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  1. 97 AWD Swapped Spyder

    Mind sharing how much that charge piping was? I need some new piping badly.
  2. 2G Who wants a big SMIC? gauging interest

    I have tried to contact him via facebook. I guess he isn't aware you can actually see the read receipt. He checked it last week. Zero response.
  3. Eclipse vs Spyder. Which To Get?

    Cant slash the top if you leave it down aCant slash the top if you leave it down all the time
  4. Black box ecu wanted

    do you need the tactrix cable as well?
  5. Spyder 2g aftermarket spyder floor mats not enquire about rear mats as I had those. But you can ask him I'm sure. He is very prompt very good prices. I ordered mine yesterday and they shipped out this morning per Fedex.
  6. Spyder 2g aftermarket spyder floor mats

    I placed an order for tan / beige. Will see how they come out. Thanks for letting us know!
  7. *** Future Product*** 2G Tubular front subframe (interest and details only thread)

    Probably be cheapest to ship them all in a cargo container together and have somebody over here get them to the final destination but thats a lot of moving parts.Anyway, you know the drill. You offer the parts, I sign up and pay for the parts so whenever this comes up ill be around. Looks...
  8. 99 GSX Rebirth/Clean-Up/Build

    Are you a fellow Civ E as well? Since we are usually the only ones going for PE.
  9. 99 GSX Rebirth/Clean-Up/Build

    Okay ill bite, where did you find those?
  10. RM Racing Rear Sway Bar Interest Thread: 2019 Edition

    Hello, do you ever have any plan for releasing more FWD sway bars? I tried to give yall money but it was quickly returned and canceled (which I do appreciate that part at least). If you don't have plans I will need to try and buy used which is why I am asking.
  11. 99 GSX Rebirth/Clean-Up/Build

    Correct I was only talking about the driveshaft rust. Thick undercoating could have the potential to unbalance it.
  12. 99 GSX Rebirth/Clean-Up/Build is the shit (in a good way). Paints on well too. Fair warning whatever this stuff gets on is basically permanently bonded for life but it will NEVER rust again as long as you follow the instructions and prepare well, which won't be a problem for you.
  13. Group Buy #6: VOLK 2G spherical 4130 front LCA’s (2020)

    any update on the second half of us?
  14. 2G ***NEW PRODUCT*** Quaife rack and pinion AKA Quickrack, W/Optional EPS kits (CLOSED)

    Same same, sounds like they are working through them all now so thats good at least.
  15. 2G ***NEW PRODUCT*** Quaife rack and pinion AKA Quickrack, W/Optional EPS kits (CLOSED)

    I too have not heard back from Brandon for a while on my questions. Just concerning.
  16. 2G ***NEW PRODUCT*** Quaife rack and pinion AKA Quickrack, W/Optional EPS kits (CLOSED)

    Bobby can we get maybe a time line on our end or something? I know he has a lot of work but we are going on awhile with all of us having over a grand tied up in this.
  17. rabenne's street car

    For future reference, it is the 2.4L N/A motor that has the outlet shifted over on the passenger side.
  18. 99 gst first car

    Are you still running active A/C on that setup?
  19. *** (CLOSED) NEW ITEM, 2G oem billet Anti roll bar brackets ***

    No it makes sense, you just asked what we prefer so I voted red. Or I thought you did.If clear is an option then I definitely vote for that one. If not black is still fine. Ultimately it's under the car so nobody sees it.
  20. *** (CLOSED) NEW ITEM, 2G oem billet Anti roll bar brackets ***

    Id prefer red to match the other stuff you have put out honestly but whatever is fine.Can pay up front sure.
  21. *** (CLOSED) NEW ITEM, 2G oem billet Anti roll bar brackets ***

    You know the drill,Ill take a pair for 2g FWD.Thanks!
  22. Oil catch can (enclosed system) dual baffled and dual filtered

    Can you post a picture of this installed bobby?
  23. Door-Mounted Gauge Pod [3D Printed] | Interest

    Its not that bad, when I rewired my sound system there was plenty of room and it was fairly easy to fish through the rubber wire boot and door jamb.
  24. Door-Mounted Gauge Pod [3D Printed] | Interest

    Well damn, I really wanted one. Well if you can get it to fit Spyders, I'd buy one.
  25. ***** new product 2G fuel filler pipe *****

    As with most of your stuff I'd be down for one
  26. 99 GSX Rebirth/Clean-Up/Build

    Man I am happier by the day that I bought my car out of New Mexico. I'm not sure its ever seen rain until I bought it (I'm so sorry car). I can't believe you even had rust as clean as that car was.
  27. APEXI?

