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ECMlink 1990 Galant GSX - ECMlink Logs

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others.


15+ Year Contributor
Nov 22, 2007
San Diego, California
Hello all.
I have finally been able to get a Log for my newly put together project. Lots of traffic and nowhere to go so I had to make it short. Also I am running a short pipe from the downpipe so its very loud. I know everyone loves to look at these logs more than working on their own cars (ha ha). But if anyone has some input can you help me with any suggestions?

Some background. I had a coolant leak last week but fixed it today. Had problems with Boost creep. I put on a newer Wastegate and it helped but while running off Wastegate I am hitting 20-21 PSI in 3rd gear. Normally I wouldn't care too much about Boost creep but I am trying to ease into tuning and its not an MHI 16g. But.. it is what it is. I am thinking when I get my full exhaust it should simmer down.

So all I have done on ECMlink so far is set the Global and Deadtime for the 1000cc's. Set MAF to 2g. Set my Innovate MTX-L Wideband to Front o2 and have the Front o2 Sim. I feel comfortable with everything I have done. Now I feel I need to take the next step and do some real Tuning. Also my plan after I get comfortable is to switch to E85. ($3.50 a gallon here and the station is 5 mintues away!!!)

I hope to get some more and longer logs soon. Any Help is appreciated!

Already on the Cars Profile but here are the mods:
1990 Galant GSX (AWD Turbo)
Edit: 2g Map
91 Octane
Walboro 255
Speedmaster AFPR
RC 1000cc Injectors
Ebay EspeciAL 16g Turbo
3” Downpipe
3” Custom Exhaust
2g MAF (Wired into NA Harness)
ISC Delete (Block off Plate)
Innovate MTX-L Wideband
Rebuilt Stock Turbo 6 bolt Rebuild
Stock 5 Speed GSX Transmission


  • log.2024.05.24-05_Idle and Short Drive.elg
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  • log.2024.05.24-05_Short Pull.elg
    20.9 KB · Views: 12
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I thought the Galant GSX was the NA AWD and the turbo version was the GVR4?

Did you drop a 4G63t in or add a turbo to the NA engine?
Dropped in a 4G63T. I Kept the NA harness and wired everything I needed in. Still running the stock GSX transmission as well.

Build Thread for 1990 Galant GSX.
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On the RPM/TPS tab, check the 'simulate idle switch from tps' box.

The car is idling higher than you have the set target to. It's at about 1150rpm and the ecu is targeting 850. There's air getting into the intake manifold either through a leak, or the throttle plate is cracked open too much (throttle stop should be 15/16th of a full turn clockwise from completely closed), or the ISC is faulty which I doubt (can you capture this in your logs please). Something to consider here as well is I have noticed with every car I touch that they have their own happy rpm for idle. Some are super happy at 950rpm, or 850, or 1000, etc etc. You should play around with the target idle rpm after physically checking the throttle plate and verifying there are zero boost leaks.

I do see the wb and afratioest relationship is far apart, suggesting you're lean which circles back to air getting into the manifold, but Im reluctant to touch on any of that until I know the above is correct.
The ISC has been deleted. So I didn’t have it logged. I am going to check my Throttle cable and BISS screw as well. Should I still log it? Also without an ISC what is target idle going to do?

Here’s where I need to learn more as well: At idle it seems like wb and afratioest are not matching. But at WOT or even 30% plus throttle they align.

Thank you for the input! 👍🏻
I have that one good pull that I attached so far that I logged @ 5-6k rpm.

The car runs surprisingly great without the ISC. On the previous ECU that came with the car, the driver looked fried. So I’m liking no ISC and never having to worry about that component.

That’s where I’m interested in how target Idle RPM comes into play. I have searched but I’m not sure if anyone has said how it affects with no ISC. I think it’s my fault on the current idle it needs to be manually lowered. Definitely not ruling out air leak so need to do a boost leak test for sure just for sanity.

More logs to come.
I forgot to look at your second attachment. It is pretty great actually as far as how stable it is.

It's about half point lean. If I were you, I would turn the afpr a fat turn clockwise. Like, 2/3 of a turn. Ignore the gauge and all that stuff, just turn it. That would line things up closer and help with everything else I think.
Then of course get another log after.
Ok. Installed Boost controller because no matter what it seems this Turbo doesn't want to run below 19-20. Kind of expected with the current setup. But I am thinking instead of getting there slowly through creep maybe I just help it with the boost controller.

Made slight adjustment to global fuel. But maybe you are right @Stapl3 I could up the Fuel pressure. Either way attached are a couple more detailed logs.

Started seeing some knock in the 2nd pull. I think the creep really set in that time. It was really hard to notice the check engine light turning on with the sun in my eyes. Also just in general its been hard to trust pushing it to 100% throttle without reeeallly knowing how well the motor was rebuilt and knowing the car really well yet. But it seems to be doing good so far.

Last observation is that its amazing driving a 90 Sedan with a little bit of "giddy up." Its a weird feeling. Like you are driving your grandmas car but it makes cool sounds and goes fast haha.

(So glad to be able to do these pulls on private property with no one around... ;))


  • log.2024.05.27-05_2nd_3rd_4th_Gear_Pull.elg
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  • log.2024.05.27-05_Pull 2.elg
    40.1 KB · Views: 10
Turned the AFPR a Fat 2/3rd turn.

Log Attached.


  • AFPR_2_3_Turn_2nd_3rd_4th_Gear_Pull.elg
    15.8 KB · Views: 12
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