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1992 TSi AWD 20+ Years of ownership

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

Old valve cover didn’t have baffles and was a VTA catch can set up. New valve cover, Kiggly HLA and a dual Radium catch can set up for a closed CC system.




You gonna clear anodize that cover or leave it raw?
My original plan was to have it Anodized a dark grey/gunmetal color but the only place I found that seemed like they wanted to do it could only do black. Then I was going to send it off for Cerakote but time went on and I never did and was tired of looking at it and got all the pieces gathered I needed to plumb everything, so just started working on it instead of messing with a coating. But yes, eventually I plan on something for a coating instead of just the raw finish.

I also plan to stirp the old VC that has dual 10an fitting welded on, put baffles in and powder coat it again. I really like the Frontline Fab valve cover but I also really like the stock/oem one as well.

Got a small vacuum block last night that I needed and will hopefully have everything back together this weekend.
Don’t get me wrong I love the look and plan to keep mine that way, I just worry about what some have warned about discoloring/fading, the proper term is not coming to me at the moment, so am planning to at least clear mine I think. Looking boss though, keep it up!
Finally got off my ass and finished the plumbing on the new catch can set up. Kids, sports, life and work always getting in the way:rolleyes:

Next is a paint correction/cut buff, contemplated a lot of doing it myself but it would just take forever, have never done it before and would just rather leave it up to a professional to take care of it.

Things at some point in the future.

Timing belt
Fuel system overhaul
Battery relocation
Forever new wheel f***ing project

For now just hope to drive and enjoy it, maybe hit some cars and coffees/local meets.

Beautiful car❤️ How’s that old fp3052 treating you? That’s a Top Shelf Old-School Classic LOL
Thank you. Doing great, one of my dilemmas when this needs to be rebuilt is what route to go. From my understanding FP can’t really do any upgrades other than a rebuild. I have been eyeing the MorrisonFab compact Vband set ups, different FP options, or rebuild and stay on it. Hopefully don’t have to make that decision soon.
I’ve always heard people’s opinion on that turbo as being one of the best street turbos ever LOL, I’d say unless your after more power I’d keep it, especially if fp can rebuild it :rocks:
Having a hard time remembering where I got it 😆, pretty standard 300m kit IIRC with ARC-2.
Yes they were, and fairly lightweight. I pulled them for a couple reason, I am trending back to a more OE look and the seat mounts jammed the lap belt latch into center console.
Corbeau makes bolt in seat brackets, or at least they used to. Easy install, had to remove some washer/spacers in the brackets to lower the seats a bit.
Added a Moroso 3.5” spiral flow to the exhaust system yesterday to help tame it down some. Took it on a quick spin this afternoon and it has helped, drone not near as bad around the 3-3/5k rpm range.

Not sure if it is a coincidence but it also seems to be idling a little smoother with the closed system CC ventilation. I need to log it and do a nice long drive soon and run the Combine FT tool.
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