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  1. motomattx

    A real shootout at the dragstrip

    I am not sure if anyone on here has seen on their news or not but I know it went national (it was on CNN), anyway there is an event called IFO (Import Face Off) the event travels around the country and happens to make three stops in this state, one in spring, one in June and one after the...
  2. motomattx

    2G 2ga Eclipse lower door trim/door caps

    Would someone that works in carbon fiber or fiberglass be interested in taking a mold from a pair of 2ga Eclipse door caps and reproducing them in carbon fiber or fiberglass? even if they mount with double sided tape rather than the clips on the back side, there is a good demand for them in the...
  3. motomattx

    The green 2g from the Fast and Furious from the owners perspective

    Here is a great video from the actual original owner of the green 2g from original the fast and furious, the guy actually explains that he knew that it was a 420a car and that was all that he could afford at the time, etc etc.very informative and very interesting, he is reunited and interviewed...
  4. motomattx

    2G Removable hard top for the Spyder

    Has anyone else seen that Carbonetics is designing a carbon fiber removable hard top for the Spyder? I dont care for the business practice of Carbonetics but could be a buyer if the price is right and if I buy from a vendor of theirs that has the part in stock rather than never receiving it from...
  5. motomattx

    1000 hp Insane Shafts axle's

    Has anybody had any luck with any of these? they offer some 500hp models and some 1000hp models.
  6. motomattx

    Kiggly racings car

    Its bothered me for a long time that Kevin at Kiggly racing gets overshadowed most of the time by a few of the red cars with very large budgets and parts that most could never afford when Kevins car uses much more factory parts and is not only an auto but a FWD car that is running insane 1/4...
  7. motomattx

    In case not everyone has seen the Evo concept abomination

    This is so yeahhhh umm ok like wth?
  8. motomattx

    Those of you in California should thank...

    Those of you in California the nazi car state should thank President Trump for rolling back California emissions.
  9. motomattx

    Fall pictures anybody?

    With the nice weather I am trying to get some fall pictures, anybody else doing the same thing?
  10. motomattx

    Anybody want to go to H2oi?

    Looking for anyone wanting to go to H2oi in Ocean City at the end of Sept, so if you live in NEO or Western PA get ahold of me if your looking to go and lets work something out, my area is full of drug users and broke a$$ lame friends that would rather talk about living than actually live, so if...
  11. motomattx

    Just when you thought the Shootout had some fast Dsm's, the Aussies show how its done!

    Wont be long until these guys are in the 5's.
  12. motomattx

    Dsm Graveyard at it again

    Beware, it looks like old Johnny Walker is at it again under yet another name:
  13. motomattx

    The Evo returns!

    Just like the Eclipse:
  14. motomattx

    Knockoff Kiggly regulator

    I dont know if I like this one bit, even the description is a knockoff:!07039!US!-1
  15. motomattx

    Wossner pistons

    Anyone running Wossner pistons? they seem to have a decent offering and they are a pretty good piston in the motorcycle world.
  16. motomattx

    2G Silver and gold, silver and gold

    What do you guys think of the gold rims? I like them, not sure if I like them better than the silver but I think that I do.
  17. motomattx

    General Anyone else out there running LinkEcu standalone?

    Wondering if there is anyone else on the forums running the Link Ecu or Vipec standalone system? looks like Whalen speed runs it, anyone besides us?
  18. motomattx

    Anybody here have experience with Lojak?

    Im looking to buy some insurance on my car and they require Lojak or something of the type, does anyone have any experience with Lojak good or bad?
  19. motomattx

    What does everyone think of the new Kia Stinger Turbo Awd?

    The reviewers are raving about the new Kia Stinger GT2 and I actually think its a sweet ride, whats not to like? AWD, Turbo, Brembo brakes, Flat bottom steering wheel, 13.1 in the 1/4 stock! there are a few lower priced Stingers but the GT1 and GT2 are the loaded out versions. Its crazy that...
  20. motomattx

    $600 brake pads?

    Has anyone here ever used these Endless brake pads? are they made from gypsy tears or something?
  21. motomattx

    Black Diamond

    motomattx submitted a new DSM Profile :Blackie LawlessRead more about this vehicle here...
  22. motomattx

    Brembo brakes with KMV bracket question

    I have a question about the KMV brackets for the Brembo swap. In the write up it says to buy a tap 14mm x 1.5 (impossible to find btw) and tap the knuckle that the bracket bolts to, however my brackets are already tapped in 14mm x 1.5 in that hole themselves? why would I want to then tap the...
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