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+20HP AIT Sensor Chip... Really works???

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


15+ Year Contributor
Oct 24, 2003
Monterrey, N.L., Central_America
I have seen in ebay a lot of this "chips", that are really a resistor that makes the AIT sensor thinks its getting just pure cold air, so the ECU work based on that... Cold Air = More inyected fuel = more efficiency = Better 1/4Mile time :)

We have tested this mods in some Turbo Chrsyler/Dodge cars and this mod really work great for getting better times on 1/4 mile.

I haven't test it with my DSM because all the people that sales this on ebay said that this resistor won't work for turbo DSM cars. Is this true? or will it work propely as on non-turbo cars and as on the chrysler turbo cars???

Have somebody tested this mod on his car????

all the commentaries will be appreciated... :thumb:

Sergio G.
Avoid those resistor modifications... not only is it just a cheap hack to get a couple more ponies but like you said, it will not work on turbo DSM's. Reason being that fooling the computer with said resistor causes the ECM to advance timing - something you really do not want to do under a forced induction application unless you know what you're doing.

i know someone who bought one and ended up screwing up alot of stuff on his car. dont know if he installed it wrong or what, but even after removing it the car didnt run right anymore.
Thanks... I will avoid those kind of cheaper mods... :thumb:

Any more comments about this???

Sergio G.
DSMcrazy3 said:
I had one..waste of money, made my check engine light come on too

Don't buy

the resistor mods cause stuff like that because the ecu program will recognize that the sensors voltage is out of range or stuck, which will then cause the ecu to neglect that sensors reading. Also with the resistor mods if you are near full throttle but still in closed loop, (breaking point of full throttle position to open loop), the reading off that sensor will never be close to its maximum ever again with that senosor. In turn wrong input voltage, wrong calculation, wrong air fuel mixture.

many newer ecu's can actually learn mods and compensate for them in order to make the engine run normal again, some newer dodge trucks, if the mod cannot be compensated for or the compensation runs the sensor map to high, then the ecu light will come on.

but then again the we will never know because that code for the ecu is locked up tighter than fort knox.
9/10 times it's just for the IAT. Any chip that doesn't replace the one in the ECU isn't worth it.
Thanks for all the replies!!!

My conclusion: I won't get this cheaper mod.... :nono: :nono: :nono:

Sergio G.
I have mine in my toolbox.I used it for a toothpick when i worked at the shop.It will feel like it works at first,and indeed it tell the ecu that the IAtemp is 32 deegrees farenheit,but like styx said,it seems as if the ecu learns and it changes the long fuel trim in the long run.No great hp gains on the butt dyno,maybe even none, i was just experimenting and maybe i got a little exited.Wasted a little more gas maybe,thats it.this was on a 2gnt btw.
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