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  1. wrenchspinner

    WARNING!!!! Front Lower Control Arms; Dorman vs. Raybestos

    Received a set of Dorman arms from Rock Auto a cuppla months back for my 91 Eclipse project and mine look just like the OPs set from the start of this thread. Must be some really old NOS parts judging from the age of this thread! Since they're just sittin here in a box anyway I'll revise 'em...
  2. wrenchspinner

    If it ain't broke you ain't hittin it hard enough

    If it ain't broke you ain't hittin it hard enough
  3. wrenchspinner

    Really like those VR4 caliper adapter brackets! Was lookin at the Cobra rotor set up and it...

    Really like those VR4 caliper adapter brackets! Was lookin at the Cobra rotor set up and it required usin hubcentric rings and that the stud holes were larger than our DSMs use. Do the rotors used for this swap have the same stud sizes as our DSMs and do the rotors center on our hubs or are...
  4. wrenchspinner

    93 eclipse 4g37 turbo.

    I always like the look of nice polished aluminum, but once the clearcoat starts to peel, strippin 'em and recoating or painting 'em is def an option and a matter of taste and choice. Luckily for us here in Texas we don't have a lot of things attacking the finish like in some parts of the...
  5. wrenchspinner

    Struggle of a budget

    Ok, I stand corrected then. No stranger to makin mistakes, afterall, I've been married 3 times, so ... :>)
  6. wrenchspinner

    Struggle of a budget

    I'd say a 3G ecu and a piggy back knock controller is hardly the same thing as an ECM Link set up. The tunability of an ECM Link set up is far better than what you're comparin it to. But, if you find an ECM Link for $200 ... ask 'em if they have a 1G for that price too!!
  7. wrenchspinner

    Struggle of a budget

    Forgot all about the 94 DOHC Galant havin NA cams, sheesh! Nice save eclenger! You can also use adjustable cam gears out of a 4g63 but gettin 'em set up right is trickier, so yeah the Mitsu DOHC 4g64 gears do make it a bit easier
  8. wrenchspinner

    Struggle of a budget

    I know how tempting good deals can be and all but for the immense amount of tunability to be had I'd opt to go with an ECM Tuning set up for a 2G. No fuss, no muss and all the tuning aids you'd need for either NA or turbo. I know, I know, it's more $$, but don't let the "I wanna have it...
  9. wrenchspinner

    Struggle of a budget

    Though the 1G vs 2G head's been an ongoing debate for some years now I'd be lookin for a 2G DOHC head and intake unless ya wanna go draggin later on. Your stock exhaust will bolt up to either a 1G or a 2G head. You won't need any special valve train stuff like aftermarket springs or cams for an...
  10. wrenchspinner

    Little Eagle

    Having built several boosted 2.4s for customers I'd say they are pretty sweet for a wicked street car. My build list seems to get longer and more exotic as I go but I'm mappin out lotsa tricks I've yet to have seen implemented. It will def be one engine bay a typical DSMer will hafta do more...
  11. wrenchspinner

    Struggle of a budget

    In DOHC trim 7500 isn't a problem, nor anything to worry about, even on the stock internals. I helped a buddy of mine DOHC and turbo his stock block (90k on it when we started) 4g64 Spyder with a big 16g/nice FMIC and a custom intake set up we made for it. He had it well tuned and ran it on...
  12. wrenchspinner

    Struggle of a budget

    The existing red line on your factory tach was never all that necessary and in DOHC trim you can get a lot more out of it by heading to around 7500. The over square design of the stock 2.4 doesn't lend itself as well to the same high revs a 4g63 can do, but a fully built engine can handle brief...
  13. wrenchspinner

    Little Eagle

    We're kinda in the same boat dude, except my toy is an electric blue 92 Talon tsi AWD 5spd rolling chassis I bought nearly 10yrs ago. Been kickin around a few names for it but haddn decided on one for sure yet. I'm slowly gatherin up the rest of parts needed for the g4cst engine as well as...
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