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  1. my98gsx

    Wanted 4G63 Purchased please delete

    Looking for a stock alternator pulley from a 2g. Interested in one that isn't completely rusted. Thanks
  2. my98gsx

    Opinions on Battery Tray Design

    Depending on the size of the battery your using I love the JMF battery trays. You can pretty much order any vehicle specific one you want, then unbolt it from the bracket and use it only for the tray and hold down. That's what I did in my car, as well as my friends supra - they look great!
  3. my98gsx

    *** Future Product*** 2G Tubular front subframe (interest and details only thread)

    Bobby, Count me in. I definitely want one. You sold me on a race subframe with 4 point brace.
  4. my98gsx

    DSM-style logo I've been making

    I really miss this old logo, one of my favorites. If you ever do a classic logo run I'll get another shirt or decal.
  5. my98gsx

    my98gsx's 1999 Eclipse GSX

    Vegas... I need to know more. I'll PM you!
  6. my98gsx

    my98gsx's 1999 Eclipse GSX

    So my patience finally ran out. I was willing to give NDD Fabrication a shot - as it seems not many people have had experience with their products on here. I placed my order in October 2020 for a rear subframe, and since February they have been telling me "two more weeks, two more weeks". Warm...
  7. my98gsx

    2G Help with volk 2g subframe bushings...

    I am in need of some help regarding Volks 2g rear subframe bushings. I ordered a set today, and started removing my stock ones. I've burnt out the two inner collars and all the rubber. My question is does the outer most collar stay within the subframe, or is it removed? I emailed Paul late but...
  8. my98gsx

    Upgrade path for an old school noob.

    Hey, I am in a similar boat as you. I let my GSX sleep for almost 10 years before I started working on it again 2 years ago. A lot has changed as you will see. OEM parts are harder to find, but there is a ton more aftermarket. I would say my favorite update was Speed Density. No more maf, no...
  9. my98gsx

    1G Help me decide with bigger IC and 3" pipping

    There is no need for your piping to exceed the exit size of your turbo's outlet. I understand this may cause debate by some, but I assure you the research has been proven on this topic.
  10. my98gsx

    Who's running boostin's KDN shifter?

    Sorry for the delay, I guess I stopped getting notifications regarding this thread. All great information given, Thank you to all. I'm very interested in purchasing this, especially due to my 3rd gear misses...
  11. my98gsx

    5spd Folks, What are we doing now that gear sets are scarce?

    NWHTank, thanks for sharing this information. I have never seen, or heard about PAR gear sets. Luckily I am still running my TRE transmission from 10+ years ago without issue, but I know this will come to an end eventually. I would love to have an option other than a full dog box, and I believe...
  12. my98gsx

    my98gsx's 1999 Eclipse GSX

    Since this is going to be a lot of information I also want to address the installation of Bobbys front subframe brace. Ill start off by saying - If the transmission is in your vehicle, do not attempt! If I would have known what was involved with this install I would have never done it. Now...
  13. my98gsx

    my98gsx's 1999 Eclipse GSX

    This weekend I decided to tackle some more on the car, mainly the re-installation of my factory gas tank, which I decided to use for one more season. I however did not want to put back in place my badly rusted, and cosmetically ugly gas tank shield. I decided to grind as much of the rot away and...
  14. my98gsx

    Tax return season sales???

    This is the first year I'm not seeing many tax return sales... either I missed them or nobody is doing it. I just got my return and it's buring a hole in my pocket, lol. If anyone knows of any sites offering some discounts please let me know.
  15. my98gsx

    New Site Feature New DSMtuners Apparel Options

    I placed my order yesterday, thanks for answering our requests Chris! Hopefully these will be good sellers for you.
  16. my98gsx

    my98gsx's 1999 Eclipse GSX

    I decided to give the AER valve cover a shot, since most aftermarket covers are in excess of $700. I was able to order a raw version, and the first thing I am going to do is shave off the horrible looking logo (in my opinion).I requested for the timing cover bolts to not be added, since I do not...
  17. my98gsx

    General 95 eclipse with 99 swap

    If you have a 1995 eprom ecu you will want to use that computer, especially if you plan on modding the car and using dsmlink. Refer to this link for all CAS info: - If you are not familiar with this site it offers a lot of useful information.
  18. my98gsx

    2G Billet Aluminium Handles

    Ok, good thing I checked - I did forget to make the deposit. All done - payment sent.
  19. my98gsx

    2G Billet Aluminium Handles

    Damn I forgot to make the deposit I think... I'm getting old cannot remember, if I didn't I will do it this afternoon. Sorry for the delay I dont want to miss out.
  20. my98gsx

    Blipshift 4G63 shirt

    Am I the only one who finds this image weird? No timing gears / timing belt, no intake manifold and the turbo is facing the wrong way... :confused:
  21. my98gsx

    2G Aftermarket Steering Wheel?

    I would suggest changing the title of this thread... "steering wheel?" does not reflect the information you are looking for.
  22. my98gsx

    Please sign the RPM Act petition - again!

