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1st gen BOV with hose off?

This site may earn a commission from merchant
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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

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20+ Year Contributor
Mar 4, 2003
Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota
:talon: i was wondering if i could take the hose off my BOV that goes to my intake elbow and plug up the hole on the elbow... I wanna a better sound. Thanks, Cory.
I do that with mine sometimes. SOMETIMES because it runs really rich when you let off the gas and then about stalls. you can try it, but chances are that your car will run poorly. It's worth a try because if it does work, it sounds really cool. Your best option for having a loud BOV sound is an aftermarket BOV like the Type S or the RFL recirculated into a metal intake pipe with a cone filter. Good luck!
You can give it a try. I have and went back to recirculating. When was venting, the car was start to have a fit and shut off when it was in idle. But it depends on how your car feels about it. She may or may not like it.

I'm sure the usual list of people who vent will tell you its fine. Its not.
Again, please go here for information on this subject. Great thread about venting.

Here is just a basic explanation:

the reason its not a good idea to vent to the atmosphere, is because the mass air reads how much air being ingested in to the motor threw the turbo. when the bov dumps back into the intake track the metered air remain consistent with what the meter has already read. the ECU determines how much fuel to add dependent on how much air the mass air recognizes. when you dump to the atmosphere the ECU thinks that air that is being ejected from the intake track is actually being ingested into the motor and supplies a given amount of fuel to match the metered air. but that figure is now incorrect because the air is not going into the motor its going into the air, so now you have a disproportionate air/fuel ratio between shifts. i hope that made sense
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