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  1. 1G Crank polishing at home

    I purchased a commercial belt sander designed for crankshaft polishing No, it’s not innovative.... I’m just sharing what I’ve been doing. Polishing a crank is not rocket science. This is what I purchased I’m fully capable my friend....
  2. 1G Crank polishing at home

    Since I build a lot of motors I figured I would make an adaptor that would allow me to throw the crank in the lathe for polishing. It also works really well for measuring and checking for runout. This is what I came up with.
  3. Long Winter Fab

    It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, I’ve been extremely busy at work...I’m currently in the middle of three project cars, three complete engine builds and fabrication. Over the past few months I’ve been slowly working on the cars and getting my machines refurbished. I had to make new acme nuts...
  4. 1G New Shop Toy

    Getting my final purchase in before winter hits, I have a lot of projects lined up that are starting so this will for sure come in handy. I plan on making some billet motor mounts for my talon .... maybe some other stuff for my customer rides. It’s nothing special but I got it for a steal. It...
  5. 1G Billet Waterpump pulley

    Took a break working on cars to make a water pump pulley..... or try to anyway. What yah guys think.
  6. 1G G4cs winter build ...

    Keeping is standard 86.5, crank is standard
  7. 1G G4cs winter build ...

    I’m Building another members motor over the winter. It will be a forged manley/ eagle setup going In a 1992 laser. It’s been slow going because of the covid nonsense but I’m tackling one job at a time. The car will be getting new turbo as well. I will update as I progress
  8. Resolved Smoke after rebuild block

    Ok I’d be worried about those compression numbers. The service limit on the 4g63 with stock compression is 120 psi .... This engine is below service limits on a rebuilt motor. Keep digging .... something isn’t right. How long did you crank the motor over when doing compression ?
  9. Resolved Smoke after rebuild block

    My concern is your compression... that is very very low. Does the motor have forged internals or stock pistons
  10. Resolved Smoke after rebuild block

    So the motor had the same compression as it did prior to rebuilding it. The head you used, you had it decked and through new valves in it and lapped them in ? I’d have the head pressure tested and if it passes do a valve job for sure. Seems like the problem carried through to the new engine
  11. Resolved Smoke after rebuild block

    To be completely honest ... I don’t think driving it will change anything. Something is wrong, clearly. The motor should have compression that low on a rebuilt lower end .The past 5 motors I’ve built have all had Atleast 150+ compression On cold motors that weren’t broken in. The lower end was...
  12. Resolved Smoke after rebuild block

    Your compression Is low , based on the fact that your compression doesn’t vary cylinder to cylinder I would say you might have a ring sealing issue. How was the lower end rebuilt ? Also ... was the head rebuild? New valves seals and lapping ?
  13. 1G Best way to line up a 1g throttle body

    Why haven’t you posted pics ?
  14. 1G Best way to line up a 1g throttle body

    The bolts ... or studs for a 1g throttle body are m8 x1.25.... right? The holes should be slightly larger than 8mm.... if they are larger than it was modified and I’d buy another throttle body. This is a really stupid problem to have ...Post pictures , it’s simple
  15. 1G Threading on the lathe

    I’ve had issues with getting the bearing support out for the center diff . I through some cold roll on the lathe and made some m6x1 threads ....Well you’ll get it when you look At the pics look
  16. 1G Don’t buy a pre fab roll cage

    I purchased it from Rhodes , make sure you hey the 1 3/4 , don’t waste your money on chromo ,not worth it
  17. 1G Head surface finish ....

    I was just implying that I agree that I could get it to work with a composite style gasket but I still wouldn’t use it as is. The reason I posted was because a customer brought me the head to use on a motor and I recommend he not . I wanted others to chime in to help get some of his money back.
  18. 1G Head surface finish ....

    I don’t take shortcuts when I’m building an engine. I haven’t had one engine failure for any of my customers. My rule has always been ... my way or the highway , go find someone else if u don’t like it . I couldn’t sleep knowing this Head was being bolted down to a block. I don’t like composite...
  19. 1G Head surface finish ....

    I’m welding it and having it re machined
  20. 1G Head surface finish ....

    There is no way this head would seal..... even with a composite , that is on and near the sealing ring .
  21. Upgraded the lathe...

    I was going crazy with my southbend 10 , it had an old Pre nema 65 frame motor which they don’t make anymore , if u want one they Are stupid expensive in single phase. My new lathe has a 3 hp 3 phase.... I love 3 phase motors, so smooth
  22. 1G Head surface finish ....

