: ,

    I'm currently looking at trading my 01 camry :notgood: for a 99 spyder gst. She is located on autotrader for $5000 in the Penn area... I'm trying to ask all right questions. My instincts are telling me this is a decent car. Has what I'm mostly looking for. 6 bolt swap, 16g turbo, greddy fmic, weisco pistons, 3g lifters... here. cut n paste...

    Turbo Convertible. Silver paint, Leather interior in good shape. - no rips/tears, Working black convertible roof, Key Fob, Mileage: Around 15k on the motor, and under 100k on the car. working air conditioning. List of modifications: Manual Transmission, 6 bolt engine, Kiggly 6 bolt crank trigger sensor, Forced Performance Sleeper 16g Turbo (set at 16psi), K&N air, Greddy Race Front Mount Intercooler, Hard intercooler piping, Brian Crower intake and exhaust cams 272's, Brian Crower Springs & retainers, Third generation lifters, ARP head bolts, Wiseco Pistons on Crower Rods, Hyundai Valve Cover, Ported Exhaust manifold, Ported o2 housing, After market cat-less race exhaust (Megan 2.5" downpipe, Thermal 3" cat back), Fluidyne (All aluminum radiator), Slowboy Limited Slip Differential, ACT 2100 Pressure Plate and clutch, HKS TurboTimer, Front strut tower brace, rebuilt 1990 Throttle Body, Steel Braided Slowboy Clutch Line. Gauges in a 3 gauge A-pillar pod: Electronic Oil Pressure Gauge, Boost Gauge, Air Fuel Ratio. It makes a ton of power as it is, but definitely needs DSM Link to complete the car. The turbo is capable of blowing a whole lot more then the injectors can handle, the engine is ready to handle it though. I'm in school now, so the car fun time is over- for a few years. Car is located in Delmont, PA-zip 15626. Not sure where to correct this on the ad.

    Any opinios are a plus. Thinking of making trip up to PA but want to know what you guys think. I've asked about belts and recent routine service. Specifically timing belt. My baby WAS a 96 and know nothing about 99's. Any problems directly related to 99 spyder models? Thanks guys :hellyeah:

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    1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GST
    manual · 2G DSM
  2. Flash

    Flash Proven Member

    Joined Nov 30, 2003
    Highlands Ranch, Colorado
    Links to some big pictures would help, that way people can get an idea beyond just typed words. The main thing that concerns me when looking at a used modified DSM is the owner. I have noticed that DSMer's all have different standards when it comes to quality of parts and quality of work. Pictures would reveal a lot.

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    1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
    · 2G DSM
  3. chico904

    chico904 Proven Member

    Joined Feb 9, 2004
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    What part of PA? If it's close to Pittsburgh, I can go check it out for you.
  4. gst96spyderman

    gst96spyderman Proven Member

    Joined Oct 22, 2008
    atlanta, Georgia
    Okay, here is the link. http://www.autotrader.com/fyc/vdp.jsp?ct=p&car_id=286062473&dealer_id=65658133&car_year=1999&rdm=1288740527776&model=ECLIP&num_records=25&systime=&make2=&highlightFirstMakeModel=&start_year=1981&keywordsfyc=__dHVyYm8%2C__&keywordsrep=116117114098111&engine=&certified=&body_code=1&fuel=&awsp=false&lastBeginningStartYear=1981&search_type=both&distance=500&marketZipError=false&search_lang=en&showZipError=y&make=MIT&keywords_display=turbo&color=&page_location=findacar%3A%3Aispsearchform&min_price=&body_style=CONVERT&drive=&default_sort=newsortbyprice_DESC&seller_type=b&max_mileage=&sort_type=priceDESC&address=30560&advanced=y&end_year=1999&doors=&transmission=Manual&max_price=5000&cardist=460&standard=false[/URL]
    Hope that works. As stated before, car ad is running on autotrader located in Delmont, PA-zip 15626 . He also sent me some pics of internals. Well, this is more complecated than I thought. any ways I'll get those. Let me finish up writing and I'll post new reply.

