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  1. randman2011

    2G Key Fob 98 GS-T

    They're incredibly brittle even before being exposed to elements for 25 years. They're not necessarily known for breaking on their own, but it's pretty difficult to avoid breaking them if you do anything with the lock cylinders...
  2. randman2011

    2G 97 GST EVAP Purge Solenoid

    Part number MB925799. Same part number for boost control solenoid and EGR solenoid (depending on year). A google search of the part number shows prices ranging from $45 USD up to $75 with some places listing it as discontinued. I don't know what international shipping is like from most of these...
  3. randman2011

    2G Key Fob 98 GS-T

    If the alarm goes off when you open the door with the key, the problem was never the FOB or lack thereof. As mentioned in your other thread, the door switches need replaced.
  4. randman2011

    2G Help! How to disable anti-theft alarm system

    I'd recommend starting a new thread since this new problem is unrelated to your alarm question. Congratulations on the new job!
  5. randman2011

    2G Acceleration failure and error codes

    This routing will not work properly. The boost control valve needs to be connected to a source that is vacuum at WOT. From the factory it was connected to a nipple on the underside of the intake pipe between the MAF and turbo. In the configuration above, I cannot tell if it is connected to a...
  6. randman2011

    2G FP turbo manifold on stock 2G turbo

    The FP Race manifold has a significantly higher volume than the factory 2g piece. It's designed to be able to handle turbos that flow more than double what the factory manifold can put out. Installing it is pretty straightforward and it will fit just fine, but there will be a significant...
  7. randman2011

    Hello all

    For future reference, as long as you have proof of ownership like a title you can have keys made at a dealership for under $20. Sure as hell beats replacing locks because you destroyed them.
  8. randman2011

    2G Help! How to disable anti-theft alarm system

    The previous owner of my GSX broke the plastic clips on those door lock sensors while he was in the process of breaking everything else on the car, so he removed the fuse and relay for the horn and just ignored it. The alarm still went off flashing the exterior lights, but it no longer made a...
  9. randman2011

    Help with engine swap into 2003 eclipse

    It will work just as well as any other engine from any manufacturer. Do you own a welder? Assuming you're talking about a DSM 4G63, the engine bays have nothing in common between the 2nd gen and 3rd gen Eclipses. Cutting and welding frame rails and custom engine mounts are just the beginning...
  10. randman2011

    2G My 95' Talon AWD clutch is heavy

    I don't know what it looks like on the inside, but that accumulator in the clutch line is just a restriction to slow clutch release. I've never really thought about it, but I wonder if it could be clogged? You certainly wouldn't see any downsides to removing it.
  11. randman2011

    2G Spare tire hold down bolt (GSX)

    Correct. And again it is only that way due to the spare tire size difference so you can choose to recreate the FWD or AWD trunk floor height depending on preference. Yes, there is no difference in the interior between the Talon and Eclipse beyond a few Mitsubishi/Chrysler logos and standard...
  12. randman2011

    2G Spare tire hold down bolt (GSX)

    The bolt/washer is the same for all 2g Eclipses. The spare tires themselves have different diameter, but in terms of supporting the floor you can flip a FWD spare upside down and it will be the proper height. It just won't be the proper diameter and shouldn't be used as a spare tire. EDIT: An...
  13. randman2011

    Street Build 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse (RWD LS Swap)

    Oh, you mean mine? Jake and I were just laughing about this exact topic last weekend. Some LED implementations were higher budget than others...
  14. randman2011

    2G Jack's transmission rebuild extras

    I had the ultimate synchro rebuild done at Jack's on my 98 transmission and the only charges above advertised were a replacement 1st gear ($178) and return shipping ($130). I dropped the core off with them at the Shootout to save on shipping. Transmission is good but my shifter is garbage and...
  15. randman2011

    5spd Folks, What are we doing now that gear sets are scarce?

    Yeah, I've got the original that came out of my GSX in the garage, ready for a rebuild. Because I am easily separated from my money, I would be down for some aftermarket gearsets (or whole transmissions) as long as they're helical, synchro'd, and DD worthy, but since demand for aftermarket gears...
  16. randman2011

    W5M31-2-VWBF Lots of resources for the W5M31 in general, but I haven't found any mentions for the -VWBF. The W5M31 is regarded as weaker than the W5M33 found in AWD Eclipses due to the smaller gears and being from an N/A application allegedly the...
  17. randman2011


    My favorite JDM parts catalogs show part number MD973656 for 1.8L SOHC 4G93 Galants with AWD in the European market only, produced from December 1994 through May 1996. There are tons of threads on here that try to collect all of the various Mitsubishi transmission part numbers so I'll keep...
  18. randman2011

