18g turbo with billet turbine wheel

Posted by eddyspaghetti, Apr 20, 2017

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  1. eddyspaghetti

    eddyspaghetti Proven Member

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    san francisco, California
    Hi, im thinking of uprading from my t25 to this 18g turbo with a billet turbin wheel, though it needs a rebuld. Ive been doing some research on this but honeslty i still kinda need help.
    Is this a good price for it including the rebuild? Would this be better than a evo3 16g turbo?
    Also, he has all these other parts for sale, should i take any of these?? I have all the bolt on's myself, but nothing for the 18g turbo, but only a gates rpm timing belt and apr head studs.
    Here are the other part for sale :

    TiAL Q recirculating adapter $40 shipped

    18g with billet turbine wheel turbo... need rebuild started smoking $140

    T25 turbo with wastegate $100

    17" glides wheels $100

    Autometerfuel pressure gauge with sensor and fuel line adapter $45

    2g awd Thermal R&D 3" down pipe and mid pipe no muffler $100

    2g awd gas tank $30

    2g turbo crank needs polish $40

    2g stock ic pipping with stock 2g bov $50

    Id honestly appreciate any help from my fellow dsm'ers thank you :)

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  2. jon95dsm

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    Wilmington, North Carolina
    To find out if this turbo is worth buying you need some more information about what needs to be rebuilt. Some side to side shaft play can be fixed with a basic rebuild. In and out play is a bit more serious. If it's bad enough that it needs a new center housing, its not worth your time. Also find out if there is wear on the compressor or turbine and if the exhaust housing has any cracking. I would also find out who made that 18g. Stick with MHI for 16g, 18g, 20g, etc. It's easy enough to find them here at a decent price. JusMX141 does turbo rebuilds and also sells turbos so you could buy one already rebuilt from him instead of taking a risk. When I replaced my T25 I bought a 14b and rebuilt/upgraded it myself. By the time I did the rebuild and replaced the turbine and exhaust housing, it would've been preferable to just spend a little bit more for a 16g/20g that was ready to go.

    As far as what turbo is best for you to upgrade to it really depends what your power goals are for the car. An 18g will flow more than a 16g but they aren't as common as the 16g or 20g. A 16g is enough for the 300-350hp range but doesn't go much further than that. If you're looking to go bigger either have a 16g/20g upgraded to a billet 20g or start looking at other manufacturers.

    Can't really say what else you need since you don't have a car profile posted up yet.
    My DSM:
    1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST

    Street Build

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