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3D Printed Center Console Switch Panel | Purchasing Thread

Kai Hefner

Jun 21, 2018
Calgary, AB_Canada
Hey all! Back with some more 3D printed parts. I’m having a blast trying to make new parts for DSMs.

I’ve gone through easily 40+ iterations on this part just because I kept running into issues with literally everything. Hopefully you guys like it!
Want some feedback on the price as well, but looking at $200 USD shipped for everything in the kit. It’s always a hard time figuring out a price so let me know what you guys think. It’s almost $90 just in the buttons alone.

Some background:
ABS+, 100% infill, black is the only colour at the moment. Going to look into grey this week. I’m really into these switches that are really expensive but have this nice bright ring light and that fade out when turning them off. Below is a link to the video of me showing off one of my switches in an early version of the panel.
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The cup holder had a ton of issues trying to design something that could work with different cup sizes. I decided to use an OEM rubber insert so that I wouldn’t have to bother myself designing something and if it has issues, you can blame Chrysler. I haven’t had issues with this insert with any of the cups in my place. You can also take out the rubber insert to clean it.

The part has a big slot in the back that is intended to be a phone holder. I don’t have a spare phone lying around but my iPhone with a thick case fits in it no problem.

As usual, the outside-parts of the part will be acetone polished to be nice and shiny. I give the part a bunch of sanding on the edges to make them smooth.

FYI for this switch panel, the center console light under the cup holder has to be taken out. If you get this switch panel, you can’t use it anyways and it’s just one bolt. This switch panel just snaps in to the stock location, and is super durable so you can slam on it.

There was a question if I could offer an option without the buttons included, just a blank space that people can drill out for their own buttons. For me, making this is significantly easier and cheaper since I don’t have to buy and wire the buttons myself so I could offer that solution for $100 USD shipped.

For anyone interested about the 2X cup holder. I’m trying, there is definitely a reason why there weren’t two cup holders from the factory. Makes it really hard for cup holders without trimming but I’m still seeing what I can do about it.

edit: minor pricing adjustment


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Proven Member
May 29, 2011
Chicago, Illinois
Pretty sweet setup. Couple suggestions... it'd be nice if you could find a usb pass through that fits in one of the button spaces (might be tricky to find). That'd let people running link permantly affix their obd2 adapter and hide the wiring then just plug an extension into their console when logging. I drilled a hole in the storage door to hide the cable in mine, but that would be much cleaner.

For the cupholder.. I used to build pontoons at a company that would buy all the blemished parts from the bigger boat factories in the area. We would get flat abs panels that had scratches on the back or light damage the big factories wouldn't want to use. We would often use them to rig up console pads like what you're designing. We'd also get batches of stainless cupholders like these: Very easy to take a hole saw or a jig saw in a pinch and just drop the stanles sholder in. Since it sits on the panel by the edge, it's very easy to hide saw marks/uneven cuts. You might find that easier to make presentable than the rubber boot.

Kai Hefner

Jun 21, 2018
Calgary, AB_Canada
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