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1992 TSi AWD 20+ Years of ownership

This site may earn a commission from merchant
affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.

Thanks man! Here is an older picture.

Shortly after that picture the hood flew up smashed the windshield and messed up the roof skin. Was able to find an OEM roof skin and got it fixed a couple years ago, back to a non vented Carbonetics hood with Quik Latch pins.
Yikes!! The new hood pins are a huge upgrade over the old pin style that always rusts.
Bad thing is it was my fault, I was checking something in the engine bay on a drive and forgot to latch the hood. Dumb, whew I was pissed!
Sweet im running the same lights, following the build i had a 1gb the same color really nice.
I have actually removed them as of now and bought a brand new set of OEM style, couldn't see very well at night. Still have them and going to keep them but I need to see at night.
I have the same car. Yours looks great!
Checked out the build thread, nice car! Good color choice :cool:
New hood and headlights. Quick bath and some fresh gas, also took the 8yr old out for his first ride. He was grinning ear to ear.

Next up, need to send the new wheels off to powder coat, new catch can set up and need a good detail/paint correction.

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Looks great!

Maybe you can swap the clear lenses onto the OEM lights.

Thank you.

Way back I bought a set of those crystal clear headlamp sets, they looked pretty good but light output was pretty terrible. So I separated the the lens, blacked out the OEM by painting the top and bottom flat black on the reflectors. Then I put the crystal clear lens on the blacked out OEM and the light dispersion was still terrible. So I got these. What I will probably end up doing is swapping these new lens on the OEM blacked out units I have for a darker look and still be able to see at night :)
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A while back a found a set of Advan Siena Gen II 17”x8.5” all the way around in gold color. When I got them the previous owner had polished the gold off the front of the spokes, didn’t really like the way they looked. Went back and forth wether to stay gold or go a different color. I like gold but it is just to loud for me. Finally got them broke down and sent off to Detective Coating. On there way back; can’t wait to get them on, reassembling not so much.


Alright, finally got both the reupholstered OE seats back in and interior back together.

Still need to put the Advan wheels together though 😆

First going to drain the trans, do a flush and fill with some Redline 75w90ns. Can’t find anyone that had the Motul 300 in stock.



Alright, drained the mixture of Heavy shock proof and Neo which I have been meaning to do for awhile. Filled with with some basic gear oil and took a nice drive ( been a minute, love this car) and drained while nice and hot. Now filling back up. I know the amount by heart but for some reason I reference the manual every time 😂


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