    Basicall, I'm trading my camry :notgood: for this 99 gst spyder. here are the emails from myself and the seller.

    will try to answer your questions in the order that you asked them, I'd hate to waste your time driving up from Georgia (I'd hate to find that someone wasted mine in the same situation.)

    I am selling the car b/c I don't have time for it anymore. Lawschool kind of runs my life. I let the car sit around for a while not using it, and then thought that that was stupid, when I graduate, I'll just buy some out of the box powerhouse (Evo anyone?)

    I put all of the recent pictures of the car that I had up. The day I took those photos I had put new brakes on and cleaned the car, anything else would be older. The FMIC picture specifically- the FMIC is not on the car. It is sitting in the passenger seat. (Here's why the car got parked) I couldn't have a car without a/c, I'm used to the cold, and sitting there in traffic in a suit, I can't show up at an office with it sweat drenched. So to keep the a/c, along with the radiator (even though it was upgraded to a fluidyne) and the a/c, there was too much cooling surface, and I couldn't reliably keep the car cold at a stop. When I lived in the country and I wasn't stuck in traffic for more than 5 minutes, I had no problems, however downtown Pittsburgh would have warped the head. To prevent that happening (read- I never let the car over heat!) I put the side mount intercooler back on. No cooling issues, but no fmic. You'll have to make a decision here, you can notch out the front bumper where the Mitsubishi symbol is to allow more airflow, put an aftermarket hood on to allow the heat to rise out, remove the ac, or leave the fmic off. This decision will be yours to make, removing the ac and selling those parts will be easy and make you some money, or if where you live doesn't have traffic problems, you will be fine.

    I don't have pictures of the trunk, I don't know why you want them. There's a 10? disc cd changer in there, theres a spare tire in ther. If I knew exactly what you wanted I could describe more.

    She idles fine. She also doesn't misfire b/c of the kiggly crankle angle sensor. I'm assuming you know more because of your interested in DSM's.

    I have a video of her idling. I did not post the videos because the wires need to be replaced. You can hear them cracking in the youtube videos (see below) so I chose not to post them. Once again, I don't want to waste your time driving up from Georgia. I'll have new wires on there for you.

    Problems whatsoever with the car: the 8" of cooling surfaces with teh fmic, ac, and radiator are too much. You're going to have to make a decision, but everything works, the decision is yours. The driver side skirt is missing. The check engine light is on, it is throwing codes for the EGR and the catalytic converter. The EGR is b/c the vacuum line to it is too long. I haven't had tiem to fix it. it runs fine regardless. THere is no cat on the car. DSM Link was my next planned upgrade, with that I was going to turn off the codes and put bigger injectors in (the rest of the car is ready for, and screaming for, bigger injectors.) The cruise control does not work, and is not fixable to my knowledge. teh car was originally an automatic, I made it a manual. I think my write up on teh process is still the authoritative one on the internet.

    The passenger side door handle broke. I therefore bought solid aluminum ones. Now I have a passenger side solid aluminum door handle installed, and the driver side I did not install because it has not broken yet. You will receive the driver side aluminum door handle. I wasn't going to play games there, after all, you can't climb in through the trunk of a spyder.

    The engine swap I did myself, with an engine I bought off of someone else. We took the engine apart and inspected it before installing it. A friend of mine is intimately familiar with DSM's. He said we are good to go, I slapped it in. I have put about 10k miles on the engine, and I was told it had under 10 when I got it, I could still see the fading grooves of the cylinder hone, so I believed the guy. I have photos. Offering to pull the oil pan/head to show you everything seems silly since you aren't going to be able to drive it back that day then. I have attached the best of the swap photos that I have. Those are the photos that you see attached. I have the swap mileages written down somewhere. I'll have to look them up. Off the top of my head (i'm in the law library typing this out now.) the swap was done just under 90k, with a motor that already had 10k on it, and now the car has just under 100k.

    The car does have a mbc. The car is running it's lowest possible boost, the wastegate is set at 16 psi. It is at this number b/c that is the maximum amount that the stock injectors can reliably take. No engine management yet, so thats where it stands.

