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  1. jed344

    A true barn find

    Looks like a good find. I have a neighbor who has a 99 gsx 5spd. Jumped time 10+ years ago and has been collecting dust sense. Car has less then 75k miles on it. Sometimes you would be surprised what is hiding away in barns.
  2. jed344

    When will the dsm's go up in value??

    I’m surprised how much they have been going up last year. Hagerty now will insure them. Granted mine is a very clean car that was been gone threw head to toe. I have it insured under hagerty for $16,000 value. I purchased my 97 gsx 100% stock for $5,500 in 2009. The way prices are going mine...
  3. jed344

    2G Flywheel installation

    Yep. Easiest way is to have a buddy have a breaker bar on balancer side.
  4. jed344

    Cylinder Head Hardness

    I am not aware of a way to test it, But i have seen data over the years showing virgin heads with less miles on them seem to hold head gaskets better. I have used heads that were decked to the indicators before. Last head was 5.185 as i recall witch is considered service limit but figuring in...
  5. jed344

    2G Low oil pressure

    Most times a brand new oil pump that is not primed with not self prime. You either have to pack it or force oil threw it.
  6. jed344

    General 2g base timing

    If you still have the 2g cas you cannot adjust it. I have seen them vary some from machine work but i don't thing that far off before. So with car idling and timing pin grounded in ecm link its idling at TDC for ignition timing? I would almost wonder if you are not off a tooth some where on...
  7. jed344

    Well this sucks

    The paperwork in each ring set tells you where each ring goes and the dot indicates side to face up. For the ring gap it depends on goals but normally .002-.0023 for top and .0022-.0027 is my norm depending on build and goals. I always set the 2nd ring little looser.
  8. jed344

    95 gsx drive train supporting mods

    So trans is almost certainly using stock gears. Keep it under 450FTQ they live decent with larger turbos that don't make peak tq early on. I have broken stock trans before, my latest one is going on 2 years at well north of 500whp. Key i learned was keeping the TQ down and making the power on...
  9. jed344

    Uneven bearing wear

    I also may have a good used one. I can check it out this weekend as we just built the motor and put a new OEM one on it.
  10. jed344

    ECMlink Nagging Knock

    The 255 pump equipped cars i have tuned appear to run out around low to mid 400whp depending on few factors. E30 works so much better then premium pump gas. I tuned a 9:1 6 bolt with bolt on hx35 first on crap 91 and we got stuck around 20-23psi with any decent timing numbers. Then put the car...
  11. jed344


    They are not great but should work fine with that turbo and those goals.
  12. jed344

    1 of 7

    I see. I have not used r888’s. Buddy will be trying some r888r’s on his fwd for the street snd hoosiers at the track. Otherwise I have been happy with my Han look ventus v12 evo 2. They are a light tire too.
  13. jed344

    1 of 7

    Driving some super soft tires on the street can be tough. Hoosier QTPs are sketchy on the corners lol. Sometimes ya just gotta roll around on the hoosiers though.
  14. jed344

    2G Advice on building an early 7 bolt

    I remove the squirters and block there supply off the mains. I like the extra oil at the bearings. Comes down to use of car and person preference.
  15. jed344

    Link on a Stick

    Interesting. Had no idea you could do this. I have a dedicated tuning laptop that lasts 6-8hrs tuning straight myself.
  16. jed344

    2G Cranks but wont start up

    They can randomly go bad yes. I have been on same one for years but it appears lately i am lucky as i have seen more go bad in last few years.
  17. jed344

    ECMlink 2G V3 first time user setting up

    Looks closer. Does the car have stock cams? air fuel per rev could come up a tad at some points it seems. If it had cams then it would likely need to come up a bit more.
  18. jed344

    Uneven bearing wear

    Likely the issues stem from bearings installed in wrong spot. The oil weight is decided based on what bearing clearances end up at. I thought it was said earlier his mains where .0025? That to me is 20w50 land.
  19. jed344

    ECMlink 2G V3 first time user setting up

    It’s not uncommon for af est to vary slightly at idle. Long as fuel trims are within 5% of zero and the numbers make sense I’m fine with it.
  20. jed344

    ECMlink 2G V3 first time user setting up

    Fuel trims suggest it is still to rich.
  21. jed344

    ECMlink Help Tuning e85 and SD

    Your firmware is out of date for starters, no option for fuel cut ect on fuel tab gave that away. In my experience fic 2150's usually end up around -60 to 65% on global. Your SD table and DA tables need some love.
  22. jed344

    Big fuel pump set up

    Sorry been busy. I built the motor and picked the parts. The car is a 10:1 built motor with all the porting and goodies to flow with a 6466 in a housing that can flow its potential. A 525 single pump will not have enough flow in my experience. I run one currently on my car. This car will likely...
  23. jed344

    ECMlink Log advice Please

    Looks good enough for me. TPS volt should be .63 but it being of that small of a amount is not the end of the world. Everything else looks fine in the log.
  24. jed344

    Big fuel pump set up

    Trying to think of the easiest way to fully feed some 2150cc injectors on e85/e98. No plans of mechanical pump. My only ideas where to sump the factory tank and run a magnafuel 750 (4303) pump, OR run a 525 in tank feeding a surge tank with twin 525s. Does anyone else have any ideas. There is...
  25. jed344

    Hx40 with bep housing hp questions

    I have used the .55 housing before. The spool is fast but as said it should make 500+. To make more usually requires larger turbine housing. For example i run a 6264 hx40 in .82 T3 housing. I see 20psi by 4,600rpm and 30+ by 5,000rpm. I will say though the extra turbine flow in the upper rpm is...
  26. jed344

    Jafromobile ( DSMYoutuber)

    Jed Pratte. Just about to start putting togther new motor 6466 build with a buddy we will be doing videos on. Goal is 800+whp GST.
  27. jed344

    Jafromobile ( DSMYoutuber)

    He’s good guy. Met him years ago at the shootout going over logs in hotel parking lot. I recently starting uploading Dsm YouTube content as 99% of the stuff was terrible.
  28. jed344

    Aw4g63, landoawd where you at. All members from the early 2000's check in.

