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97 Eclipse Gs 420a Build


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Nov 1, 2011
Brooklyn, New_York
Where I am from everyone and I mean EVERYONE and there mother loves or own a Honda Civic. Don't get me wrong it is a good car with great potential but I was never one to follow trends. So I decided to go a different route. Then one day while I was looking up coupe (because I always wanted a coupe) the Eclipse caught my eye. There was just something about the style and potential about the Eclipse that in my heart a Civic can never compare too. So I made it my duty to get a Mitsubishi Eclipse as my first car.

I Bought a black 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse Gs with 120xxx miles. I named her Ebony :sneaky: Creative right? I know Thanks. And Now she is my Daily Driver. She is a little special because she was an AT converted MT back To AT. The previous owner blew the gearbox and then converted it back to AT. However, because he gave me all the parts (shift linkage, clutch, pedals etc. etc.) I decide to get her. He also threw in unused still in the box Halo Projection headlight, AEM intake, and a bunch of extra parts (door panels rearview mirror and such).

Goods: came with 8000k Hids installed, Injen short ram intake installed, Obx Exhaust system installed, and white rims which guess is a plus? Lol :thumb:
Bads: has a cracked windshield, no radio, bad paint job and needs AT tranny mount & 2 other motor mounts.

Now I had Ebony for about 2 months and I have enjoyed for those to months but now I am ready to dress her up and build her up. She needs a bunch of work and I haven't been treating her right. I am pretty sure nothing has ever been changed on this 15yr old car. I plan on following - Power_Stages on this build to get her where I want.

I have already:
Replaced the tranny mount
Replaced the timing belt and water pump
The two other belts (power steering & alternator)

TheGame Plan (In order)
• To complete Stage 0 of the Power Stages
• Repaint! I was thinking back to black or red or all white or maybe the panda look with the black hood until I get a carbon fiber one.
• Find a Gearbox or new Tranny and convert back to MT
• Stage 1 of Power Stages Get a turbo kit (yes I know I know but this is what I want)
• Then complete the rest of the Power Stages.

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Feb 20, 2010
Martinez, Georgia
Sounds good I would just stay black tho its alot more expensive when they have to repaint inside the engine bay.


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Nov 1, 2011
Brooklyn, New_York
It Has been a while but since then

January: New Battery

February: Bought Prothane After market engine mounts and got them installed

March: Also got a new exhaust system which i really needed (Ebay Spec-D) didn't rush to put it in because i didn't think it was that bad.... boy was i wrong. Also fixed both of my upper and lower radiator hoses in this time that decide they wanted to pop on me...


April: New TPS, & Gasket.

May:SOoooooo i had a rusty exhaust system that turned into a hole in my exhaust that turned into a cracked one smfh :ohdamn:

But got that all fixed up :thumb:


June: Got a Carbon Fiber hood in a trade (pics coming soon)]

And at this point i basically done with Stage 0 & 1 of the power stages
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