    Apexi is mandrel-bent, but that is not an apexi muffler I assure you.
  28. Road Race Build 2G Auto Time Attack race build!

    Well yeah but I wanted to steal the idea or convince you to make another set. But I refuse to give up AC
  29. Road Race Build 2G Auto Time Attack race build!

    I'm assuming this would hit the AC compressor though.
  30. Group Buy #6: VOLK 2G spherical 4130 front LCA’s (2020)

    be me: “hey look. Finally a month I’m going to not spend on car parts. Got everything I need here. Plenty to install and improve on.”be Paul: “time to release a group by on Front LCAs”be my wallet “ah shit here we go again”
  31. 2G Car voltage drops when below 1500rpm

    I would recommend this thread for your troubles.
  32. RM Racing Rear Sway Bar Interest Thread: 2019 Edition

    They are always in stock for the 2g FWD
  33. 2G Are Rev9 Coilover worth it ???

    Due to the unique Audi-like double ball joint suspension design, our cars need a spherical bearing built into the top hat of the spring mount. If you want to keep a good ride and have high-quality performance as others have said this limits you to the custom DG Konis listed above /// FEALS ///...
  34. The Purple Monster

    Wowwweee this came back from the grave Chris ... at least I've been following it on facebook haha.
  35. 2G Where to Find a Cooling Plate

    Our stock plastic ducting and the upper metal bumper bracket have always been more effective than anything else the market could produce. Also due to the design it would be really difficult to design so nobody has ever made one.
  36. Texas DSM'ers going to the shootout?

    I think the Texas shootout was canceled this year. Houston housed MoD (Mitsubishi Owners Day) this morning but I couldn't make it because my hood pins didn't come in time.
  37. Manny The Mistake: A Lesson In The Dangers Of Nostalgia

    Why do you have so many RHD cars? Thats nuts I had to double check the tags from earlier ... Jealous of your three car garage that is such a dream of mine.
  38. 2G Still Overheating

    I have a cat, no EGR. Highflow Vibrant 2.5". Haven't checked it but it has low miles on it. I'm not really sure how that causes overheating though. I will check on the thermostat.
  39. 2G Still Overheating

    No its not a stupid question. I do not think it is using coolant as far as I can tell. I will do a compression test on it and see what I can see. But it hasn't overheat due to losing coolant since the temp will go back down when I pull over and let it cool.
  40. 2G Still Overheating

    I have recently bought a 1997 2g GST Spyder. I swapped over the cooling system from my old car as it ran 195-203 on that car all day long in 100deg Texas heat with FMIC and A/C.My spyder though, it just seems to want to run hot. I know its an airflow issue because it runs hotter going down...
  41. CTS-V 4 Piston on Rear Brakes 2G?

    I missed that. He could have brackets made, but as the Evo 8's run around $200/250 a set I doubt he would be able to get custom made brackets cheaper than that. He would also need to find the right size caliper and as something else stated, come up with a solution to the ebrake.
  42. CTS-V 4 Piston on Rear Brakes 2G?

    You should still have decent brake bias with the CTS-V fronts and Evo 8 rears right? Just use a 3g booster and master cylinder and you should be good to go.
  43. I Love Lucy

    You should really re-read that post. He says that he dropped his off for shaving, HOWEVER there is another picture on the website with a shaved intake manifold and then he posts a picture to show what it looks like shaved. There is no part where he claims it his.
  44. Why am I doing this?

    I agree. OP I'll pay you some money for your front bumper if you want. Really been wanting one of these a long time.
  45. My 2gb awd talon build thread

    Mannn I thought you were going Haltech like LAST YEAR when you sold me your Link
  46. 2G ***NEW PRODUCT*** Quaife rack and pinion AKA Quickrack, W/Optional EPS kits (CLOSED)

    I really don't want to spend the money but this might be my only chance at this rack so I'll join. Hope it all works out.
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