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  1. 1G Best spark plugs for a 4g63t?

    Another option for a little hotter is br8es, my favorite on pump gas and 50lbs/min. Can also run the ngk iridium's, br7eix
  2. For Sale Bnib trans parts, crackhead pricing

    All parts are brand new, were bought for 97gsx, less the intake manifold The price includes shipping in CONUS on everything except the $10 items. Pics upon request. Mitsu auto pilot bushing for 7bolt-10 mitsu converter bolts- 10 Evo3/rvr intake manifold, ported to 60mm, powder coated black - 150
  3. 2G Hole inside bell housing.

    Any piece of foreign object, wether a gear tooth, pin from a phantom grip, or broken shifter bits, will roll around inside that main ring gear (it's the oil pump in this case) and blow out wherever the bit decides to Lodge. It may just need jb weld, it may need a complete rebuild...
  4. 1993 Plymouth Laser RS AWD

    That thing is amazing!
  5. 1G 560CC? help tell me what i have! searched my butt off

    Geeze. I didn't even pay attention to that!
  6. 1G 560CC? help tell me what i have! searched my butt off

    If the car runs, drive piss out of it for a couple seconds. Get some fuel pressure to em and make em work. They will probably free up
  7. Anyone still work on DSMs in DFW?

    Dang, that's a bummer. I can help you out, but it's gonna be a few months.
  8. Now that Sears is dead...where to buy a battery?

    Or... Walmart value batteries. Work great for 50 bucks.
  9. 2G Hx40 auto super laggy

    And I would be willing to bet you will see less lag with the t3 housing vs the .55. like the early precision dsm flanged housings, the bullseye isn't great either. Yes it's a "bolt on" piece, but it sacrifices a lot everywhere to "bolt on". O.p. is your housing machined for an internal gate...
  10. 2G Hx40 auto super laggy

    Man, it is smaller, but it is still junk. Guys are spooling faster on open t3 manifolds with the factory 16cm housing. Faster yet with a totally divided setup. And when those housing really start being leaned on, expect a turbine failure.
  11. 2G Hx40 auto super laggy

    Part of it is that crappy turbine housing. Cam tuninng can net several hundred rpm as well.
  12. Why am I doing this?

    With the rarity of the 2gb talon front bumper, I do t understand the desire to switch to something so commonplace and plain. 2gb eclipses look good, but the talon bumper is amazing in comparison...
  13. N/A 4g63

    1g dsm's came with a na 4g63. Euro spec 2g's came with a na 7bolt. And many other cars, such as galants, sonatas, rvr, summit wagons all came with a version of a naturally aspirated Sirius engine...
  14. Tuning for pops on decel

    The only time any of us are ever in that portion of the map is when we are off throttle, decelerating from higher rpm. Watch the cursor when you rev on it, and yank foot off gas. On link, it runs to the very top right ish (rpm dependent) and rides it to the left, on the very top high vacuum...
  15. Tuning for pops on decel

    I didn't say turn on the Injectors like fire hoses... I said richen it up. In most cases the pops come from rich exhaust hitting atmosphere oxygen at tail pipe anyways. Plus you get some fire!
  16. Tuning for pops on decel

    You can also richen up the higher rpm (3k + rpm) high vacuum cells on the map, it will dump excess fuel on decel with throttle shut.
  17. Lower separator plate worn

    I have seen guys peen the hole closed (smaller i.d.) , and drill it to proper size with a step drill bit (round vs triangular shaped hole of a typical drill bit.)
  18. 1995 Talon AMB Aero Hill Climb Special

    What are you doing with the old coilovers? Sell em to me for cheap? Install looks great! I can't wait to see how much quicker your car goes with decent suspension!
  19. 1G 6 bolt 4g64 caps in a 4g63?

    The g4cs caps don't have any tied together, they are individual, unlike the 2 pairs and a single a 6 bolt has. But with a girdle, should be good on rigidity. As long as the caps "register" in the block fine, it "should" be ok with a line bore.
  20. 2G Crankshaft wont turn

    I am wondering if the trans plate is too thin? Is the 6 bolt crank face to bell housing face a different spec than a 7 bolt 2.4?
  21. 2G Crankshaft wont turn

    Are you using the proper separator plate between engine and trans? Did you rotate engine before you took timing belt back off?
  22. ECMlink lean and stumped, wideband logs

    You said 16g on stock unhacked maf? What hz are you maxing at? I don't have the ability to see the log right now.
  23. 2G Problem Shooting Fireball, Can't.

    All of us had to start at one time. O.p. if you have basic hand tools a torque wrench, a mitsu timing tool, a Haynes or chimton manual, and desire to learn, you can accomplish anything. Save yourself almost a thousand dollars and gain the experience for next time. Like anything, it is a simple...
  24. ECMlink Breaking up under boost?

    Is a 2 step/rev limiter turned on? Invert the signal needed and see what happens
  25. Anyone still work on DSMs in DFW?

