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  1. benspilk09

    2G 2G Stock Waste Gate Spring?

    You can run speed density with a flashable "black box" ecu, or convert to an evo viii ECU. Both easily reversible to stock and you won't be married to your MAF. I have the same "bolt-on only" policy on my car, everything must be easily returned to stock. Luckily its easier on a 1G since I can...
  2. benspilk09

    2G 2G Stock Waste Gate Spring?

    Stock will be 7-8psi. I also recommend starting there and controlling boost either with the ECU or a manual boost controller. That way you can get your tune ironed out with low boost before you begin to crank it up. You don't want to go straight to 20psi with an unknown tune. The computer...
  3. benspilk09

    Garage Queen

    Thank you! I appreciate these, I realized I had basically no pictures of the car before paint when I sat down to make this thread. Good luck on that one owner talon, not many of those left these days!
  4. benspilk09

    1G Whirring noise from head area

    Sounds like your power steering pump. How cold is it? They will make more noise before the fluid warms up.
  5. benspilk09

    Garage Queen

    Thanks! It's been a fun project, just what I need to soak up all my free time, haha. Its getting a little boring now that it doesn't need a bunch of work, it just drives. The last thing on my list is to build a bigger side mount intercooler, I've had no luck finding a used one. I would like...
  6. benspilk09

    1G Stock location air to water intercooler

    The supra intercooler doesn't fit. I don't know why this is brought up in every thread about SMIC's. There is one how-to on how to mount one on a 2G, and its an unholy mess of bailing wire and duct tape that made the car look like some tweaker drives it, with the bumper cover all deformed and...
  7. benspilk09

    2G Who wants a big SMIC? gauging interest

    I just ordered myself a TIG rig and plan to fab myself a 5-6" thick SMIC for my 1G. I'm interested to see how much interest this gets. If I'm half decent at making them then I might just turn out a batch.
  8. benspilk09

    1G Questions about oil change

    I would have just started it with whatever was in the engine, then changed it and ran. You aren't really accomplishing anything when you attempt to flush it. Modern engine oil is fantastic at keeping everything clean on its own. I would never put transmission fluid in my engine.
  9. benspilk09

    1G 1g clutch issue

    I rebuilt my pedal last fall. New bronze bushing from JNZ and I welded a new arm to the shaft. It is holding so far. It is a big job, it took me an entire day. You probably won't have any luck with the aftermarket cylinders. Mine never worked right and the master eventually failed after a...
  10. benspilk09

    1G 1g vs 2g door handles

    No they are not the same. There are tons of new 1G door handles for sale on ebay, apparently someone still makes them.
  11. benspilk09

    Hallman MBC - Another one..

    I can't even get mine to spike that high. Then again, I'm only running a 3 bar map so I suppose it wouldn't let me see it if it did.
  12. benspilk09

    Hallman MBC - Another one..

    Is this the stock actuator? Or aftermarket? I'm maxed out around 28psi with a holset actuator on a TD05H 20G (built by Justin, not a China special). Gate pressure was 16-18psi. I cannot get any more boost from it
  13. benspilk09

    ISO Advice

    They are getting rare, as is the case with everything DSM. They were only offered for 2 years of DSMs and the handful of GVR4's that were imported. 7 bolts are fine if you build them right.
  14. benspilk09

    HOW MANY 1G 1990 ECLIPSE GST NON SUNROOF cars were made?

    I don't think they are very rare. I've seen quite a few non-sunroof turbo cars.
  15. benspilk09

    How effective is the stock viscous LSD rear end?

    Being able to cut donuts left handed, but not right handed is typical open diff behavior. The right tire just spins turning right, but both will typically spin if you're turning left. There is an inherent torque bias. My Center diff seems to work fine, as it still breaks the rear loose. It...
  16. benspilk09

    1G Gas station pump keeps stopping

    The small line goes up to the vapor canister in the engine bay. It is a steel line that looks identical to the fuel return/supply line. As I said, mine was capped until recently at the top of the tank and I didn't have this issue. My only fuel tank vent was the cap.
  17. benspilk09

    How effective is the stock viscous LSD rear end?