    Hooked up battery backwards, help plz

    When a friend switched the ends of the jumper cables giving me a start, it blew EVERYTHING. I replaced way more than that fuse. ECU and MAF were both scrap and there may have been other parts that I'm forgetting. This was more than 10 years ago.
  19. randman2011

    2G Weird oil consumption

    If you have oil on top of the spark plugs then that is either coming from the oil cap or the valve cover seals. Oil on the threads isn't coming from the combustion chamber. it's coming from the spark plug wells and gets on the threads when you remove them. Oil from the oil cap is from high...
  20. randman2011

    2G Flatout Suspension Club Sport Coilover Review (AWD)

    I dropped the rear another half inch not long after my original review. I've only used about a third of the available threads on these shock bodies so these things can go WAY lower if one wanted. This will definitely be my final ride height, though: front strut helper spring expanded 1.5" beyond...
  21. randman2011

    2G No power to ecu

    Summary that you're probably familiar with but I'm just thinking out loud since I just had to set up a Megasquirt to handle this exact process. Pin 71 is active high signal for key on ACC or ON and should only be GND with the car off. I don't actually know how or if the ECU uses this signal...
  22. randman2011

    2G No Signal At ISC Connector

    I thought I was being clever by crimping a D-sub pin onto the end of a wire to help with continuity checks but I forgot that the factory ECU pins are flat, so the D-sub pin didn't fit into the connector anyway. But the reason that I could read voltage at the ECU but not under the hood was...
  23. randman2011

    Blipshift shirt - Tommi Mäkinen

    I've been checking this one out. It's the EVO V TM, right? I know it's not a regular EVO V because that one is my favorite and this one is....not that. I haven't mentioned this to anyone yet but I have been shopping for CJ4A Cyborgs with the intent to do a turbo kit, EVO VIII-IX AWD swap, and...
  24. randman2011

    2G No Signal At ISC Connector

    All, thanks for the pointers for testing the correct ECU operation, but as mentioned in the original post I am running Megasquirt and I have the ability to set outputs high and low as I please, so I can set the ISC lines to +12V, confirm that they are set at the Megasquirt connector, then...
  25. randman2011

    2G No Signal At ISC Connector

    Thanks. That's what I figured but not what I wanted to hear. I guess now I get to decide how much money I want to throw at the problem.
  26. randman2011

    2G No Signal At ISC Connector

    Is there anything in between the ECU connector and the ISC connector that could cause an open circuit? I'm measuring voltage at the ECU connector but all four signal pins in the ISC connector are 0V/open. As a sanity check, I have also confirmed that neither the current ISC nor two BNIB units...
  27. randman2011

    What Other Hobbies Do you guys have?

    I've gotten into homebrew this year. This is the husband's Irish red. Today is bottling day for my blood orange cider and once the carboy is free the husband is making a chocolate imperial milk stout. He's also going to town with kombucha. I'm getting a little into mixology. I've always made...
  28. randman2011

    Rising Price of the older DSM's

    There have always been a few high priced outliers in the 2g market but I haven't really noticed the upward swing on 1995+ Eclipses. I have definitely noticed a significant upswing in 1g values and for a while I saw at least one 1990 GSX every single week going for $10-15k. That's the trend and...
  29. randman2011

    96 GST rebuilt engine or no?

    When Volvo rebuilt my B5254T3 under warranty because of a failed timing belt, they elected to not replace the pistons even though they were damaged. I found this out last year when the timing belt broke AGAIN and I could clearly see both sets of dents from each event on the tops of the pistons...
  30. randman2011

    Weird setup on methanol fuel

    Aside from wanting to go smaller than the HX40, what made you pick the TB2566? It's not known for having a robust thrust bearing, and in general they don't hold up well to increased boost. Even once you get a tune that can reliably deal with intake air that hot you'll still have reliability...
  31. randman2011

    2G Which intercooler is best for me?

    I can't speak to whether they were actually different historically, but buying through Punishment was significantly cheaper than CXR at the time. The pictures on their website of the repackaged CXR kit look identical to mine so maybe they were always the same. Not that it matters now, because...
  32. randman2011

    2G Which intercooler is best for me?

    I used the Punishment Racing pipes from their intercooler kit (gave the core away) and bought the 2g ETS street intercooler core in whatever the smallest size is. You keep the front crash bar and the trimming for the bumper is limited to the depth of the opening and not enlarging the opening. If...
  33. randman2011

    (FOR FUN) Roast My DSM

    I feel like mine should be an easy target...
  34. randman2011

    Manny The Mistake: A Lesson In The Dangers Of Nostalgia

    I've been avoiding this for a whole week, but today's the day that I get started on this harness and MS3X install. I guess the first step is to get this tonneau cover out of here...
  35. randman2011

    Hallman MBC - Another one..