    I have only ever seen one... And it was the one you had in the red mighty max years ago.
  26. Hx40 oil problem

    Let's us know when you get the drain fixed. It needs to as large as possible. Factory drains are over .750 I.d., and need it.
  27. FP Black goes 8.67 in the 1/4

    I wouldn't call a nitrous shot that starts at 10 mph "for spool". But yeah, spray is spray regardless of what turbo you have. An 8 second pass, on a 14b or a gt42r is still a bad mofo.
  28. FP Black goes 8.67 in the 1/4

    When all of the combination works right.... This is the outcome
  29. 2G Turbo parts in oil pan?

    That definitely looks like a thrust washer, and a retainer of some sort
  30. 420A Crank shaft position sensors failure

    Are you using a quality replacement, such as hitachi or mitsu? Cheap Rock Auto sensors are cheap
  31. Drag Week 2G DSM - 8 Second Street Car

    So that is a question that has many variables to answer. I think what the killer was, is that those uhauls weigh close to 600lbs or more. If not 1000, (and it wasn't one of those tiny little pup aero trailers either) Now if the whole kit n caboodle weighed 1000 lbs with everything in it? I bet...
  32. Drag Week 2G DSM - 8 Second Street Car

    Very cool! In the past, reichen had issues with his 1g towing a trailer. Killed is converter/trans. Granted it was a small tiny uhaul, but heavy none the less. I hope you ate planning something no larger and heavier than absolutely necessary. In the 50's there was a pop-up camper, that bolted...
  33. 1G New welder....

    American made with Chinese parts. Well, they were, I don't know what they are now.
  34. 1G New welder....

    I don't have an htp, but I do have an Everlast, I also venture to day it is better than any Miller i have used as well. I don't think anyone should ever overlook offbrand machines when it comes to purchasing a quality piece of equipment.
  35. 1G Talon problems:(

    It appears to be an aftermarket boost control solenoid. I meant to say biss before, autocorrect got the best of me. Also, you have to make sure you have zero air leaks between the maf and intake valve. A boost leak test, along with properly terminating boost piping ends, and who knows what...
  36. 1G Talon problems:(

    You need to set your boss and idle switch properly. After that you should be golden
  37. 2G Think! Think!

    Well, since you don't already have a dsm footprint to stick to, go t3, or divided t3, and enjoy the spool and power available in the holset family.
  38. 2G Intercooler sizing for 200 whp

    Well, judging by the fact the car came with 205 ho from the factory... I think you are fine as it sits. Personally, I would upgrade intercooler, do what I could with the piping, and turn up the T25.. (or even drop in a t28, super stealth mode) and shoot for 300 useable horsepower.
  39. 2G Chance of Corrosion?

    If I am not mistaken,they are all stainless, and won't rust There may be some surface rust that appears on the welds, but that is just superficial
  40. New owner of 92 Talon TSI

    Oh yes! The porno red interior! I am sure it will grow on you. That's a nice find at 86k
  41. 1G no spark issue!!! tried everything!!!

    The coil connector? Or what connector?
  42. 1G '91 AWD won't rev beyond 5500 rpm

    Unplugging the switch would give it a false "pedal is stepped in". This is why I like to use my cruise switch as a clutch cut...
  43. 1G '91 AWD won't rev beyond 5500 rpm

    I wouldn't forego the possibility of a chip in the ecm. If that's the case, a clutch switch would still affect it. Unless quickduc has verified it for sure.
  44. 1G no spark issue!!! tried everything!!!

    Man, it's been so long since I have jacked with a 90. bit no, not always. Trace that wire back into the car. Unless you have another page to that electrical diagram with a pin location for the the correct connector inside the car. Then see what it gets it's 12v from.
  45. 1G no spark issue!!! tried everything!!!

    Here's a stupid question. Have you tried an ignition switch? Those do fail
  46. 1G no spark issue!!! tried everything!!!

    Is your cas plugged into the tps sensor plug?
  47. ECMlink Help with 92 Galant VR4 car stalling while driving ECM log

    I would lean towards replacing capacitors again. Just cuz they don't leak, doesn't mean they aren't bad. Or mpi relay. Also, how big is your fuel pump wired? Loose connection? Faulty relay? Corroded terminals?
  48. ? For you manifold Builders

    I found going to a smaller diamerter filler rod made welds narrower. Like using mig wire vs 1/16 filler rod. Also 1/16 tungsten helps with control as well, bit if the point is ground similarly to the 3/32, then there won't be as much difference. (From what I could tell)
  49. 1G Need some help boys....

    If it wasn't in correct direction, he would be able to shift it into each gear with engine off. And wouldn't be able to shift it into each gear with engine running.
  50. 1G Need some help boys....

    Well then, lead with that next time. It clunking into gear is normal. Meaning it shifts fine. If you have a blown center diff, or an axle is not splined in place properly, the torque will then exit at the disconnect drive point. If you just had the trans out, you may not have inserted the...
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