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  1. bradselph

    What Turbo is this? [Merged] Turbo ID Identification

    ok thats about what i thought, i got 6 of these bad boys to try and sell
  2. bradselph

    What Turbo is this? [Merged] Turbo ID Identification

    What turbo is this?
  3. bradselph

    93 Eagle Talon TSi AWD Auto

    Its actually a 2 piece we still use the factory rear section. And there is a min/max distance from the front yoke for the drive shaft loop. "Maximum of 6" behind the front U-joint, made of 1/4" minimum thickness by 2" wide material, or 7/8" X .065" welded tubing."
  4. bradselph

    93 Eagle Talon TSi AWD Auto

    Isn't there a minimum distance from the front yoke though?
  5. bradselph

    93 Eagle Talon TSi AWD Auto

    just spent the last 3 hours reading over your build and im very impressed! :thumb:
  6. bradselph

    New cam gears, shop messed up my timing

    If you got a way to haul the car and got the money im sure Real Street in orlando can handle it for you.
  7. bradselph

    Kyle Henny's Drag GSX

    well i guess you guys made me decide on some slicks for next year. LOL
  8. bradselph

    Kyle Henny's Drag GSX

    Yea, that's with some regular old street tires on 17s. I'm sure I would have done better the next pass as I upped the boost from 32-33 to 34-35psi but broke the rear axle on launch. I understand the wrinkle gives more traction and a spring effect, but I always figured more traction means...
  9. bradselph

    Kyle Henny's Drag GSX

    Thats all? i may shoot for this record since i need something to shoot for now that i already hit my first goal. im just at a point were im breaking axles almost ever time i go out, im avoiding slicks for this reason but hear that it may stop the breaking of axles because they give more than...
  10. bradselph

    Kyle Henny's Drag GSX

    Either way i wish you luck in your quest. :thumb:
  11. bradselph

    Kyle Henny's Drag GSX

    I agree with what others are saying to stay with the 40 for a little while longer. I think you just need a different tune and more seat time, your setup was almost like a twin to mine. the stock intake manifold most likely is a restriction yet i'm still running mine completely unmodified...
  12. bradselph

    Open wastegate vs. re-circulated

    in my eyes a atmosphere dumped wastegate is better. reason being your not recirculation that exhaust back into the already too small exhaust to choke up. if your driving on the street with a small turbo like a 20g and your worried about noise a good recirculating wastegate would be fine.
  13. bradselph

    Laser 10.60 @ 132 mph, Modified Mag Kyle Cimbron

    nice things comes off the line quick, whats your 60 foot times? still debating on going with slicks as i cut a 1.61 last weekend on regular old street tires.
  14. bradselph

    transfer case to driveshaft...

    Either one could be the problem check both. also don't hammer it on, because when the engine rocks the shaft needs to be able to move in or out.
  15. bradselph

    transfer case to driveshaft...

    The drive shaft should slip on no matter if its 90-96 or 97-99. it only comes down to the trans being a 21 or 23 spline and of course the gearing but that's not the question here. You may have a twisted shaft check the the splines if they are straight and free of debris and burs.
  16. bradselph


    Well me and richard33 was there and a couple other guys. :thumb:
  17. bradselph

    95 TSI AWD Build Named Bloo

    Thanks, it was nice meeting you guys, ima start working on the car after work today and I will try and come out but won't have any guarantees.
  18. bradselph

    95 TSI AWD Build Named Bloo

    Well last time i updated this i broke the car so ima tell you wgat broke and what times i run at the 1/4 mile track today. The parts i broke from the 1/8th mile include the stock 2 spider center diff and a driver side rear axle. Luckily enough of the center diff survived that i...
  19. bradselph

    Rock hard clutch pedal

    did you replace your fulcrum ball and fork? or at least shim the ball?
  20. bradselph

    95 TSI AWD Build Named Bloo

    Small update. Went to the local 1/8th mile drag strip to work out a few things and see how much it has improved from my avg 7.7 around 95mph times. First pass off the trailer netted me a 7.4 at 104mph pass ;) Everything looked good on the log so i upped the boost from the low 28psi to about...
  21. bradselph

    4G63 going 6.50's at 200+

    Step out of class and school the others on the 4g power. :thumb:
  22. bradselph

    95 TSI AWD Build Named Bloo

    Anything stiff small and long enough to fit in the top hole. i used a small allen key.
  23. bradselph

    95 TSI AWD Build Named Bloo

    I do have a folder that's a few inches thick with receipts. ;) i just filled a small bowl with some motor oil and placed them in it, then take a small pin and press inside the lifter with it to bleed them and i just pump them up and down till im satisfied all the air is out then install.
  24. bradselph

    95 TSI AWD Build Named Bloo

    Thanks, i have bigger plans for the car once i get over not wanting to strip or cut things off it simply because its just in too good of shape besides the paint.
  25. bradselph

    95 TSI AWD Build Named Bloo

    I'm not sure what caused the lock up other than some side loading in the oil pump case, I had no signs of oil starvation on the bearings or anywhere else, and had good oil pressure the entire time. The pump did have helical gears, now I'm running straight cut gears. The builds tab well... I...
  26. bradselph

    95 TSI AWD Build Named Bloo

    Its been a little while since i updated this. I finished the motoman break in and drained the oil did a few mods to the oil filter housing and got oil pressure to a reasonable level of about 85psi at 7k rpm. Everything was good so i loaded it up on the trailer and me and my uncle went to...
  27. bradselph

    Dynoed the 74mm Part #2 - New Best 1000AWHP/716TQ @ 48psi!

