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Resolved 95 Talon no fuel pressure and fuel gauge not working

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


10+ Year Contributor
Jan 20, 2010
Macungie, Pennsylvania
I'm trying to revive a car that was left for dead. Its previous owner gave up on it because they could not get it running. I added 5 gallons of fresh gas and the fuel gauge doesn't move, maybe because it can't transfer to the other side of the saddle?

Any how that's not the main issue but I don't know if its related or not. The pump is not kicking on at all. I replaced the relay with a known good one and I hear it click when I plug it in but still nothing. I checked the voltage at the 6 pin plug on the hanger and have the large black wire as a ground? The middle wire was giving me 12v and the end wire only had 4v. The bottom 2 wires I got nothing (middle one is empty).

Does anyone know which wires are supposed to be hot and which ones are grounds? Looking at some peoples directions on fuel pump rewire I'm not getting any clear answers. I'll check the power at the ECU tomorrow but I should be good if the relay is clicking.

Oh also they put a new pump in it back in day when trying to fix it with no success.
Holy $hit batman I'll be looking thru that manual half my life. But thank you it should be very helpful. I have power out of the ECU, the relay it appears to be working. When I turn the key on I get 12v on the yellow wire with blue a blue stripe. The one next to it yellow with black stripe has 3v. The 2 below it have 0v. I did not test any of the wires cranking the car. Do you happen to know which one should be going hot when cranking? And does the relay control that as well?

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If you're not cranking fuel pump doesn't get voltage. You can jumper it. There is a check connector on the firewall.
I cant find any wire diagrams in the manual but saved it, I'm sure it will come in handy. I did see that in the manual but I'm not even sure what wire goes to the pump connector from the firewall connector. Or do you mean run a wire from the battery to the check connector on the firewall. There must be 2 hots to the pump because I have 1 already with the key on and another with 3v so that must be so sort of reference wire. I'll check all the wires again tomorrow with someone cranking.
Okay I think I found a good wiring diagram and from what I read you just give the black connector on the firewall 12v and it should power the pump correct?

The electrical service manual doesn't show pin outs for the connectors and on the diagram in the manual it says the wire color is just BLUE which isn't even one I have.
Okay I figured it out if anyone comes across the problem for an AWD. All the models have different connectors and the AWD has a 6 pin.

I still don't know what the other wires are for but the black with blue stripe is the hot for the pump and the thicker gauge black wire is the ground. I checked it today while cranking the engine and got 10.5v. I proceeded to pull the hanger and everything was rusted and corroded. Bench tested the pump and it won't work. I had a spare so threw it in and now viola fuel pressure.

Thanks for help fellas appreciate it.
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