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  1. Junfan

    FP Black Street car

    My new FP Black is sitting in the box here and within a couple weeks I will have it on the car and will start tuning. Thanks for posting this and confirming I made the right turbo choice for my goals.
  2. Junfan

    WTB 1gb talon in ontario

    Consider it a free bump and a potential sale for yourself or someone?
  3. Junfan

    WTB 1gb talon in ontario

    If you part a shell with Canadian seat belt set let me know. I will drive from Michigan to get a Canadian seat belt set. I want the whole thing including a pillar, b pillar and any other trim pieces.
  4. Junfan

    Tubular Header attempt for fp3065

    You may want to go count again. I see about two per in the picture and since I was there during some of the construction I will tell you I watched Warren tack 2 per joint.
  5. Junfan

    proper way to install headunit in 1g?

    Scosche has never been a Wally brand. They are privately owned Company that is actually pretty large now and carries many patents. They also own many other brands. I used my first Scosche install in the late 80s when I installed a Alpine Cassette head unit in my Buick Skyhawk T Type in high school.
  6. Junfan

    Problems....Endless Problems

    Not trying to be rude here at all but if you are having problems like this with an NA car then good luck with an AWD swap and turbo.Unless you are willing to get the manuals and tools to do the work yourself then sell it. You will be tossing good money after bad just like you are. If you want...
  7. Junfan


    I started working on cars three summers ago and had never done anything but a car stereo install. The manuals have been my best investment. I got my DSM and it seized a water pump on the third drive. I ended up doing a bunch of maintenance, timing belt, HG and a few things on my own within a...
  8. Junfan


    We all say the same thing get some tools and fix it. If you are serious about fixing it get the shop manuals as they help with diagrams and such. They are around $25 or so on ebay. You could get a basic tool set like this and it would do most of what you need. You could be even cheaper and ditch...
  9. Junfan

    Parting 93 FWD NA ESI

    I realize this thread is old but did the seat belt set sell? Thanks!
  10. Junfan

    1993 Talon TSi AWD Part Out! ONTARIO

    You still have this car? If so how close to Mich? I want the Canadian seat belt setup.
  11. Junfan

    Talons or eclipses

    1ga Eclipse
  12. Junfan

    Anyone know what kind of car this is?

    Thought it was a rebadged Maxx as a Vauxhall. That is surely a Peugeot emblem. Not sure on model.
  13. Junfan

    Who here can get me bill gates personal phone number?

    I have been in the industry well over 20 years. My MCSE dates back to Windows NT 3.51 and honestly this thread is silly. I support both platforms and have for years since many of my clients do things like graphics design, type setting, car wraps, embroidery, silk screening and the like.In the...
  14. Junfan

    Show me your clean engine bays

    My car just before the shootout.
  15. Junfan

    4G63 going 6.50's at 200+

    Damn Nice! I will own a 4g63 the rest of my life.
  16. Junfan

    2G ECU in 1G wiring

    I think it goes to pin 79. That is the flash pin you are supplying power too.
  17. Junfan

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    Drove it to the Onondaga Dragway opening. Did a couple nice passes and drove home!
  18. Junfan

    Evo ECU

    Here is all you would need to run the 2g flashable ecu in your car. We have three 1g dsms, a couple early 2gs, a couple colts and a mirage running this way.
  19. Junfan

    2G ECU in 1G wiring

    This is going to be tough to remember. I think the OBD2 connecter has 16 pins arrange in two rows.I think mine is hooked up as follows. I know it works we used it to get my car running as I had a bad knock sensor on first start.Pin1 is Yellow diag from ECU pin 56 on connector b-55. Pin 4 is...
  20. Junfan

    What is this called / Where does this go / What does this do? [MERGED]

    Airbag module for sure. I believe yellow is the designated color for all SRS wiring.
  21. Junfan

    2G ECU in 1G wiring

    I have the wiring harness all tucked and my car runs pretty well on the second gen ECU.The resister pack removal pigtail I made for High Z and timing/engine speed connectorsCAS and TPSInjectorsGeneral EngineFlashable Cables and loggingFirewall and service connectorsPower...
  22. Junfan

    4g63 swap in mighty max?

    You may find some good information at Check out the tech areas and build threads.
  23. Junfan

    fs: 91 Eclipse Gsx shell + goodies

    Left a voice mail a few hours ago. Please PM or call when you have some time. Thanks!
  24. Junfan

    Pushing coolant, no exhaust gas in thermostat housing.

    If you need the space for your setup at least grab a nice high CFM Spal or something like it which are reversible and set it up to push through the radiator. I do not believe pushing through a radiator works as efficiently as a pull system like stock however it will be fine since many large...
  25. Junfan

    Fuel Injector Connector?

    I just added these to my wiring harness. You will love these.4 EV1 OBD1 Injector Plug Connector Adaptor Civic Acura Integra Eclipse EVO DSM | eBay
  26. Junfan

    Found my DSM in a barn

    You have a rare car. About 5k produced total and I thought I read someplace that less than 20 percent were AWD.1994 5,284 (production halted mid-year)Plymouth Laser - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  27. Junfan

    Found my DSM in a barn

    Welcome to tuners and there are lots of DSMers in this town and probably more Evo guys.
  28. Junfan

    1g wiring harness connectors ID

    Connector number 2 is B-31 AC coolant temp switch.Connector number 3 is A-12 Brake Fluid level.Connector number 4 is A-13 EGR.Last picture is connector A-56 engine speed.
  29. Junfan

    Can someone explain SAFCs and widebands?

