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  1. rEclipserGST

    GVR-4 1g-vr4 thermostat housing ? where to find

    Post a pic of what you want. I would love to help.
  2. rEclipserGST

    2G Strut Bars still around?

    DCsports makes strut bars front and rear for around $100. Best bar you can get. No flex.
  3. rEclipserGST

    1G DSM 4 Bolt Rear Tubular Subframes, Control Arms and Trailing Arms

    Some stuff from 1g will fit galant vr4. Is that the case here as well?
  4. rEclipserGST

    Power steering belt size?

    Nice revive :applause:
  5. rEclipserGST

    2g rear Koni yellows on a GVR4?

    This needs brought back. I am not sorry.Who all tried this? I own a 91 GVR4 now.
  6. rEclipserGST

    Billet Vented Oil caps

    Anyone has a picture of how you are routing these?
  7. rEclipserGST

    2G Solved - Large amount of smoke out of exhaust

    I did a PCV setup change like two months ago. In response it blew oil in my charge pipes.Took the car out after cleaning what i thought needed, and drove it until it stopped smoking.I more recently got into an accident and was able to see that the oil had been in those pipes still for...
  8. rEclipserGST

    2G Auto trans slipping in 3rd

    Yeah man, sorry but thats a GOOD diag. And unfortunately, you have isolated the issue. So its time to go deeper. Easiest thing would be just replace the clutch pack.Question, did you replace the trans filter with a mitsu OEM filter?And what fluid are you using? These girls are picky...
  9. rEclipserGST

    2G Unsettling engine noise after BSE

    Did you do a BSE or did you just take the belt off? :confused: :hmm:
  10. rEclipserGST

    2020 shootout to allow Hondas, Audis, and Subarus and no one should be happy about it.

    I don't attend IFO. I attend DSM Shootout.Hurt my feelings when they didn't do AutoX the year I planned to.We in columbus will be driving wherever need be.
  11. rEclipserGST

    HID retrofit issue

    What are you doing to combat the heat?
  12. rEclipserGST

    Refreshing suspension

    I wouldnt even bother to paint them. Put them on if they arent blown.
  13. rEclipserGST

    Resolved EBC not working with link

    I experienced an issue likes this twice now in the last two years. We just recently fixed this issue but fixed it by mistake AGAIN. Because that limited boost was Brutal.Please post your resolution when found.
  14. rEclipserGST

    2G prothane suspension and handling questions

    Here is a picture I found earlier whilst searching for crossmember bushings.Below is a picture of the 2g rear toe arms.
  15. rEclipserGST

    2G prothane suspension and handling questions

    Tire pressure can make a difference.I forgot to ask, did you preload suspension prior to final torque on bolts?I definitely think the lack of outer shell on the previous bushing, i did notice that too on the rear Toe arm. Those arms are already so weak. Thats why some folks swapped in some...
  16. rEclipserGST

    2G prothane suspension and handling questions

    My next question was going to be the eccentric bolts in the rear. But it looks like you have them.You said you put the rear 2g eibach springs on the rear? Have you thought about swapping the FRONT eibach springs onto the rear? for increased spring rate.Other than that, looks like everything...
  17. rEclipserGST

    2G prothane suspension and handling questions

    Its to the point now, pictures would be great. Take a nice clear picture of each side of the rear suspension with the wheel off if you can. Then a nice under shot. From afar, then closer, then under the car.I want to see bushings shape, sway bar, upper A arms. Trailing arms bushings. As well...
  18. rEclipserGST

    2G prothane suspension and handling questions

    7 is a bit high.What color are the eibach springs? Red or black.
  19. rEclipserGST

    2G prothane suspension and handling questions

    A few questions: Why are you running different lowering springs? What kind of Eibach springs are you running? What setting are the koni shocks on?
  20. rEclipserGST

    Throttle Body Rebuild Kit

    Curious about a kit price. 2g TB. I want to send you pix to confirm. Since i had to swap a TB onto the RVR swap.
  21. rEclipserGST

    2G Stock manifold

    Timing light or advanced diagnostic tool like ECMLink.
  22. rEclipserGST

    2G Stock manifold

    Timing being off will trigger a cherry red manifold even after a pull. Don't forget about that being a condition as well.
  23. rEclipserGST

    Resolved Calan Oil Catch Can...Issue!

    Retune your idle and maf settings.
  24. rEclipserGST

    2G Car can’t hit an idle, crackles and dies.

    Have you ever done a timing job before? Or swapped a water pump?
  25. rEclipserGST

    1G Bottom to thermostat house cracked

    JB Weld would work. Could also take it to get it welded.
  26. rEclipserGST

    2G Car can’t hit an idle, crackles and dies.

