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  1. Scotty_R8

    Street Build Resurrection of the Red 90 Talon

    very excited to see this build go down!
  2. Scotty_R8

    OEM+ 1G Talon

    Very nice!
  3. Scotty_R8

    1G 1g after market shift knob - let’s see some pics

    Funny, I've got the same knob in my 90 red talon
  4. Scotty_R8

    1G DSM: Injected with the DSM

    Very nice!
  5. Scotty_R8

    Black Friday Sales?

    Have any of you found any decent Black Friday sales for our cars other than the 5%? I could of sworn I had a shopping cart full of things about two months ago that I waited until possible sales and it's still the same price even with the "discount".
  6. Scotty_R8

    2G Non cruise cable

    I managed to snag one from Summit Racing the other day new for cheaper than some are asking used. They only had two in stock at the time so maybe you'll luck out.
  7. Scotty_R8

    Back in the game

    Very nice! anxious to see updates.
  8. Scotty_R8

    Sorry For the Downtime

    oh man, I thought my work finally caught on and blocked the site from me.
  9. Scotty_R8

    1990 Eagle Talon AWD

    awesome numbers and love going through all of your builds.
  10. Scotty_R8

    1G Doors flap in the breeze

    I appreciate that. I'll take a look.
  11. Scotty_R8

    1G Doors flap in the breeze

    I'm having the same issue with my 90 tsi. It also started leaking pretty badly during hurricane sally and I've been looking all over for door seals with no luck so I was going to see if anyone has used any universal weather stripping and see what works best
  12. Scotty_R8

    1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

    Very clean!
  13. Scotty_R8

    Just your average 1g

    Very nice!
  14. Scotty_R8

    Orca - 11 sec street rippa

    man that is just clean! Love it
  15. Scotty_R8

    98 GST rescue

    digging those wheels
  16. Scotty_R8

    98 GST rescue

    looking good!
  17. Scotty_R8

    Back From The Dead 95 AWD TSI

    looks like a fun project. keep it up!
  18. Scotty_R8

    1G Drain tube/Drip Rail?

    thanks man, I figured it had to of had something. I've seen others mention either air compressor or weed eater line for their 2g's. Looking like another possible hurricane heading my way here in the next few days so hopefully i have a car to come back to.
  19. Scotty_R8

    1G Drain tube/Drip Rail?

    Quick back story, I'm currently deployed and purchased a 1G Talon sight unseen and hit it delivered to my house about a month ago. A few weeks back, Hurricane Sally hit our area and with the wife being busy with work, didn't have time to check on the car until just the other day. It's seen...
  20. Scotty_R8

    New 1GA Owner

    congrats and welcome
  21. Scotty_R8

    90 GSX (Talon conversion)

    very nice! you wouldn't happen to be on IG are you? My wife was mentioning about a guy with a 1g eclipse with a talon conversion.
  22. Scotty_R8

    Project Mystery Meat

    I love seeing these kinds of transformations
  23. Scotty_R8

    Da Black Egl

    very clean!
  24. Scotty_R8


    So I've wanted a 1GA Talon since I was 16/17 and never was in a position to find a clean one for the right price over many years. Fast forward to 34 and I've had quite the variety of cars over the years and currently have a Trailblazer SS as my daily and a 2008 Audi R8 as my cruising car...
  25. Scotty_R8

    Street Build Project 1g (NBA DSM)

    One heck of a build. about to go down that rabbit hole myself.
  26. Scotty_R8


    scott01r1 submitted a new DSM Profile : R8 Read more about this vehicle here...
  27. R8


  28. Scotty_R8

    Trailblazer SS

    scott01r1 submitted a new DSM Profile : Trailblazer SS Read more about this vehicle here...
  29. Trailblazer SS

    Trailblazer SS

  30. Scotty_R8


    scott01r1 submitted a new DSM Profile : Talon Read more about this vehicle here...
  31. Talon

    Street Build Talon

  32. Scotty_R8

    Newish guy in the Panhandle of Florida

    I've been a member on this site for quite some time but after many years and many many different vehicles, I've finally picked up a 1g TSi AWD Talon that I've wanted since I was 16. The 1g will go through an overhaul once I get back from my current deployment. Other current vehicles are an 07...
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