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  1. Helaman-99

    The Boosted Rose

    I guess I'll keep posting pics! Maybe I should get a legit camera... 😂
  2. Helaman-99

    The Boosted Rose

    On memorial day, I began the turbo swap!! I haven't really done ANYTHING like this before, but it was fun. I only got the turbo out, however. I'll have to put the 16G in this Saturday.But I absolutely can NOT wait for this to be done! Once the 16G is in (and the boost controller), then it's...
  3. Helaman-99

    Walbro 190Lph install

    I second the rewire suggestion. But yeah, it's basically like replacing the stock pump. Pretty easy, just make sure you don't have a full fuel tank like I did lol you'll make a mess. And be sure not to bend the metal pipes too much, they are surprisingly easy to bend/shape. Good luck!
  4. Helaman-99

    The Boosted Rose

    So I did a few odds and ends the last couple of weeks. Had to take a short break since I had Covid at the end of March. HOWEVER, the journey continues.The biggest thing however was the installation of the Aeromotive Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator and 2G DSM Install Kit! Now I can put that...
  5. Helaman-99

    2G Who wants a big SMIC? gauging interest

    I love this. And I just checked Discord, there are no public DSM servers on there, so we could start one if we wanted to.
  6. Helaman-99

    2g GSX Brazil

    I thought he bought it from you lol I guess he was just talking about the picture...
  7. Helaman-99

    Street Build Midengine 4G63

    This. Is. So. Cool! I love the turbo sound at idle and the bov sounds soooo good! I've wondered if this was possible, or if someone could put a 4G63 into the back of an eclipse but with an MR2 tranny... Any updates?
  8. Helaman-99

    Best DSM Craigslist post of the day

    If anyone wants a "backbone stock" Tsi AWD, there's one for sale in Spokane Valley. Lots of miles though.I was kinda tempted... but I'll stick to my GS-T for now. Hope this helps someone!
  9. Helaman-99

    Heavy Metal Toxicity

    I love Biology! I'm in Biology 270 in college right now (even though I'm studying Computer Science LOL)The things our bodies (and consequentially, our immune systems) encounter everyday are toxic. However, in most instances our bodies are fully capable of handling them. Our bodies are amazing...
  10. Helaman-99

    2G Who wants a big SMIC? gauging interest

    Only 5?? The poll has 23 people for yes... where y'all at lol
  11. Helaman-99

    The Boosted Rose

    Oh yes, another build update! This one isn't SUPER interesting, just did some illegal stuff.So I FINALLY finished installing the last of my gauges, the last one being the A/F ratio gauge. I put the sensor in the rear O2 sensors place, since it appears that I have a high-flow cat of some...
  12. Helaman-99

    Street take overs

    No, we can not rely on the justice system to teach people to be better. That is a decision made on their own. Some go to jail, humble up, and come out great... others, the opposite happens.In the end, this is not an issue that can be solved with jail time, tough sentences, or even stricter...
  13. Helaman-99

    The Boosted Rose

    SoI am in the process of wiring up all the aftermarket gauges I have for my car (boost, oil pressure, and air to fuel ratio). I've decided I'm going to wire all those up and ensure they are working, and then I will begin replacing the turbo, injectors, ECU, etc.For simplicity's sake, I wired...
  14. Helaman-99

    2G Who wants a big SMIC? gauging interest

    That’s awesome! Maybe someday I can contribute to the DSM community with a product...Washington DSMs UNITE
  15. Helaman-99

    2G Who wants a big SMIC? gauging interest

    Order placed!! :hellyeah::hellyeah::hellyeah:
  16. Helaman-99

    Where to source front motor mount?

    Boosted Fabrication makes motor mounts, but they are aftermarket. Link: this helps!
  17. Helaman-99

    98 GST Street Build From The Ground Up

    Looking good bro! Car looks straight and those purple pipes look dope! The abnormal panel gap is probably from body work. Has it ever been in an accident? And what are your plans for the fuel side of things?If you ever need some coolant/vacuum hoses, this kit basically has you covered...
  18. Helaman-99

    The Boosted Rose

    The journey continues... in a unique way :sneaky:So, I have a slight fascination with doing things differently from everyone else. Case in point: the way I did my fuel pump re-wire.Generally, people run the wiring under the carpet on the passenger side of the car, and hide the relay and...
  19. Helaman-99

    2G Who wants a big SMIC? gauging interest

    HEY!! We got 20 yesses! Now what lol
  20. Helaman-99

    DSM OG, I'm back

    Seems like a good deal to me. I got my '99 for 3k with similar miles.If I remember right, the '99s (and maybe '98s) have a split-bearing design, and are therefor less likely to crankwalk. Doesn't mean it can't happen, but they're the sought after 7 bolt engine.
  21. Helaman-99

    So... Who decided to do a burnout today on New Year's Eve?