    I already have my answer , just wanted some reinforcement for a customer. The area is several thousands deep. Imo this isn’t usable without welding. What yah think
  23. 1G Best way to line up a 1g throttle body

    I needed this today ... Thankyou
  24. Upgraded the lathe...

    I have a 10hp American rotary phase convertor, I made the mistake of running a static convertor on my southbend. What a pile of shit
  25. Upgraded the lathe...

    I made the decision to upgrade my lathe from the southbend 10 inch I had as they are generally very basic. I found this locally and jumped on it. This particular model was made in 1988 , it’s a 13 inch x40 gear headed lathe with a 3hp 3phase motor. I can do metric and standard threading and it...
  26. Why not to use MLS hg without a perfect mating surface

    Yes in deed and don’t forgot.... a lot of tuners are expecting a car that is boost leak tested and ready to go. There getting paid to tune not trouble shoot
  27. Why not to use MLS hg without a perfect mating surface

    Not necessarily, global Afrs don’t give you a picture cylinder to cylinder, I’ve had two customers that had a bad injector and the afrs were spot on. The motor was knocking like crazy. That motor sounded like absolute shit to me. That headgasket failed after detonation .... Imo anyway
  28. 1G SasaniFab gets some new toys

    So I’ve been in the market for a Mill , ideally a bridgeport. The problem with that is obviously size ... and cost. I found this on craigs list and went for it. It’s really nice considering, it’s the older unit made in Taiwan so it’s made a little better.
  29. 2G Engine not starting. Missing Plug?

    Iacv and tps
  30. 1G Auto trans solenoids

    I have a set I believe
  31. 1G ATX Straight Cut Transfer gears

    They need to be ordered through jeff bush , when your ready to purchase them I can send you in the right direction
  32. 1G My first part off of the new lathe

    1.5inch purge plugs
  33. 1G My first part off of the new lathe

    Yeah that’s next, I’m getting everything Setup, gunna start doing some aluminum work
  34. 1G My first part off of the new lathe

    I had the carriage for threading on , its also belt driven so it’s a little loud
  35. 1G My first part off of the new lathe

    I finally bit the bullet and got myself a Southbend. I had some stainless so I made myself a vband Ferrell. Pretty happy with how it came out
  36. 1G W4a33 Filters

    Mitsubishi is frustrating..... I wish they supported their platforms like Honda does
  37. 1G W4a33 Filters

    So I normally use the pioneer metal dual inlet filter on my transmission. These are currently backordered nationwide. I’m aware that mitsubishi offers a filter in the 50 dollar range.... What other cost effective options do we have? Is having dual inlets really that necessary?
  38. Why not to use MLS hg without a perfect mating surface

    That engine was detonating like crazy, The motor was having difficulty at 12psi ....I just watch the video. Something was off in the fueling or tune for sure
  39. Why not to use MLS hg without a perfect mating surface

    Lmao ....these poor guys have no idea what there doing. The engine damage Is severe. It’s not just a “lifted” headgasket..... the motor sounded off from the get go. Poor 4g63
  40. 1G Upgrading a Pte 6266

    I was at 28psi because one of my two fuel pumps came disconnected, I was at 100% duty cycle on one Walbro 255, I’m currently on dual pumps with 8an feed and return with 8 1650s. I’m in the process of sumping the stock tank for the magnaflow 750. At 34 psi I was logging 65lbs/ min, from my...
  41. 1G Upgrading a Pte 6266

    I have a gen 2 6266 , Id like the 6466 but I feel like it would be a waste , how much more will that actually provide me flow wise
  42. 1G W4a33 line pressure

    is this John from ipt ? If it is ... had no idea lol. If it is .... what line pressure should I expect with your spring?
  43. 1G W4a33 line pressure

    I have the ipt upgraded spring , ive never measured line pressure, it was recommended by kiggly to shim to increase line pressure. I have a race car , is it necessary on the street ? Probably not as matt said it can be hard on parts. I have billet front and rear baskets so this doesn’t really...
  44. 1G W4a33 line pressure

    4mm shim , max out resulted in 180 psi line pressure at the port. Up from 150
  45. 1G W4a33 line pressure

    I have that installed , the real ? .... do people even test for themselves? Probably not.
  46. 1G W4a33 line pressure

    I wanted to pass this along as it was brought to my attention. Most guys , if not all guys running this transmission are using the standard shift kit offered and have the line pressure adjustment either maxed out or nearly maxed out along with the reducing pressure. When they logged the line...
  47. 1G Upgrading a Pte 6266

    I’m was considering the super 99 if I can find one . The 6466 is nice , I just feel like I’m going to be pissed because that turbo is not far off from the 6266. The turbo I have is in perfect shape , I’ll probably end up selling it.
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