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91 Talon Interior

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


15+ Year Contributor
Jan 16, 2006
Marysville, Ohio
OK I'm in total confusion. I went to tear my headliner out and all the upper interiorpieces are Tan and all the lower interior pieces are grey. the hatch side panels(top) and the shoulder up in the everything u see when u look up, up and back,up and straight. I got the headliner out in the end but was a major pain in the @$$. I noticed it b4 but never cared. but now i want the interior to be all one color not 2. can someone shed some light on the color its SUPPOSED to be. the seats are not leather or tan, and the center consule is black. The car is a 1991 Eagle Talon Tsi FWD, Its Red on the outside.
Do you want it all grey? or all tan? or red to match the exterior? Mine is all grey with a black center console. It looks good, and my buddies is the same but he has black leather gsx seats, and had the fabric on the doors changed to black leather and it looks real hot.

ok...heres the deal. I have a red 94 dl and its all grey inside, and then i buy this 91 tsi and he did some shit to it...but i jsut want to know if its supposed to be grey or tan...Im guessing grey which is what im gonna make it. I just wanted to know ### its a b!tch because all the pops and clips and the seatbelt track. and then I also have to replace the headliner...Also does a 91 talon TSi have a sunroof? Mine does, I was jsut wondering if he put it there or if its supposed to be there.
My '90 Laser is all grey. I bought it new so I know it's supposed to one color. I wouldn't expect Talons to be any different. If you want it all the same you can usually find the interior parts for sale on the usual sites. Or you could paint them the color of your chosing. A previous owner probably made it a two-tone because that was what they liked.

Yeah. I know it is a pain because I recovered my headliner a few years ago and broke the A-pillar interior piece and had to by a used one.
I'm actually going to Michigan to buy a hood off a parts car so hopefully he has the interior pieces I need. So I dont have to Junkyard it up. LOL I might as well live there Im there all the time now that my cars crapped up. LOL
My 90 talon has a black/greay console, light grey leather seats, dark grey door panels & carpet, and a tan headliner...I am just going to upholster it all black and grey.
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