    Hey, if burnouts are your thing, that’s awesome! Sorry about your transmission though lol I don’t really have any traditions, I just kinda do whatever, then go to sleep when I normally do, wake up just before midnight, do the countdown, then go back to bed haha not super exciting I know, but at...
  22. Helaman-99

    2G Who wants a big SMIC? gauging interest

    I'm still down. I'm the one that lives super close to them and if they want my car for a mock up I'm down; I'm very much hoping that this group buy turns into a reality.
  23. Helaman-99

    The Boosted Rose

    The time has come... execute order 16G...Sooooo last weekend I ordered pretty much everything I need to finish this build. Once I found out that the engine was in descent shape, that was basically the green light to move forward with turning my mostly stock GST into a 350whp one. This is a...
  24. Helaman-99

    1G New Body Panels, What's Still Available in 2020?

    I use Mitsubishi Parts Now for OEM stuff that I can't find other places. Never had an issue with them, but they're shipping times are pretty average. That being said, this is what I found, I hope this helps!Front Fenders...
  25. Helaman-99

    Carbon Fiber add ons

    I've also gotten a couple parts from them; gas cap and fog light bezels. They fit well and looked great! I actually just ordered they're gauge pods for the A pillar too! lol They've always been pretty quick for me in both shipping and communication, I'd recommend them. @my98gsx your description...
  26. Helaman-99

    2G Who wants a big SMIC? gauging interest

    So how many people are in? If we count all the yesses in the survey, we've got 19... well, 15 yesses, 4 maybe yesses lol
  27. Helaman-99

    Have you guys seen this video?

    Me - Don't worry, I love you just the way you are. My DSM - Don't you lie to me!!But seriously tho, that is awesome! Whenever I tell my dad about the absolutely INSANE power numbers you can push out of these engines he can't believe it. Awesome work, beautiful car! :hellyeah:
  28. Helaman-99

    The Boosted Rose

    Yeah, I guess you just have to be REALLY careful with it, but some bolts are just hard to get to when installing the manifold! lol oh well, it was a $40 manifold, can't really complain.
  29. Helaman-99

    The Boosted Rose

    Ok, so it's been a couple weeks since I posted last, but I've got some things to share.First off, the Cerakoted manifold started chipping... dang it lol Got it recoated, but this time in black since it had a much better track record for not peeling/cracking. Give it another two weeks and...
  30. Helaman-99

    The Boosted Rose

    Didn't do a whole lot this week, I just put the Carbonetics headlight cowl on. Looks pretty good, I just hope it doesn't fall off (it's only got 3M double-sided tape holding it on LOL).Turns out, the cowl is actually meant to be installed with the chrome piece AND the black insert cut and...
  31. Helaman-99

    rabenne's street car

    Sorry to hear that man. I understand that these cars can create a real love-hate relationship with it's owner, especially the hate part lol I've been enjoying this thread, and to go along with what some of the other guys have said, this year has been pretty rough. All I can say is that whatever...
  32. Helaman-99

    The Boosted Rose

    Got the car leak-down and compression tested and was surprised by the results. The car has around 140K miles on it, and a history that is mostly unknown to me. I'm just glad I can actually build the thing without worrying about it failing lol I didn't like the 25% result for cylinder #2, but...
  33. Helaman-99

    Anyone make duckbills for 2g's?