    My car is relatively easy to break traction with while turning right. I assume it just lights the 2 inside tires up, since it does not cause it to go sideways. Turning left is more difficult and the rear kicks out when it happens, much like you'd expect from a car with an LSD. Is this normal...
  18. benspilk09

    Flywheel decision time used OEM vs Used Fidanza advice

    An aftermarket clutch and pressure plate will not be significantly more heavy than the stock parts. I am running an OEM flywheel with an ACT 2600 PP & street disc and the flywheel effect is comparable to the stock setup. Unless you feel you NEED the revs to drop faster for fast, high rpm...
  19. benspilk09

    Flywheel decision time used OEM vs Used Fidanza advice

    The OE flywheel/clutch is already relatively light compared to other engines. Our clutches are tiny. On a street car, I would resurface the OEM one.
  20. benspilk09

    1G Gas station pump keeps stopping

    My vapor line was capped for years and I never had problems filling the tank. I would say that your vent line to the filler neck has a problem. Is the steel portion clogged?
  21. benspilk09

    1G 4x6 headlights suck!

    My car came with those sealed beam to h4 conversion lamps, they are terrible. The projectors vibrate around and the beam pattern is almost like a spotlight. I have hella H3 conversion housings now and they are a vast improvement.
  22. benspilk09

    1G 1990 hatch grommet and plastic panel poppers

    The correct ones are unavailable, but I have found some that work through trial and error. You just have to experiment. Au-ve-co 19334 fit most of the interior panels.
  23. benspilk09

    1G Evaporative emissions system missing - looking for a fix

    I don't want the smell in my house, nor the fire hazard. My car is also illegal if I ever decide to move somewhere with emissions testing.
  24. benspilk09

    1G Evaporative emissions system missing - looking for a fix

    As the title states, a previous owner of my car removed the charcoal canister, lines, purge valve etc from my car. The vapor line is capped on top of the tank and the fuel cap is the only means of venting. A vented cap spills fuel on the side of the car from time to time and makes my garage...
  25. benspilk09

    2G Why is there an oil leak here?

    Your valve seals are shot, judging by the oily exhaust port. Its a relatively easy job. I replaced mine last winter. There is a valve spring compressor tool made for the 4g63 that allows you to remove the springs without removing the head.
  26. benspilk09

    1G Engine Swap Question

    Another N/A 4g63 is the only "easy" swap. A spun bearing costs a lot more than $500 to fix in parts alone. You're buying another 30 year old engine, chances are it will also have issues. The donor engine should have new bearings as well as all new gaskets, seals, and timing components...
  27. benspilk09

    ECMlink Setting up VE table?

    After scaling your VE table back down to ~100 and adjusting the global to compensate, won't your SDAirFlowPerRev be off? What is the harm of VE values greater than 100, aside from potentially not reporting the correct airflow number? Isn't it possible to have VE greater than 100 on a forced...
  28. benspilk09

    2G Built motor and flex fuel

    Awesome, ill have to do that. I haven't blended my fuels yet, but if I had to switch back I was going to paste my gas timing table back in maxoct and back the boost off. I guess all I need to worry about is dialing back the boost.
  29. benspilk09

    2G Built motor and flex fuel

    I didn't realize it could pull timing down past the minoct table So theoretically I can paste my old gas timing table into minoct and not worry about it being able to pull timing? What is the purpose of the minoct table then?
  30. benspilk09

    2G Built motor and flex fuel

    Maybe I misunderstand, but isn't the minoct table the farthest it can retard the timing? So say you get a bad batch of fuel or its really hot out and it wants to ping, your timing is basically locked at the minoct value because it's interpolating off your ethanol content sensor, it no longer...
  31. benspilk09

    2G question about fuel injector/fuel pump/turbo setup

    Is there a reason why you are running fuel injectors that small? I am running FIC 1150's and they have no drivability issues. You are going to run out of fuel way before your goal with those.
  32. benspilk09

    2G Built motor and flex fuel

    Yes, I have a GM flex fuel sensor in my car (with ecmlink) and it takes care of fuelling on the fly. You can pretty much forget about it after you set it up. It requires speed density to free up the extra input for the ECU. The only issue is timing. I think most people set the maxoct table...
  33. benspilk09

    What was your first DSM?

    The electrical issue was engine related. It would randomly run on 3 cylinders, and I could never track down why. I replaced basically everything to do with the ignition and the issue kept coming back. It made it more of a pain in the ass that it would only ever do it like once a month, making...
  34. benspilk09

    What was your first DSM?