    Started playing with Dsm’s around 2006-2007. Still active here and still have my first Dsm all these years later. Have a local group of guys in my small town who all have had there cars for many years.
  29. jed344

    ECMlink Infuriating Idle

    Honestly the revent log does not lot terrible. Airflow per rev needs to come up a hair, otherwise i see mostly 50rpm movements in idle changing? To raise air flow per rev you will increase VE at idle in the idle area then likely have to pull some dead time to keep fuel trim within 5%.
  30. jed344

    2G Very High Oil Pressure After Rebuild

    Need to port the oil pressure relief hole on the oil filter housing.
  31. jed344

    5spd Folks, What are we doing now that gear sets are scarce?

    I think to run the PAR straight cut synchro require a bunch of evo 3 stuff doesn't it?
  32. jed344

    2G DSM 3D Printed Front Bumper Cold Air Ducting

    Where do i purchase this at! Need one for both sides, looks like i could use driver side lower to help direct air at my oil cooler.
  33. jed344

    5spd Folks, What are we doing now that gear sets are scarce?

    Unless there is enough demand and someone can convince a company to spend the huge amounts of money to bring something to market we are limited to used parts searching or PPG dog sets.
  34. jed344

    1G Camshaft/Rocker Clearance

    Did you figure out the issue? It looks like if you rotated to where cams lined up you could be off a tooth on crank. I have also seen it where you can install the factory 6 bolt plate that lines up TDC backwards (cough i have done it), as for the HLA. I always bleed them down install everything...
  35. jed344

    2G What head gasket

    The thickness they recommended i would guess is to try to get quench area to ideal spot. That thickness is right inline with a composite when compressed. A composite will hold your goals, otherwise if they finished the surfaces to correct RA for a metal layer take your pick. Cometic makes one in...
  36. jed344

    ECMlink Idle issue after injector install.

    Your injector global is off. Needs to come down so peak VE is closer to 100.
  37. jed344

    2G 97 short block with 95 head

    Remember if planing to change bearings to check the bearing clearance. Do not assume anything, other then that i would replace the same things you said you are. Do not use the gasket for oil pan they always end up leaking. I have found AC delco engine sealant there own RTV seals the pan up...
  38. jed344

    2G Wastegate or BCS issue?

    Boost leak test, Feed pressure to wastegate make sure it moves, send 12v to solenoid and make sure it clicks is what i would start with. Depending on RPM and load It's common for stock turbo to drop off in boost at high rpms.
  39. jed344

    2G 2G DSM 8.8 IRS rear subframe kit

    Very interested to see how this ends up. I have been eyeing the 8.8 rear ends this year and wondering bout this idea.
  40. jed344

    2g Front Fenders

    I have purchased 4 of them threw the body shop i work at in last 2 years, a local salvage yard was able to find new old stock fenders laying around in warehouses for me. I live in IA and waterloo auto parts was able to source them for me. Body shops sometimes can find things due to friendly...
  41. jed344

    Please sign the RPM Act petition - again!

    Cant believe they are at it again. Signed and sent again.
  42. jed344

    OEM Coolant Overflow Alternative

    Not to bad, i run a jmf one mounted low where battery used to be so its semi hidden.
  43. jed344

    Rising Price of the older DSM's

    I get a lot of people asking what it is at car shows or out driving around now days to.
  44. jed344

    ECMlink Lots of new parts and now engine wont idle- ECMlink log included!

    Sorry for your loss. I have seen it where you can plug the i think AC plug into the crank position senor harness and it will do this.
  45. jed344

    Original Keys

    I have original key and key less fob that still works on my car. I do not use the original key as its the only one i have. I use copy's.
  46. jed344

    2G Exhaust manifold coating

    I have a buddy who does cerokote on guns and has done some exhaust stuff. Have considered sending him my manifold, waste gate, down pipe to get done.
  47. jed344

    Rising Price of the older DSM's

    The nice ones are going up in price. I paid $5,500 in 2009 for my 97 gsx witch was 100% stock. Look up hagerty price guide now on the dsms. We try to snag any we can find for good deals. Buddy snagged a 92 tsi awd 5spd leather car all stock with 55k miles for $900. Needs trans and paint work. I...
  48. jed344

    2G Ideal turbo to make 600+

    Little late to post here. But I run a 62mm hx40 in .82 t3 housing, it is on a Morrison t3 small runner open scroll manifold. I see 30psi by 5,100rpm. My logs show around 30psi it’s flowing well north of 55lb/min and should easily make 600+ once I turn it up more.
  49. jed344

    Official Bench Racing Thread (how fast is my car/how much HP can I expect)

    I am on a hx40 with 62mm compressor and .82 hot side. Not sure of what it’s capable but I would assume 70lb/min+. The car strictly is e85 car and I tune it off reading plugs so knock is not a major concern. I have had it up in the mid 30s on boost at 12 degrees of timing with plugs clean and...
  50. jed344

    The moment the OG stock motor lets go.

    I agree all the cylinders look fine accept for the one where the gasket blew out and into the coolant ports. That's a real shame. I am assuming the gasket was close to letting go from me over the years pushing stupid amounts of timing on e85 before i knew better. Surprisingly the crank journals...
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