    On my Hallman Pro on the stiffer spring, a full turn is 2-3 psi so the behavior you're describing is definitely not correct. On these, the bottom is from the charge pipe and the side is outlet to the wastegate. If it's installed correctly, check that the ball and controller internals aren't...
  36. randman2011

    Presents from previous owners My Talon came with no fewer than 10 lemon air fresheners and a full off-brand SAE socket set under the back seat. My current Eclipse is a shining example of neglect and incompetence from the...
  37. randman2011

    420A Oil psi reading issue

    ^ That's a good point. Here is the failure mode for two of my Glowshift widebands. Obviously this is an analog gauge and it's still showing SOMETHING, but every Glowshift gauge I have ever had has failed quickly. Each of these only lasted a singular year. Glowshift replaced the controller once...
  38. randman2011

    420A Oil psi reading issue

    To start, I fully admit that I have zero experience with the 420A. However... Oil pressure is roughly proportional to engine speed. At redline the pressure will typically peak between 65 and 80 psi depending on engine and condition, and at idle most engines are typically in the 15-20 psi range...
  39. randman2011

    Cars won't make you happy (cool video)

    "Once you get it, is it even turbo?" It will be soon! My first takeaway was that I can't really relate since cars have always been a ME thing and I've never really had a greater community to try to impress, but then I remember that there was a time when I lost the plot. I lusted after the next...
  40. randman2011

    Fresh meat

    I likewise have a factory AWD exhaust that's in great shape that I want to offload, but even though I'm closer than Washington I'd assume shipping would still be prohibitive. Yeah, it sounds like this one needs A LOT to get to a good place. Hopefully the not running and the oil leaks are not...
  41. randman2011

    New DIY front lip

    I've been wanting something similar for a few of my cars, but I am planning to mount it at the rear edge of the front bumper so it doesn't disrupt the styling as much being somewhat hidden under the bumper. For a roadgoing 2g it would get worn out/scraped off pretty quickly with our long front...
  42. randman2011

    How effective is the stock viscous LSD rear end?

    With use, the fluid in a viscous LSD will break down, turning it into an open diff. The more it gets used, the faster it will decay. They are not rebuildable. People used to say that the viscous CENTER fluid would be worn out by 100k miles. I don't know where that number came from or if it is...
  43. randman2011

    Flywheel decision time used OEM vs Used Fidanza advice

    The flywheel is not balanced to your rotating assembly. Ford actually holds patents around using an unbalanced flywheel to offset inherent imbalances in the engine, but the first application of that idea came out in 2012. On the Eclipse it's balanced on its own and any properly balanced flywheel...
  44. randman2011

    Shootout dyno day

    Damn. I guess I won't try to have the Autozam dynoed this year. How much would they charge if you're under 100hp!
  45. randman2011

    ECMlink Weird Idle and Cruise AFR

    I've had two AEM UEGOs go bad. Both of them would run just fine for maybe 15 minutes, then over about 2 seconds go full rich and the car would sputter. Then it would over another 2 seconds return back to 14.7:1 and repeat. This constant oscillation that AEM support diagnosed as a failed...
  46. randman2011

    2G ***NEW PRODUCT*** Quaife rack and pinion AKA Quickrack, W/Optional EPS kits (CLOSED)

    On my summer tires on the old depowered rack it was truly undriveable in parking lots. Tight maneuvers like parallel parking required assistance from the passenger. Driving around was just fine but pulling into the garage was a chore. On my narrower winter tires with this rack it's not terrible...
  47. randman2011

    2G ***NEW PRODUCT*** Quaife rack and pinion AKA Quickrack, W/Optional EPS kits (CLOSED)

    I've had the Quaife rack on for a few weeks now. I still need an alignment and to center the wheel so there's a lot of improvement to be done before I can write a review or anything, but for now I will say that I don't really notice the different rack. I went from a standard rack with the hard...
  48. randman2011

    Street Build 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse (RWD LS Swap)

    So you swapped the knuckles left to right to make it front steer. Definitely a good choice given the factory rack's location. What platform did you source the new rack from? I love the simplicity of the two bolt mounts. And hopefully it's a faster rack because the factory one is awful. I wonder...
  49. randman2011

    Are these welds factory? (4G63 head)

    That makes me feel a little better about mine. I received a rebuilt head from the machine shop that had that weld on it. I figured they found a scrap core they had laying around and tried to repair it to use in my build but maybe this is a common thing? FWIW, I've never noticed welding there on...
  50. randman2011

    tires and ratings, treadwear etc.

    I wish that I had some good recommendations for tires based on longevity, but I've never worn out a set of tires. I had Direzza ZII Star Specs on the Miata and absolutely loved them, but when we moved and I lost the garage, the winter outside in the driveway hardened them beyond use. They had...
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