    My first was a '99 GS that I purchased in 2009. I bought it as a gas saver for my commute to college. It got good mileage, but wasn't that reliable. I guess it was a bad omen when the timing belt jumped on the drive home from the dealership (no bent valves, just off a tooth or 2 so that it...
  35. benspilk09

    How to check if all 3 diffs, center & rear LSDs, trans & t-case are ok in AWD DSM?

    When a VC fails then it usually locks itself solid, or at least that has been my experience with full time 4wd Jeeps. You can tell it is bad when you make a tight turn in a parking lot and the tires chirp and the driveline gets all bound up and starts bucking. To test the center diff, put the...
  36. benspilk09

    1G 1g Rear spoiler option

    It looks a lot like a factory plymouth laser spoiler, but is missing the 3rd brake light. I'm sure its just a generic aftermarket piece. Most stock ones would have the brake light included. TBH I think it looks pretty goofy to have a spoiler bolted to your spoiler.
  37. benspilk09

    OEM+ 1G Talon

    Who did the zinc plating on your hardware? I didnt see a company listed. I really like that dull finish opposed to the bright yellow chromate you usually see.
  38. benspilk09

    Bock's 1G-BA Resto

    You aren't going to damage the trans unless you're rammy with it, or doing launches. They will take a ton of power if you only do roll-ons. Nice work on the build! You are determined LOL. I would have made a road trip down south and grabbed a rust free shell. I'm facing the same intercooler...
  39. benspilk09

    1G Custom 1g side mount intercooler using Bell/Garrett core

    I have considered modifying a VW one as well, but the cores don't measure much larger than the stock 1G SMIC. There used to be a company selling them using a 5" or 6" core from Garrett or Bell, but of course they are very expensive. Once you spend $500-700 on a core and then have it modified...
  40. benspilk09

    WANTED: OEM Part Vendor Recommendation

    Ill give another recommendation of JNZ and extremepsi. I ordered a clutch master and slave from JNZ 2 weeks ago and it was here in 3 days. They still ship nice and fast. Does Rockauto actually carry anything OEM?
  41. benspilk09

    Arkansas members

    Not really. Car culture in little rock sucks, most people seem to like riced out trucks. I was going to try cars and coffee this weekend, I've never been to one before.
  42. benspilk09

    1G Seat Swaps 1G

    Neon SRT4 seats are popular. They are comfortable and very well bolstered. If you go much newer than that, most seats have airbags in them and end up being too wide.
  43. benspilk09

    1G Rear AWD Drivers Caliper = North American Outage!! Ideas?

    You can still get seal kits and rebuild them, are yours destroyed or something?
  44. benspilk09


    If it's exactly 4500rpm, and won't rev over that in neutral, then it's probably a rev limit. Maybe the clutch switch is stuck and its trying to use launch control? It all depends on how it acts. It could be all kinds of things.
  45. benspilk09

    2G VIS Invader Hood - where to buy?

    The car in the picture is a 2nd gen Mazda MX6
  46. benspilk09

    Garage Queen

    My original goal was to make around 300-350hp with the car, and just have a fun and dependable weekend car. With the SMIC I wasn't able to quite get there, as my IATs were around 200 degrees and I'd run into knock if I went over about 20psi. An FMIC is out of the question, as I don't want to...
  47. benspilk09

    Garage Queen

    Now to tidy up the interior the rest of the way. I had originally wanted to convert it to cloth interior, as I hate leather. I found a set of gray seats in a '91 eclipse in a local junk yard. Only 50k miles, its a shame it was a non turbo with the base seats. Oh well, I think they only...
  48. benspilk09

    Garage Queen

    At this point I had basically run out of mechanical projects and decided to start on cosmetics, so I started tearing the car down for paint. It did have a little bit of cancer in front of either rear wheel, I fabbed up patches and welded them in I probably should have gone further, but...
  49. benspilk09

    Garage Queen

    I'm still attacking oil leaks months after buying it. I had a drip that I couldn't locate, and could smell burning oil at stop lights. Through process of elimination, I ended up suspecting valve stem seals. Suspicion confirmed: I'm getting good at tearing this thing down. Seems like I'm...
  50. benspilk09

    Garage Queen

    I guess I'll finally throw together a build thread on this thing. I'm done with the major work, until I decide to undertake an engine and transmission rebuild. Here's how I bought it back in December 2018. All in all not in bad shape. It was for the most part complete and stock. It needed...
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