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2G 90mm DBW Throttle Body 06-15 Honda pro Civic Wiring (G09-05-0010)- 2004-2006 Subaru Wrx Sti accelerator pedal


10+ Year Contributor
Jun 3, 2009
houston, Texas
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The reason I am doing this write-up is because there is literally no information on this throttle body's wiring. It comes with no diagram of any sort. Now before you say, "well it tells you the car it is meant to bolt into". Do not waste your time. This is not a bolt in affair even for the Honda guy. I have watched many videos and posts describing the nightmares they are having with this TB. I called Grams/Skunk to ask them for wiring pinout information and they were no help. They claim to not have the pinout and that I could send it to their R&D team to figure out the issue. I explained that the issue was not the TB, but their claim that it is for the aforementioned Honda. So, after fiddling with it, I was able to get the pin locations and it was not correct. So here we are.

Ok so let's start with the pedal I chose and it's wiring. That was pretty straight forward. I used a 04-05 WRX Sti E Pedal.
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Part #36010FE020

I found this pedal to be the easiest to install. I was also able to find information on the actuator pinout. The bracket was also made so the position stayed the same as the stock pedal.

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Ok, now for the wiring. Let's start with the pedal. This is a 6-pin connector. So, I will show some pics of the connector then I will list the pinout. This is a generic pic of the plug. Ironically, it is the same plug for the TB jumper harness. If I, were you, I would not bother. Snip the flat 6 pin off and make a harness straight from the TB. You will understand later.
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The connector will have 1-6 on the rear of the connector.

1 5V This will link to pin 3 within your harness.
2 Drive By Wire this is sub signal.
3 5V
4 Sensor Ground. (Please note, THIS IS NOT A REGULAR GROUND, IT IS A SENSOR GROUND. DO NOT GROUNG THIS TO THE CHASIS OR BATTERY.) This will connect to your ecu. I will post that later.
5 This is Drive by Wire main.
6 This is sensor ground. You will connect this to pin 4 in your harness.

Again, the pins are numbered on the connector.
Here is a quick video Explaining how it works.
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Now for this dreaded TB.

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This is the connector for the Grams G09-05-0010 90mm TB. Looking into the connector there are 6 pins. There is, as stated above, a jumper harness. On one side there is a connector that plugs into the TB. The other side is what connects to the OEM Honda. Cut that off. You will not need it. You could actually use it as a pigtail for your pedal. These are the function locations of the TB.
From top left to right.... bottom left to right.
(5) DBW (3) DBW (1) TPS1

The TB worked perfectly. It also must be noted that you have to put a pedal stop under the accelerator pedal or the Ecu will throw a code. Meaning if it does past the 100% open it will see a voltage to high code. I will post pics of what I decide to do. As far as my Ecu. I am using a Haltech 2,500 Elite. It is pretty cut and dry.

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This is it all buttoned in.
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So that is it. I hope someone comes across this and finds it helpful. Grams definitely was not.
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