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  1. Kalub

    Car Smoking after BSE

    I would personally not run the car with high oil pressures. You have a chance to do some damage to your oiling system and turbo. As far as I know the T25 turbo doesn't have an inline oil pressure restrictor due to the fact that when fed from the cylinder head pressures don't exceed operating...
  2. Kalub

    stang guy talking s*** about dsms

    4G63, especially strokers do not like solid aluminum pulleys. you need a harmonic dampener especially if you removed your balance shafts. Also, what is a 45 angle valve job? Sounds intense. I wouldn't worry about bench racing worry about getting your car put together and keeping it together...
  3. Kalub

    Pumping oil in the engine before first start

    You can take a drill and manually spin the oil pump. If you have already assembled the engine with a timing belt you will have to remove it. See below for more information:
  4. Kalub

    AEM Wideband

    Usually that means the reading from the sensor is not making it to the gauge. When you turn the car off, and then back on does the gauge do anything or just go straight to ---?
  5. Kalub

    Cluster gauge upgrade Nissan GTR

    I'm sorry, but if you don't know right now I wouldn't recommended you even attempt it. Look at what it takes to do a S2K cluster. Then picture it being 2x worse in your head.
  6. Kalub

    gauge apperance

    I like my AEM Truboost (or AEM Boost Gauge) it matches my AEM UEGO WideBand as well. Has a switchable black or white gauge face. Get ready to spend some cash though.
  7. