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2G DSM - small 16g with stock everything fuel, injector, fuel pressure regular, stock intercooler help, advice, opinion, suggestion, recommendation???

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


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Oct 17, 2023
Brooklyn Center, MN, Minnesota
(1997 eclipse gst, 2g dsm) Small 16g turbo upgrade from stock T25 turbo help.

Ok I did some research already and found some 2g dsm owners don't need bigger injector, bigger fuel pump, fuel pressure regular, and some has it one or the other or has all 3 plus intercooler, intakes and exhaust and some don't have it at all just everything stocks so I found a mix of setup, reviews and opinions. I need help with what's I should add to the small 16g without adding fuel pressure regular and will be tune with dsmlink v3. I figure buy everything or all supporting mod but budget is limited so I can try to cut the cost down to as much as possible and don't want to mess with fuel pressure regular as well for now.

Here is what I got the part so far. Injen intake, downpipe, 3 inch exhaust, dsmlink v3, 1g bov or evo 9 bov and small 16g (I also have boost gauge, boost control and wide band but haven't install it yet). Should I just upgrade 190 fuel pump and 550cc injector and front mount intercooler and then tune with dsmlink v3 so I don't need fuel pressure regular. What's the best options for me and what have you done to your setup up too without adding fuel pressure regular to runs safely and no fuel cut or boos creep or no problem, Thank you everyone for your help.
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your post is hard to read, from what it sounds like you are asking what you need to put a small 16g turbo on the car?

technically you dont need anything. the factory ecu will not let you run more than 13-14psi on the stock mass air flow sensor and stock ecu.

im running a small 16g on wastegate pressure (8psi) on my 2g. the car behaves like stock and has more power in the upper rpm's.

if youre asking how to hit a certain power number on the dyno? or what

you can run the small 16g on stock everything at 13-14 psi and it will be ok. you can run it at 8psi off of the wastegate and it will behave like stock. my car is all stock except for the intercooler piping and a catback exhaust. im even running the stock sidemount intercooler
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What's your HP goal and what's the purpose of the car? This is the question you need to answer before any of your other questions can be answered.
I'd start with ECMLink first if you haven't already. That gives you the ability to tune a stock car and well beyond. From there you can upgrade each system as needed to support whatever your goal may be.
Create a vehicle profile please.
Thank you for the reply. one of my question is upgrade small 16g and leaves everything stock which Chrysler Kid touch on it.

As far as Dwb you question is yes I plan to aim close to 300 hp daily driving. But I want to install the small 16g first then run stock boost and then later upgrade the rest of the supporting mod to hit close to 300hp like bigger fuel pump, fuel injector, intercooler, fuel pressure regular and tune with dsmlink v3. I think I already had an idea what I am going to do, thanks guys for the help and advice.
there is a sticky for the upgrade path on a dsm

if you want to hit a horse power number you should expect to be the "dsm guy" and know how to perform a boost leak test in under 10 minutes. if you dont want to commit your brain power and wrench power to be the guy, you should expect to be regularly paying that dsm guy to fix your car

300whp may seem like its not a huge goal, but I reccomend making that a floating target. building a fun car thats reliable should be the ultimate goal. you may end up only making 250whp with your first setup, but by then you will have a clearer understanding of the next step of how your want your build
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