    So your the one who got them cool looking slugs from a machinist i know, im not gonna say who as its up to you to tell or not but i know now what those things were for and i may need a couple sets if they work out. :thumb:
  28. bradselph

    98 talon tsi road racer

    Nice, Finally a update again was kinda worried! :hellyeah: Have you decided on how your doing the engine? are you still shooting for the N/A 1.6?
  29. bradselph

    Hoods and more hoods

    Its been done, Not my pictures by the way lol The red one i remember a while back i cannot find.
  30. bradselph

    RWD 4G63 Subframe mod?

    should have just spent the money on a old foxbody they can be had for about 1500 or less all day long down here. now you got a pile of scrap dsm that could have went to a better home. Dont get me wrong i like the idea your trying to be different but come on man.
  31. bradselph

    9:1 cr wiseco 85.5mm ptw and ring gaps....

    The shop i use is in Orlando and they are top notch with 4g63s they have torque plates for them as well so i have faith in my machinist, if bogus was closer id obviously go to you but im already driving 2 1/2 hours to Orlando. lol
  32. bradselph

    9:1 cr wiseco 85.5mm ptw and ring gaps....

    I did the PTW clearance on mine at .0030 The recommended clearance on my paperwork is .0025, but according to you bogus thats pretty tight? my rings are set at .0168 for top and .0185 for bottom using the chart supplied from wiesco for street-mod turbo/nitrous at 85.5 bore.
  33. bradselph

    95 TSI AWD Build Named Bloo

    Update Time! I ordered a new 6bolt AWD Fidanza Flywheel, found a good deal on a T3 DNP Manifold, and even ordered my BEP t3 housing for my hx40. Everything came in a few weeks later even my Turbo came back in from justin! I didnt get a picture of the Flywheel before install simply...
  34. bradselph

    Front Facing oil filter housing

    sorry never seen your reply but i gave a post of this in your newer thread.
  35. bradselph

    Forward facing filter "Important Info"

    well, i loved my ffofh besides the lowered oil pressure, even with brad penn 20-50 my idle was about 15psi at 1k idle was even lower at normal 750-800 idle but i couldn't idle to well that low with the 280 cams. At wot i had 75psi from 5500 all the way to redline of 8500, now this engine...
  36. bradselph

    Anyone here run without a BOV?

    Wtf did that even open? I just crushed mine a tiny bit and it held fine just had a hard time opening under 8-10 psi and obviously didn't flow enough for a hx40.
  37. bradselph

    Anyone here run without a BOV?

    I will go and say a bov is completely necessary for a larger turbo even if it has surge ports, I have first hand experience from this. My last hx40 I had a small 1g bov and at 30+ psi when I let off you could hear the surge as the bov was to small to vent the amount of airflow I was pushing. Ask...
  38. bradselph

    Is this crack too bad?

    I wouldn't even attempt it. I would just toss it there's no way to tell if it will keep cracking even if it looks like its gone.
  39. bradselph

    Turboing my 4g64 Spyder

    Makes me miss my n/t spyder that i turboed... :sosad:
  40. bradselph

    What breaks first? Tcase? Axels? @ the track.

    Thought it normally went from Tcase to drive shaft yokes and then to rear axles.
  41. bradselph

    95 GST 6 bolt 600hp build

    Looks good hope you have better luck with that manifold than others have hanging the heavy holset off it.
  42. bradselph

    95 TSI AWD Build Named Bloo

    It was a full 3" exhaust, the word catback just explains the exhaust from the catalytic converter back.
  43. bradselph

    95 TSI AWD Build Named Bloo

    cat VS downpipe? explain more?
  44. bradselph

    95 TSI AWD Build Named Bloo

    I received a pretty large box of parts last week. In that box was 4 oil squirters with check valves and crush washers A set of ARP L19s OEM head gasket OEM front case BSE delete Gates Waterpump New auto tensioner I quickly got to assembling everything I started by putting the waterpump and...
  45. bradselph

    95 TSI AWD Build Named Bloo

    Thanks, I may have met you that day but honestly can't place you to a face as I met a lot of nice people that day. I do remember the blue car your referring to as well, I also remember seeing an amazing amount of Evo 1-3.
  46. bradselph

    Help deciding which HX40 6blade or 8? Details inside.

    You will get a better kick out of the 60mm 6 blade at 30psi on e85.
  47. bradselph

    95 TSI AWD Build Named Bloo

    Thanks, Hoping to hit a 10 in the 1/4 or a high 6 in the 1/8th very soon. :hellyeah:
  48. bradselph

    95 TSI AWD Build Named Bloo

    Haha thanks :thumb:
  49. bradselph

    95 TSI AWD Build Named Bloo

    Well its been a few weeks, Figured it was time to update this. I dropped off my block at the machine shop 2 weeks ago and went and picked it up yesterday. I then got everything out and ready to go in the block. Sadly i forgot to remove the oil squirters before i gave the block to the...
  50. bradselph

    anyone tried this ebay intercooler

    There are way better ebay kits than that for at least the same price. I would avoid that one simply because of the super long route asking for more lag and boost leaks.
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