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2ga fmic

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


15+ Year Contributor
Oct 14, 2004
Jamaica, New_York
Hey I need someone to do some photo shop for me on what my car would look like with the front bumper fiberglassed up, and filled in with only this opening(the jag) since the 2ga already looks like this just needs to be sealed on the sides. Then opened up on the top, also I would like there to be a fmic in there as well (prefer anadoized black).....thanks for the help

1st Picture is my car:

2nd Picture is the Jag:

And the 3rd is another shot of the Jag from the front:
hey man thanks for that ps i really like that bumper design but i dont think itll go with the stock flow of the 2ga eclipse body kit, i dont know, maybe theres a way to keep my bumper the same just go all the way to the left and make the opening go higher instead of staying low and making a smiley face, so instead make it go from, here is an example of what im looking for or looking to do but i used paint so it looks bad....... :(
Well its been a day and still no responses on my version of the bumper. Any suggestions on this cut out i designed or would i be better off buying a 97 front bumper, i really want to keep this design(2ga) cause i want to locate my custom cold air intake to the left of the fmic (if looking at from the front) and the smiley face makes for good space right there. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
Here's the thing, it's not gonna happen. Nice to come up with an idea, but you'll never do it. No one is going to fiberglass over your urethane bumper and even if you found someone to do it you would change your mind once you realized what a ridiculous waste of money it would be and that it would look absolutely horrid within a year.
Well thanks for the reply man i realize that for the price of having someone do that, that i could just buy a 2gb front bumper and be happy with that, BUT......did you look at my pic above?? I want to know if i can cut out the 2ga front bumper to actually look like this:

can this be done to where it looks like this and looks clean at the same time????
All I did was paint that grille shit in my bumper mouth black. some masking tape, and a rattle can and it looks much better. Some people opt to cut it out, but eh, I'm lazy and don't have a dremel. Don't got cutting out the hole bigger, then it will look like your car is smiling like a donut OMG . if you want an FMIC to breathe, find yourself a 2GB Talon or Eclipse bumper
Im sure you could, i think your best bet would be to buy another 2Ga bumper and try and cut it yourself. And IMO i like the smile.
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