    What do the bottom end timing marks look like?
  27. rEclipserGST

    2G Car can’t hit an idle, crackles and dies.

    Rotate the engine so the cam gears timing marks face eachother in the middle.
  28. rEclipserGST

    2G once warm car stalls, runs fine cold not on boost

    Have you performed a Boost Leak Test?
  29. rEclipserGST

    Starter issue or misfire?

    Use a volt meter and/or get the battery tested. Battery is probably roasted.
  30. rEclipserGST

    2G Car can’t hit an idle, crackles and dies.

    You should not have a T in your vacuum hose to your AFPR. Your brake booster line looks like its barely on. Fix that.Your boost gauge line is also messed up clearly. Redo the lines.Also, what throttle cable are you using? That looks incorrect. The mounting. The length. It looks wrong.
  31. rEclipserGST

    2G Misfire on #2 - P0302, Nothing left to change! Help a 1996 Eclipse GSX

    Based on your compression numbers, you need to do something. Could be a headgasket, could need a rebuild. But clearly, you need to spend some money and time unfortunately.
  32. rEclipserGST

    2G Bad throttle response

    When do you plan on replacing the o2 sensor?
  33. rEclipserGST

    1G Charging issues resolved

    What battery voltage is the car at while off? What battery voltage is the car at while running?Do you have the ground wire to the starter on? Do you have the alternator bolted down all the way?
  34. rEclipserGST

    2G Intake Hoses

    The EGR? Not needed. Need a block off plate if removing it entirely.The other spots, looks like a hose is too big. And one nipple doesn't have anything on it. Which is a vacuum leak. In this case, a boost leak if the black object in the picture is the new intake manifold.
  35. rEclipserGST

    2G Clutch Line Tightening Issues

    Looks crooked to me.
  36. rEclipserGST

    2G Engine Failure

    MAF or SD? Could of been unplugged. Then check BISS and IAC. And of course the TB gaskets you mentioned. TPS and BISS can be figured out easily IF you have link.Drain oil and examine.
  37. rEclipserGST

    2G Stick to auto conversion

    95/96 automatic transmission with matching transfer. Mate the same years rear end as well.I have one if you want to rebuild it. Or I have one that is currently running and driving if you are on a budget. You are looking at anywhere from $400 to $750 for an Auto Trans.Definitely get a...
  38. rEclipserGST

    2G Rad fan coming on late - SOLVED

    If you had a logger, you would see real time actual numbers. Not just a gauge as a reference. That gauge flarring up and down could and usually is only like 7 degree scale difference.Buy a logger.
  39. rEclipserGST

    2G Rad fan coming on late - SOLVED

    210 is normal for fan kick on. If you had a tuning device, or logging device, you would see that the coolant temps hoover around 200 anyway.
  40. rEclipserGST

    rebuild with no Oil Seal MD739390

    You are wanting a mitsubishi part? Or can it be aftermarket? I just did a quick search, and it showed mitsu and hyundai. So, I am assuming you have plenty options if that specific part number is discontinued.
  41. rEclipserGST

    Requesting help getting remote fob to Sweden.

    Anyone contact you about doing you this favor yet?
  42. rEclipserGST

    2G Terrible trans noise VIDEO

    Is this the original drive-train in the car or has it been swapped? It is important that the trans matches the Transfer Case year. Otherwise you need to swap the pinion gear.
  43. rEclipserGST

    1G Help with shift and pressure solenoid diagnosis

    Examine the wires of the shift solenoid. I had to swap my shift solenoid harness out inside the valve body because the wires were damaged. Solved my shifting issue. I also run a FF shiftbox.
  44. rEclipserGST

    2G I think my Trans just blew.

    If it is actually STUCK in 1st gear, and still won't climb above 2k rpms & 15 mph, then it would seem this is more engine / ecu related. More than trans.You also mentioned it would slip in 3rd and 4th?? That's no good. 3rd is the strongest gear in an auto, as far as torque capacity...
  45. rEclipserGST

    2G Wont go into 4th gear, please help!

    Get the filter from the Mitsubishi dealership. It has one inlet and one outlet for fluid. The aftermarket one's usually only have one slot. Boomdeeze pointed that out to me. And so far, has been true.
  46. rEclipserGST

    2G torque converter lockup

    Is it a Clunk or a Bump? Does it happen only during cruising? Or also during deccel or accel?Have you checked your trans mounts? Engine mounts? Driveshaft carrier bushings? U-joints?Trans fluid? Trans filter?
  47. rEclipserGST

    2G Wont go into 4th gear, please help!

    Check the condition of your mounts. Engine and transmission. Then check your fluid. When is the last time you did a filter and fluid change?
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