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2G 2G TPS Test readings need help!


15+ Year Contributor
Mar 3, 2003
Middletown, Ohio
hello everybody, i took off my TPS and tested it today. It read 80 ohms and on the other pins it read 40 ohms. does this mean it is bad? i heard it was supposed to read between 3500 and 6500. Thanks in advance.


15+ Year Contributor
Apr 29, 2003
ohms is not a way to measure the TPS. put it back on then measure the voltage on pin 84 on your ECU. it should be between .48-.52 volts. to adjust this rotate the TPS clockwise to increase voltage. go to vfaq and look under electrical to find a pin diagram
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The correct setting is actually 0.48 to 0.52 Volts not Ohms.

Because of the manufacturing differences and aging, measuring the output voltage is the only 100% accurate way to set your TPS on a 1G. Since the fuel rail makes it hard to get at the lower bolt people try to preset the TPS by measuring the resistance and that may get you close but the factory ECU is looking at the output voltage and wants 0.48 to 0.52 Volts at idle.

My TPS isn't anywhere close to any of those suggested resistances when the output voltage is correct, YMMV.

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Feb 3, 2002
Boulder, Colorado
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From what I can tell, a 2G's Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) adjustment procedure is different than what I've posted for 1G's.

The 2G's critical adjustment is the Idle Position Switch (IPS) that's part of the TPS.

The manual has you place a 0.0177in (0.45mm) feeler gauge between the throttle stop screw and the throttle pulley to open the butterfly and then adjust the TPS right to where the IPS (pins 3 and 4) switches from closed to open. Then they have you verify that the TPS output (pin 2 and 4) reads between 0.4v and 1.0V while the feeler gauge is still in place.

According to the factory, anything in that voltage range is ok as long as the IPS is adjusted correctly.

There is no way to adjust the TPS voltage independently of the IPS switch point on a 2G that I can see.

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