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1995 Eagle Talon TSi Full Street Build

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

Picked up an rtm exhaust as it turns out mine was rotted (purchased second hand). Also was able to get a 91-94 throttle body which is arriving today. Planning to rebuild that and get it on the car to see if it fixes the idle surge with the new bypass plate and sensors (new).

Went to the car wash the other day just to clean off all of the dust as the car was in the garage for over a year being rebuilt. Lots of work to do on the body and alignment of panels, etc. going to change the front lip but this is currently how she sits

They were definitely not easy.

Trying to figure out an issue with my highbeams. The dash shows they come on but they’re not activating all of the time. Wondering if it’s because I removed the drl relay in the drivers side well. I did get them to go in after that but turned the car off and on and now nothing. Wondering if it could be the headlight switch even though the dash light works
Ended up sending my s90 tb to Nick to get rebuilt and have a new vacuum tester coming to look for any leaks.

Started installing the carpet after I did some kilmat to drowned out the road noise. Rails and spacers are now on the seats. Few items left to finish the lower half of the interior. Upper trims and headliner will stay out until the car has the body work done in the spring




Does anyone have a photo of the pedal assembly showing the dead pedal. Even better if you have a photo with it not installed so I can see where it bolts in. I covered over the holes with the kilmat (fail) and the car never had it installed when I Got the shell
there should be a stud for the top bolt thatll stick out on your floor, you can use that as a guide with your dead pedal on it to find the lower hole. remind me tonight and i can send you a pic of mine
Thanks. Ended up finding the bottom hole also. Needed to take back some of the sound proofing. Does anyone know the thread on the top stud?

Bedicine, great write up on the car! I see in your pics that the green car had a complete firewall insulation, do you still have it? If so would be interested in selling it?
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