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  1. For Sale 1991 Galant VR4 #172, 600HP ###SOLD###

    Well the time has come to part with my long time project car. I bought the car not running and have brought it back to life and then some. The body and paint is what is left to be done. everything else is great. Car is a 600hp car setup on e85 and ecmlink. I have a lot of $$ and blood, sweat...
  2. GVR-4 Bosh 210lb 2200cc injectors. Help

    It was an eBay seller. Sold them as a matched set, I can't honestly remember it's been about a year since I bought them
  3. GVR-4 Bosh 210lb 2200cc injectors. Help

    Just fyi, I used these injectors on my 600 hp Galant vr4 with e85. They do come with cards that get u close with deadtimes and all that. They work great for me. Do have to do some dialing in with link. I just bought the stubby Bosch injectors by themselves, some tophat extenders with filters in...
  4. Turbolab HX40 question

    Im currently running an hx35 7 blade in the .55 housing on a built 2.0, e85 setup. I'm changing to a t3 setup now and am wanting to up the turbo as well. I like the turbo lab hx40's that are billet pieces in 60, 62, or 67mm. I'm aiming for 600whp. Would the 62 mm do it on their .82 t3 housing or...
  5. GVR4 hx35 max Rpm ?

    I dunno about that, but not losing boost. Brand new real HKS ssq
  6. GVR4 hx35 max Rpm ?

    Ya I'm not having boost issues, it holds 31-32 psi all the way through the pull. External mvs gate and manual boost controller
  7. GVR4 hx35 max Rpm ?

    Ya I leaned it out some up top in the rpm range. Before I leaned it out with the SD table it was dipping into high 10's with e85 and breaking up. Going to pull some more out and see if it pulls higher. I have already done blt a few times and nothing. Running an external mvs 38mm wg.
  8. GVR4 hx35 max Rpm ?

    So I have a built 2.0 with full e85 fuel system on v3 SD. I am running fp manifold, 7 blade hx35 with bep .55 housing, 272 cams, stock intake, 2.5" intercooler piping. It's running great just thought it would pull higher up boost about 4000 Rpm, 32 psi, but power falls off pretty hard at...
  9. For Sale WTB 1g manual 4 bolt lsd rear end complete assembly

    As the title states looking preferably a complete rear setup with subframe and all. Wanting to put this on my Galant vr4 so I can delete rear steering and get the lsd setup all in one step. Thanks
  10. ECMlink Plx sm-afr dm6 02 narrowband prob

    Ok car will not go closed loop. Have the plx wideband 0-5v output connected to front 02 wire of ecu. Narrowband sim sn and setup with pin assignments. Problem is that the front 02 just sits at .80 volts the whole time, never fluctuates up and down like it's supposed to. Have double and triple...
  11. Budget 2200cc injectors

    So just as an update, I got the shorty bosch 2200cc injectors with the extender hats with filters to make them 60mm long oring to oring. To fit properly had to cut the fuel rail spacers in half, then just remove the lower oring the injector comes with and the plastic retainer on the bottom part...
  12. Budget 2200cc injectors

    I'm currently using the Bosch 2200cc with hat extenders on my Galant vr4. Haven't finished everything else up yet so haven't had a chance to tune with them. I removed the lower plastic retainer that holds the Bosch lower oring on and then the stock dam lower big seals slide right on just like...
  13. Budget 2200cc injectors

    It's measured top oring to bottom oring. Should be 60mm. There are different length hats and upper oring size. Needs to be 11mm upper and 14mm lower. And get ones with filters. So I'm going to get the short injectors and the hats to make it measure 60mm oring to oring.
  14. Budget 2200cc injectors

    Thanks for the info, I think I'm going to give these a go, being that it will be less than half price of the fic's or ID's
  15. Budget 2200cc injectors

    Talon43219, that sounds like good results, how was the cruising driveability with these injectors, and do you maybe remember which size/length top hats you used?
  16. Budget 2200cc injectors

    Several of the vendors sell the injectors single, but state if you buy 4 or more at a time they will be a matched set
  17. Budget 2200cc injectors

    I understand, but I'm not looking at some Chinese knockoff injectors, these are factory legit Bosch injectors, the same way the fic's start out
  18. Budget 2200cc injectors

    I recently got my built talon up and running on e85, have only 1000cc injectors now so can't turn it up too much. Really want to get the fic 2150's, but damn pricey. I've found alot of the big injectors start out as a Bosch base inector. You can get these on eBay for about $50-60 a piece and get...
  19. 1G desperatley seeking some ecmlink advice

    No maf. To me seems rich because fuel trim readings are negative indicating the car is trying to pull that % of fuel out correct?? Also on the ad be table I know the horizontal axis is Ron, but what is the vertical, it's not labeled
  20. 1G desperatley seeking some ecmlink advice

    I do have intake temp, seems to be stuck at 77 for whatever reason, I'm working on getting the wideband added in
  21. 1G desperatley seeking some ecmlink advice

    Well i finally got the car i bought put back together, heavily modified 90 talon awd manual. Full race t4 manifold, pt67 turbo, 1000cc injectors, fully ported head and oversized valves, crower 272's and valvetrain, full return style an fuel system with afpr, dual 450's in tank. i just got...
  22. 1g dam fel pro exhaust manifold gasket question

    Ya mine seems to have much smaller diameter ports on both the manifold and head, searched the net as much as I can and all the heads I've seen on the exhaust side have about the same size black soot ring. Just seems odd, guess I could port match
  23. 1g dam fel pro exhaust manifold gasket question

    Well thought about that, but it would be ALOT of material, like 1/4 inch around ports, seems excessive, all the other gaskets were right an package had not been opened
  24. 1g dam fel pro exhaust manifold gasket question

    Thanks, ya we'll see, I'll have it all back together in the next couple days. All bolt holes line up just port holes larger
  25. 1g dam fel pro exhaust manifold gasket question

    Ya looks like that, just the holes where the exhaust ports are bigger than the actual exhaust ports of the cylinder head, I think it will still work just looks odd
  26. 1g dam fel pro exhaust manifold gasket question

    So I'm putting the head back on the beast and got a fel pro head gasket set, came with a nice MLS exhaust manifold gasket, but the holes for the ports of the gasket are much larger than the exhaust ports on the head or manifold, is this normal??
  27. Gsx

    Ya, need to make sure you have fuel pressure. Maybe see if it will keep running if spray some intake cleaner into intake, that would narrow it down to fuel issue
  28. 1G 1990 talon TSI won't start unless....

    Well just purchased a heavily modified 90 model tsi. Right now on stock ECU, harness, intake and throttle body for the moment. Trying to get some basics established before going to ecmlink. The main issue is the car won't start unless the TPS is unplugged. Plug it in while it's idling and the...
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