    I was not mistaken and that is exactly what I meant.You are basically allowing the car to pump more air although it is not aware of it. See the intercept and manipulate above if you want to be technical. I did not bother to getting into the actual load cells since he asked what they did and...
  30. Junfan

    Can someone explain SAFCs and widebands?

    You asked for an explanation and we all kinda of glossed over that piece.The wideband is simply used to monitor the oxygen left in the exhaust. Too much fuel (too little o2) you are rich and too little fuel (too much o2 for the amount of fuel) you are lean. You are trying to get your o2 to...
  31. Junfan

    Can someone explain SAFCs and widebands?

    The one thing you need to understand is that the SAFC2 stops being useful somewhere around 650s with a 2g MAF. At that point injectors are basically larger than you can adjust with just an AFC.
  32. Junfan

    Fuel Tank Stud?

    Thanks and good call. Well if you have to fix your sending unit and cannot find one the above method works well. :)
  33. Junfan

    Fuel Tank Stud?

    I have 5/6 busted on my car after the fuel pump went bad. I was searching for gas tank then came up with another idea. I first trimmed each stud flat as I could then put a punch on the center of the stud. I carefully drilled through and stepped them up to each bit until it was large enough to...
  34. Junfan

    Cracked bolt ear on block

    You could not be in better hands than BogusSVO. His posts here are invaluable to many of us and good luck getting it fixed.
  35. Junfan

    2G turbo engine removal without trans?

    Yea, follow the normal trans removal method like speedo, wiring harness, starter, downpipe, transfer case, wiring and then remove left and right engine mounts and tilt the trans downward using a jack as help and drop it out the bottom side. Center the motor back up and then attach picker and go...
  36. Junfan

    Anyone got a 2g MAF for sale near Chicago?

    I am in Michigan and could ship one out today if that helps. PM me if you are interested. Best of luck hope ya find one.
  37. Junfan

    Getting back into DSMs after a long rest, 12.50 AWD Talon

    Just get EcmLink, at ETS street kit and FIC 1050s and call it a day. With your wally 255, afpr and the above stuff you should be able to see 400hp and love it as a DD. Another advantage of the 1050s is that you could also have an e85 tune and these would give you the headroom to make it happen...
  38. Junfan

    Getting back into DSMs after a long rest, 12.50 AWD Talon

    You will need a front mount, injectors and tuning to meet your goal. There are many e316g owners into high 11s. You will not be in a good spot on the compressor map however a good front mount will prevent knock allowing you to run more boost.For FMIC and your goals I would recommend an ETS. If...
  39. Junfan

    Where Are You Guys Getting Spal Slim Fans?

    Summit racing has them cheap and they come quickly. When I order before like 5 EST I get stuff from Summit the next day.
  40. Junfan

    16g instal with vrsf fmic

    I have one on my car and it would not seal for crap either. I finally pulled it off and check it against a straight edge. The flange was warped I assume from the welding process. I took a belt sander too it, got a new gasket, put a small film of rtv on everything and let it get tacky. Installed...
  41. Junfan

    Air fuel ratio at idle

    Mine was doing this once and the exhaust studs going down into the turbo from the manifold where finger tight. I must have forgotten. I would be at idle initially for a couple seconds then go to 18s on my wideband then off the top and if I used DSM foot I could keep it alive forever. I tightened...
  42. Junfan

    eBay the best dsm purchasing spot?

    Wow, did this thread get off track.Ebay like any online vendor can be a great place to get stuff. Just be careful of knockoff items and you will be fine. If a deal seems too good to be true then it probably is and you get what you pay for. :)
  43. Junfan

    Will 7 bolt lower timing cover fit 6 bolt??

    They do not line up really down by the crank. I ran into this problem when I pulled my 6 bolt went to put the cover on my 1g 7 bolt and it would not line up well at all down by the crank sprocket and would probably have rubbed the belt or something so I do not currently have a cover on mine til...
  44. Junfan

    Show me pics black 1ga mitsu GSX

    Nice pics. Thanks all.
  45. Junfan

    Show me pics black 1ga mitsu GSX

    ^ nice ride man!
  46. Junfan

    Show me pics black 1ga mitsu GSX

    Thanks some nice looking 1GAs there for sure.
  47. Junfan

    Show me pics black 1ga mitsu GSX

    I would like some pics of the above. Other colors are fine as well but I want to see some nice looking 1ga pics. Debating switching from my 93 Talon to a 90 GSX black on black.
  48. Junfan

    Benefits of tuning for e85?

    I do not think an safc can tune a car running e85 reliably. You also need to change stuff in the timing tables to take advantage of the properties of e85. So assume you need a setup that can provide 30 percent more fuel. This means injectors, pump, FPR, and supporting maintenance. Once you...
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