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95 TSI vs. z28 camaro

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


20+ Year Contributor
Apr 23, 2003
Tampa, Florida
I was wondering who would win between a stock 95 TSI vs. a v8 camaro? both stock, my talon is a 5 speed but the camaro is an automatic. Does any one know what they run in the 1/4 mile? And i dont know if its posable but i think the camaro came with limited slip diff. along with it is this posable?
what year z28? if it's 82-92 the v8's ran mid 14's to low 16's depending which induction it had. lt1's are high 13's/low14's i think. and you can forget about ls1's
A 1998 LS1 z28 will eat you alive. Even if it is an automatic. Im not positive on the 1/4 times of a DSM but ls1 zs are fast. I own a 88 camaro that was VERY slow stock but now it is very modified. I plan on selling it soon to get a 1g DSM tho. Im tired of the hotrod.

Unless your dsm is modded you wont outrun a 98 z28. 93-97 are lt1 z28s which you still shouldnt be able to outrun. 82-92 you can outrun if its a 305. A L98 (350ci Tuned Port Injection) would probably outrun you. If its a 305 you will burn it.

If you need camaro info let me know. I know alittle to much about them. Trying to learn DSMs inside and out before i get one.
LS1 Engine = 345HP, 350 lbs/ft torque STOCK
4G63 Engine = 210HP, not sure on torque but definitely not higher than 350.
You guys under-estimate LT1's...

The fastest of the LS1/LT1 bunch here in town, is an LT1 :) Runs something like low 11's@130...
I can belive that.. a friend of mine has a 97 Formula Fire Bird, and that car can do some shit a DSM will never do at least not a FWD or AWD if someone takes the time to make it RWD MAYBE and still i doubt it.. anyway he can sit there doing 40mph in 3rd stomp it and light up the tires the car starts to go to the right smoke is everywhere and then he shifts to 4th car strightens a little then goes to the left.. smoke has by then EVERYWHERE then he lets off a little puts her in 5th and bye....

and thats from a LT1 thats almost stock.. has exhaust, and ram air intake thats it...

sure i know all thats pointless but sure is fun as hell LOL

Also BTW a stock talon runs 15.4 although there have been acounts of ppl being slightly faster stock so without mods you will never beat a V8 305, 350, 396 or LT1 or LS1 powered camaro or vett :) couldnt outrun a 305 TPI z28. You could outrun a TBI 305 camaro, and carbed 305s pretty easily.

I hear the AWD luanch is really nice. Ive never been in a DSM but Ive heard they leave the line pretty hard. The more you mod a RWD car with torque the more traction problems you have. Believe me I have my share of traction problems.
Why do you ask us these questions, krummel45? I bet it's cause yer afraid to actually race. Am I wrong?
Im not scared to race him i just need to know some background before i go start talken s**t. I mean what do you expect when you are going to race someone with twice the size engine. Am i scared no will i win most likely not but ill give it a shot. I have two advantages AWD and the 5 speed.

one other thing are all newer model camaros considered LT1s if they have a v8?
dsm have 210hp @6000 and 214 lbft@3000 with drive trainloss about 190hp and about 195lbft. Also high 14s are what you would expect in a fwd or awd dsm stock. Now that isnt always the case...its only with a car thats been taken care of and a decent driver.

I know for a fact 95 tsi and gst dont run 15.4 stock....I ran 15.1@94mph with pump gas, two holes in my ic, 9psi and the damn a/c on.
If you don't fear him, race, then give or take shyte appropriatley. Don't worry, little man, one day you too will be strong enough to do the right thing the first time.
someday you might even be humble enough to drive around with only 1 fog light :p

i agree, after i have my exhaust installed tomorrow, i'm going to start talking some $hit! then i just need to teach myself to launch this baby correctly (have enough $$ to replace the clutch, i was afraid to try it before)... oh yeah... :cool:
Originally posted by out there

i agree, after i have my exhaust installed tomorrow, i'm going to start talking some $hit! then i just need to teach myself to launch this baby correctly (have enough $$ to replace the clutch, i was afraid to try it before)... oh yeah... :cool:

don't talk to much shit because you get an exhaust...thats not gonna matter much against an need a turbo upgrade to even run with him...
i already have a boost controller set at 14psi; vr4 fuel pump, turbo-back catless exhaust and a ported evo manifold are going on tonight.
most of the v8s around here are mustangs :laugh: and pre-fbody camaros/firebirds. even if i do lose, it will still be lots of fun. i've yet to go against anyone that can stay close (fools with hondas, escorts, cavaliers, etc)... and that was while i was completely stock.
Originally posted by out there
most of the v8s around here are mustangs :laugh: and pre-fbody camaros/firebirds. [/B]

I wouldnt be laughing at mustangs bud. fox bodies dip into mid 14s pretty easy stock and a new DOHC 4.6 will hit 13s stock.

All camaros are f-bodies since 1967. :rolleyes:

I dont think your gonna have a chance against a ls1 but you mid as well try. he almost has 3 times the displacement as you so i guess you can always use that excuse LOL
ITs nt the size of the engine that counts, Its how you prepare it, stock or no stock, If you have the money, the time, and the energy to put into it, I thik its much better to be able to boast spanking v8's with my 2.0 than it is with another v8. I ran a camaro the other day, and when I blew him (I don't know lt1, ls1 anything, it was an 8 and it said IROC) He started talking shit. Remeber, one of the most important factors is the driver.

I have a ported and clipped big 16g, supra side mount, manual boost controller, turbo xs rfl, 3'' downpipe, 3" mandrel bent stainless steel pipes, Greddy Racing muffler, Extreme PSI Intake. Upgraded pump (walbro) and injectors.

He had his little raise hood, an 8 enine that sounded tricked out, and ofcourse, we ran off the hole so he took me first (2wd) then, after thefirst 3 seconds, I caught up and overtook him, letting off the pressure from my blow off valve when i was passing.

We get caught in the next light, and he looks at me, then at my car, then he says "I raced you but you got a turbo" so I said "Yeah, well you have 4 pistolns more than me, two of my engines" then he said "Yeah but mine is automatic" so I started to feel a little bit worse, so said "Maybe you shoudn't race" then he answered "Oh, but I only lost beause I missed the pedal" and to my knowledge its not that hard to hit the gas. So I just started cracking up and left, some people here think that bit muslce american cars can get a whole lot oof bang, for a whole ess buck, but if you have the buck and the time to install it yourself, its the greatest feeling to overpower a naturally more powerful car. The 4g63 can hndle alot, and its just pure style.

My opinion, not to bash v8's or anything, but Muscle cars are a thing of yesterday. Wasting gas, polluting. Back then, aerodynamics, weight distribuion, alot of important factors, forced induction, weren't considered, so you wanted to make a car faster, you'd put a bigger engine. Times change, we should get with the tinmes. To each his own, but we are all obviously here because we have chosen the small engine, big power genre. :talon:
Originally posted by Thalomos

Every Camaro/Firebird is an F-body.

OMG ok, color me embarassed... but i've never heard of an older body style referred to as an fbody. being as i'm not much of a camaro/firebird guy... i suppose i shouldn't feel that embarassed

sorry but V8's are far from being a outdated waste of gas... after all whats the most our engines could ever make with all the money in the world??? maybe 1000-1100HP MAX..

a 502 V8 more like 2300hp

it all comes down to how much $$$ you have and how much you know about the engine/car.
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