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1995 Eagle TSI Project street build


5+ Year Contributor
Nov 9, 2012
mesa, Arizona
December 2012 I picked up this 1995 Eagle talon tsi from craigslist and as every CL seller the car is running good just needs TLC.....I wish

My goals for this build are putting in forged internals, Nice size turbo and of course all the supporting mods to get to atleast 400hp. Then worry about the body later as I can handle an unpainted car for now along with a interior that needs everything redone.

Previous owner tried putting a eclipse body on it just an FYI

Current mods:
Walbro 190 (Came with the car)
HKS Bov (Came with the car)
MBC (Thanks to Tyeler18)


First thing I did when I took it home was changed all the fluids and general maintenance.

Well after driving its a couple times as its not my daily it started missing gears. Now I asked numerous times if the tranny is ok and he reassured me it was only the rear motor mount. Well at midnight coming home from work it wouldnt go into any gear so I luckily was going a decent speed to get off the highway and push it into a parking lot.


So after getting robbed from the towing company (Ridiculous Prices) I got an estimate at a local shop to change the transmission and they wanted 1400. Needless to say I took it upon myself that I will try my best to fix it myself. I do have to thank Tyeler18 for coming all the way out here to help me fix it.

Lets just say leverage was our friend when removing those motor mount bolts LOL.

But anyways I purchased a used transmission from CL that came from a GST and we bolted it up after fighting with the pilot bearing seizing up among other issues and it ran great for a day after the install.
(This took weeks as work ate up all my time)





Now after the vigorous shaking the dowel pin wouldnt fit so I had to take everything back out and restart.


Since I thought I finished everything and it would work perfectly I decided to start buying bolt ons and trying to squeeze a little more power out of this thing. The first purchase I made was a Td05 14b that was ported and no shaft play for $80. I also got an ebay 16g for $60 as well as a guage pod since I had the boost guage ghetto rigged in the center console.



So after finishing the trasmission it sat in the driveway until february when I decided to take it out for a spin when the worst sound came from the engine bay. It sounded like I was spinning metal on metal so took it home and let it sit until now here are some other pictures before tearing it apart.

It is primed and dirty so look past that LOL





Heres a video of the sound it made while idling it is ear piercing!
[ame=]Engine noise help - YouTube[/ame]

Now I sat and thought long and hard about selling the car as I didnt know how to even start building it myself and didnt have the money for a shop to do it but reading others tutorials and journals gave me hope so I decided to keep the car and do the rebuild myself.

Now if someone could make a suggestion but extremepsi has a bundle and you choose the rods, pistons etc and I was going to go with Manley H beam rods and manley 9.0:1 pistons with standard bore size for $829. Now if anyone has better suggestions let me know please.


5+ Year Contributor
Nov 9, 2012
mesa, Arizona
03/24/13: Tearing it Apart
But anyways this past week I started tearing it all down and its ready to be pulled :)





But that is it for now if anyone has any suggestions on parts or anything else let me know.


10+ Year Contributor
Jul 9, 2010
Delisle, SK_Canada
I'd check out the classified here before buying new, find plenty of superb deals on brand new parts. Good job so far and good luck man

if you do take a look on the classifieds here on tuners be sure to check the sellers reviews first!!


10+ Year Contributor
Mar 7, 2010
Denver, Colorado
I just pulled my auto awd trans last friday night. I've done it so many times it flew out in 3 hours. But next time you do it, remove the lower control arm bolt and the shock perch bolt instead of the upper balljoint since that can be a pain to remove/seperate.j

Looks good man, don't forget to keep up on maintenance and everything!


5+ Year Contributor
Nov 9, 2012
mesa, Arizona
@Kevin Yes it came with the car when I purchased it.

@Bett Yea the first time doing it was such a pain I just wanted to sell it but after I had to take it out again it was a piece of cake but the pilot bearing seized up the first time so that was the only issue. And yea Im happy that im rebuilding it because I know ill do it right and also have the state of mind that everything is fresh.

Alright so heres an update in the last day. Work really eats up my time but its time to pull the motor tomorrow and last night I pulled the valve cover just to see things and the head looks pretty good to me. Thats the only thing the seller said was new/rebuilt which I didnt believe until now.



When your girlfriend says "Hey I want to help you, Let me do it" You know shes a keeper :thumb:


But more pictures tomorrow as its time to pull the engine and start tearing it down and taking it to the local machine shop.
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5+ Year Contributor
Nov 9, 2012
mesa, Arizona
ahh that motor is clean, would u know the make of the header?? i have the stock manifold and looking to upgrade.

Ill try and see a name but its so worn Im looking for a new one as well

Alright so I picked up a right front fender at a local yard just needs to be painted and today I started pulling the motor. Now I ran into some issues but overall it was pretty simple and not as many connectors and bolts as I thought.

Just for those who are reading this is my first engine pull ever and I did it by myself with no help other than a chiltons and this forum. So for those thinking of pulling your motor just take your time and LABEL EVERYTHING! itll save you a heachache trust me.










Tomorrow I will be tearing the engine apart and sending it off to the machine shop later this week so stay tuned.

Parts Ordered:
All Gaskets (I.E Head, Oil Pan, Pumps, Intake, TB)
ARP Head Studs

But Im waiting to see what size the pistons are then I will be ordering manley rods and wiseco pistons from extremepsi for $735 along with ACL bearings.
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5+ Year Contributor
Nov 9, 2012
mesa, Arizona
So heres an update on the car I slowly started tearing everything off last night and started buying parts since were almost ready to be sent off to the machine shop. So as always here are some pictures!



Today I picked up everything you see here for $600 (FIC 1550's BM, Manley H-Beam's, ACL Rod Bearings)

But the rest of this week Ill be ordering the pistons and other little things like ARP's and ACL Main bearings


5+ Year Contributor
Nov 9, 2012
mesa, Arizona
So the past couple days Ive been searching for parts and deciding on which pistons to get but I think im leaning towards the wiseco (Non HD) But here are the pistons after pulling along with the crank etc. The parts look gold to me or maybe im colorblind.





But this weekend it will be at the machine shop for sure! Then hopefully the crank is reusable and then I can put it all back together and finally drive this thing.


5+ Year Contributor
Nov 9, 2012
mesa, Arizona
Okay so I took a break due to frustration on the sprocket behind the harmonic balancer I cant get it off so I went to the junkyard since I saw they recieved a new dsm.

I purchase this VIS. Evo Carbon Fiber hood for $68 and the rear bumper and talon 3 piece tailights for $125. The previous owner had an eclipse body on it and I hated it. The wiring is a mess so this will be fun redoing everything.

The clear coat is coming off but oh well!


Yes I know the bumper and center piece isnt on all the way its just sitting for the picture.



5+ Year Contributor
Nov 9, 2012
mesa, Arizona
Well it has been awhile since I updated but due to the long waiting list at the machine shop and being in the hospital for over a week I havent done much. But today I picked up my block and crank along with my pistons/rods and started working on assembling everything today.

Now as this is my first motor I can see why shops charge a lot to build a motor. This is pretty labor intense especially the pistons and rings but anyways I will keep this updated but for now here are some pictures of my progress!



Also I picked up another 7 bolt bored .20 over and pretty much a complete motor for $90 so now I have a backup just to be safe or for another car.




15+ Year Contributor
Aug 7, 2005
Twin falls, Idaho
lookin good man if you need a backup block and everything minus rods let me know i have one with forged internals just sittin here
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