    Same friend who is familiar with DSM's (if you go on any DSM forums I can get his name if that would help you,) estimates that my car with teh FMIC installed is a little shy of 300 hp. I have never ran it down the track. I have never had it dyno'ed. They are esitmates.

    In PA we have notaries transfer the title.

    I will send another email with questions I may have regarding teh camry to you later today. The fiancee is telling me it is time for dinner.


    On Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 10:36 AM, Dan Nelson <dneli407@hotmail.com> wrote:

    Go to atlanta craigslist, and cars and trucks tab then enter 01 camry le. Thats the title. Here are some pictures... Why are you selling this beauty? Any picture of front of car. Looking for pictures of fmic. Also of top up, trunk. How does she idle? Any problems whatsoever with car? Broken door handles, ingnition problems? do you have receipts of engine swap work? Who installed and how many miles were on engine at time of swap? Any rust issues? You stated you're running at 16 psi... is there boost control? Stock psi is 14psi. What is hp rating, or a close assumption. I guess the stock 440cc injectors are still on car. Also the camry has clean title and its in hand. No problems at all. Needs tires and windsheild. Let me know if you need more pictures. I'll get them.

    As for transfering title... I have no idea. I'll look into it. I'd probably drive up there and we'd exchange titles and go to the local DMV and you'd have to re-register car and get emissions test. No emissions test down here. I'd drive her back with the title and bill of sale we've both signed and do the same minus emissions. On the bill of sale they ask to give a price. Put $100 down to save on taxes and that would be that. I'd assume. Shouldn't be that complecated, but I'll contact my DMV either 2day or tomorrow. Probably be a good idea to have around $300 cash just incase.

    I have some friends in the pochonos I want to see anyways and this would give me a good excuse to do so. Before we were to actually do this I'd assume you'd want to look and inspect car as would I. Any more questions, 706-633-4464. Leave a message because I'm pretty busy. I might also call back from 321 area code number.


    Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2010 09:21:22 -0400

    Subject: Re: AutoTrader.com Alert - Someone is interested in your 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse for sale on AutoTrader.com
    From: jacalev@gmail.com
    To: dneli407@hotmail.com

    There was no link in this email to a craigslist ad.

    Also, how would we physically transfer the cars if you are in Georgia and I am in Pennsylvania?

    I'll post more in a few minutes after I find out how to upload emailed images.





    I'll edit previous post to fit better

    As for Chico904, I will gladly and humbly accept your offer. I live in ATL and its about a 10 hour drive. If its too far, thats fine. Looks to be around 30-45 min drive for you. Please do not feel obligated to do so. Thats why I LOVE this website. People like yourself offer things as such.

    The one main thing that threw me off on this car is that it was converted from auto to five speed... I'm not familiar at all with this conversion and if there are risk in having this done. Mainly longevity wise.

    Also he's saying check engine light is on and giving codes for egr (valve i guess. not specified) because the vaccum line is too long. That just throws me off. Is that even possible?

    I kinda feel I'm taking the assend of this deal, but I'm set on getting another spyder gst. Not this particular one, but another dsm spyder gst.

    there are also some videos of car on youtube. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. 889fgb is search title. Not really sure about the smoke coming out. If its the quality (or lack thereof) of video... or what. Maybe the link will work... YouTube - 889fgb's Channel
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2010

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    1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GST
    manual · 2G DSM
  5. -TunedDSM-

    -TunedDSM- Proven Member

    Joined Feb 12, 2006
    Traverse City, Michigan
    It looks like the drivers strut tower is starting to rust as well, I'd look it over completely for any other signs of rust/rot.

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    1990 Eagle Talon TSi AWD
    manual · 1G DSM
  6. gst96spyderman

    gst96spyderman Proven Member

    Joined Oct 22, 2008
    atlanta, Georgia
    Alright, I'm going to setup a meeting next weekend and hopefully end up getting this car. ANYmore help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GST
    manual · 2G DSM
  7. thatcarchick

    thatcarchick Proven Member

    Joined Jul 5, 2011
    Grand Rapids, Michigan
    did you ever end up getting the car? I myself just bought an Eclipse Spyder GS, mine is still an automatic.
    My cruise control is out too... Wondering if you found an answer for it...

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