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1st gen interior

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affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


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Mar 3, 2003
What is the 3 peice dash made outta in the 1st gen and what can I use to dye it?
Why would you DYE it?

Go to your local Advance Auto Parts store and buy yourself a can or two of Vinyl Color brand spray paint, your choice of color, remove the dash pieces and paint away. MUCH easier than dye, MUCH nicer results, and probably cheaper, too! :thumb:
o ok is there also a good sealer for that paint and what paint do you recommend?
The paint is called Vinyl Color, that's just the name of it, and it works awesome on whatever you put it on. The paint isn't really flat, yet it isn't really glossy. It's right in between - IMO it's perfect for a dash paint. All you have to do is clean. There is no prep, and no sealer / clearcoating is needed. If you really want an amazing shine, then you could spray a clearcoat, but I wouldn't recommend it because 1.) It's extra money, 2.) That much glare could be hazardous, and 3.) It may not adhere well to the vinyl / plastic / or even the other paint.

Good Luck! :thumb:
when i painted the dash pieces in my old cirrus, i scuffed the plastic up with a scrubby pad,primed it, painted it and then clear it. Usingthe clear coat makes it alot easier to clean. Iv noticed when i didnt use it dirt would get into the paint, and was a real pita to clean.
I have had my dash painted for about a year now, and I have had no problems with dirt. That's not to say that clearcoating won't make the dash easier to clean, but I guess it just all comes down to preference...
Yeah mine is painted a medium-blue color, and it already has a nice shine to it without a clearcoat. But if you want a lot of protection and/or shine then I guess a clearcoat is a better option than 36 coats of paint! :laugh:
so it would be ok to put a clearcoat on plastic/vinyl? and can i use the Vinyl Paint on the plastic or should i use the Krylon fusion stuff?
I ordered my interior paint from JCWhitney...... I spent a little more than normal but it came out awesome!
I sanded down the pieces with 800grit ... cleaned it with the cleaner .... wiped it with alcohol ... sprayed 3coats of primer ... 10 light coats of flat black paint ... 5 coats of matte finish clear (gave it a little shine)!!! put it all back together!
Originally posted by bluelaser92
no it doesnt matter what you use that vinyl color on, it is pretty versatile. You can use the clearcoat if you really want to, but it isnt necessary...
would te clearcoat flake off? because i'm painting it white and i don't wanna be fvckin up the paint evertime i clean it.
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