    Sorry it took me a while to respond. Here are some better shots:Not everyone's favorite look, but it's definitely unique. I'll be rockin' this look for a while I think.
  34. Helaman-99

    2G Who wants a big SMIC? gauging interest

    I’m in. I’ve been looking for a smic. Also, I’ve worked a little with Raven Fab before (they’re like, 10 mins from my house), and they’ve been super awesome.
  35. Helaman-99

    2G Who wants a big SMIC? gauging interest

    I would totally go for an upgraded SMIC. I’ve been looking for one for some time now. It would be more of a sleeper look and would allow my radiator to have unrestricted air flow. I’d pay $500 or so for one
  36. Helaman-99

    tow hooks

    I installed a universal tow hook on my GST, you can see how I did on my youtube chanel... I may end up just getting that cross member though cuz it's probably more secure than where and how I installed mine lol
  37. Helaman-99

    My daughter's new pet turtle just died

    Thoughts and prayers out to you and your daughter man. It may have been a turtle, but often times it’s the child’s world, ya know?We had a turtle once. A snapping turtle that my dad picked up when it was trying to cross the road... that thing ate everything... After all you guys have been...
  38. Helaman-99

    The Boosted Rose

    Yeah, definitely looks awesome. And now that you say it, it does really look like their 16G manifold... more clues to the mystery manifold puzzle lolThanks man, really appreciate it!
  39. Helaman-99

    The Boosted Rose

    Yesterday I finished a project that has been in the works for a while now.I got an old exhaust manifold about a month ago from a user here, and I cleaned it up, removed the old manifold, and was about to install the new manifold. However, I decided to get some sort of heat protection for the...
  40. Helaman-99

    Resolved Can't get head to manifold stud out

    Thanks for the replies guys. I knew heat would help, but didn't really have much on hand. And yeah, I should've stopped drilling on the right side... the left side-hole thing was accidental. :D What I ended up doing was taking a dremmel tool and some diamond-tipped bits and ground it down till I...
  41. Helaman-99

    Resolved Can't get head to manifold stud out

    Yeah, I've got the quad-layer oem gasket waiting to be put on. It wasn't leaking when I drove the car previously, but I made sure to NEVER hit boost haha so far my efforts have been pretty meh. I've been drilling and using a dremmel tool, but it's taken hours to get a little dent. I'm too...
  42. Helaman-99

    Resolved Can't get head to manifold stud out

    Hey guys, today's been a little long. I've been trying to get this stud out because I broke it while reinstalling my exhaust manifold, but I can't seem to get it.So I started by drilling a small hole so that I can use an extractor set that I have, got the hole drilled and I proceeded to use...
  43. Helaman-99

    2G chassis brace

    DC Sports makes tower strut braces for our cars. I use them, and they are direct bolt on.Front brace: Rear brace...
  44. Helaman-99

    Forge bov, reviews?

    I put the same 1G billet aluminum bov on my car, and it works really well. Great quality and came with some extra springs. I'm still on stock psi, recirculated, and mine flutters too. I personally think it sounds kinda cool, but I've heard fluttering can be a bad thing :idontknow:
  45. Helaman-99

    Jnz or extreme psi

    Dang it! lol I LITERALLY just put the single layer gasket on because I'm putting a new (to me) manifold on... didn't even know there was a 6 ply version. I thought the single layer didn't look quite right... looks like I'm gonna have to get a new gasket eventually. I'm still on stock psi tho...
  46. Helaman-99

    4000 Gt .... Will it happen?

    He just got a new engine actually cuz the last one took a crap... I wonder if this is why...
  47. Helaman-99

    The Boosted Rose

    Yeah... I've come to understand that there's no such thing as an easy job with these cars lol but that's how you learn, right?
  48. Helaman-99

    The Boosted Rose

    I'll definitely give that a try. I knew it was pretty, uh, inaccurate to say the least lol But I do have an OBDII reader that sends live data to my phone, including my speed, and should probably have done it that way. It's just when I plug in the reader, my speedo stops working... :idontknow:
  49. Helaman-99

    4000 Gt .... Will it happen?

    Dude, I've got a friend with a Kia Forte hatch with the 2.4 and he and I have been looking for mod options. There's some out there, but nothing as extensive as other platforms. Don't think we'll ever have the money (or guts lol) to do an evo swap, but that is possibly one of the coolest things...
  50. Helaman-99

    2G GS-T vs GSX

    I've also heard that the GST has a tighter turn radius as well. Is that true? I personally like fwd cuz it's a lot lighter, but man, awd would be sweet!
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