    It will never stop... the time will come when politicians will attempt to ban all gas powered vehicles on the roadways. You have companies like volvo claiming they will stop gas powered cars by 2030 (ridiculous).
  23. my98gsx

    my98gsx's 1999 Eclipse GSX

    Thank you DSM98GSX, I really apprecaite it - I will definitely post pics of the driveshaft loop. Its quite large, so even if it sits a tad off-center I do not believe it will be an issue. Then again, What isn't and issue with these cars...?
  24. my98gsx

    420a performance parts

    madmackin942, looks like you might want to sign up with then... Or maybe a dodge neon forum since they run 420a's as well.
  25. my98gsx

    A couple new parts from Boosted Fabrication

    I just installed your 2g license plate light bracket - great quality and fitment. I am looking forward to purchasing more from you. Keep up the great work!
  26. my98gsx

    my98gsx's 1999 Eclipse GSX

    I am still awaiting my rear subframe to be completed (order was placed in October...) So in the mean time I have been continuing my rear end restoration/freshening up. I never realized how common seized rear axles are on our cars. Mine was no different, both were badly stuck within the hub. I...
  27. my98gsx

    Outlander Engine Strut Bar/Brace

    umm... the outlander? As in the Mitsubishi SUV outlander?... I think you have the wrong forum for this.
  28. my98gsx

    Jafromobile ( DSMYoutuber)

    With most of the DSM channels on youtube being a total waste of time - mostly just comedic entertainment. Jafro is a breath of fresh air. His attention to detail cannot be beat!
  29. my98gsx

    Resolved Is this rod knock

    I agree with iugrad92turbo - sounds like something hitting the timing cover to me. Definitely not rod knock.
  30. my98gsx

    (FOR FUN) Roast My DSM

    I've got 99 problems... seriously I do - Its a DSM.
  31. my98gsx

    (FOR FUN) Roast My DSM

    Well since you asked... Is the sun stronger at higher elevations? "The sun is much stronger, and can be more damaging at high altitude. ... But by the time you're on the mountain skiing at altitudes of over 10,000 feet, the sun's intensity increases by 60%. That's partly because at very high...
  32. my98gsx

    Launch Control Solenoid!!!

    v8s_are_slow, I was hoping you would revisit this thread, as you were one of the few who actually ran it. It appears that it may have a slight redesign now from pics I have seen floating around. Thank you for the review though, buring up a clutch to dial something in does not seem too smart for...
  33. my98gsx

    Aw4g63, landoawd where you at. All members from the early 2000's check in.

    Thank you - I build the supra too. They did a 90's tribute. Id post more pics but I wanna keep this site rated PG haha
  34. my98gsx

    Aw4g63, landoawd where you at. All members from the early 2000's check in.

    Fasslyfe magazine. Its a car/girl mag, mostly about the girls but still cool to be featured. Here are two behind the scenes shots.
  35. my98gsx

    Aw4g63, landoawd where you at. All members from the early 2000's check in.

    Never made the calendar, but my dsm made it into a magazine this year so that was cool.
  36. my98gsx

    Aw4g63, landoawd where you at. All members from the early 2000's check in.

    Joined in 2005 and still playing with these cars (with a few years off in between due to extreme frustration).
  37. my98gsx

    Launch Control Solenoid!!!

    Any updates on this old thread? I am interested in this part as well... Hoping there is some more information on it now some 6+ years later.
  38. my98gsx

    2G Billet Aluminium Handles

    I'm in as well.
  39. my98gsx

    2G Relocating Stock Side Mount, convince me I'm wrong

    I do not see the weight savings by doing this, but I am also not familar with the rules of your event. Can you tell us what you have removed for weight and what is not allowed tp be done? I would honestly think that there are much better weight savings you could do over this. From what I...
  40. my98gsx

    my98gsx's 1999 Eclipse GSX

    While looking at parts online I came across boosted fabrication's replacement license plate light bracket. We have all seen a 2g with their license plate lights falling from the back bumper, only being held on by their wires... On my old GSX I constantly had to tuck mine back up because the...
  41. my98gsx

    my98gsx's 1999 Eclipse GSX

    A little update on the Vamos tank. I received it finally and I must say, this thing is built so well. Pictures do not serve it justice at all. Unfortunately I do not think I will be using it any time soon - definitely not this season. I failed to do my research on the tank and before others make...
  42. my98gsx

    Resolved Fuel Filter Orientation

    It does not matter, as long as the flow direction is going the proper way. It can be mounted vertical or horizontal.
  43. my98gsx

    my98gsx's 1999 Eclipse GSX

    Vegas - they are sold on here by gsx-dude. Great quality! He makes some great products for us. Send him a PM.
  44. my98gsx

    my98gsx's 1999 Eclipse GSX

    Thankfully I was able to turn the carrier bearing around without damage. I also realized I forgot to put on the bearing dust shield (carrier bearing noobie mistake). I wanted to show off these JMF caps I purchased as well. For 15+ years I have always hated the ugly white caps on our DSM's. They...
  45. my98gsx

    my98gsx's 1999 Eclipse GSX

    Ugh, I just noticed that the carrier bearing may be on backwards... looks like I'm going to have to remove it and switch it around. (First time doing them)
  46. my98gsx

    my98gsx's 1999 Eclipse GSX

    It was time to concentrate on my driveshaft while my gas tank and rear subframe were being built. I decided to go with the Drive Shaft Shops 3.5" heavy duty driveshaft, this is something I've wanted for years. I was able to find everything needed to rebuild the rear section from JNZtuning, which...
  47. my98gsx

    2G Driveshaft Help

    Mine is pretty dented in one spot as well, and it works fine (it happens). I'd would say put it back in and see if you get a vibration. You might be alright, worst case scenario you'll have to take it back out and get a re-balance. You won't know until you drive it though. Good luck.
  48. my98gsx

    Who's running boostin's KDN shifter?

    I have been having some difficulty while at the track getting my car into 3rd gear... This is 100% nerves, while making sure I'm not slamming it back into 1st. I came across Boostin' Performances KDN shifter and fell in love with it. Especially the 1,2,1 lock out feature! A friend of mine put...
  49. my98gsx

    2G Gst fuel hanger in GSX wiring sender/pump

    Dusty - I cannot thank you enough. Work had me going like crazy so I was unable to come on here to see this post. Thank you for taking the time to do this. It was very helpful!
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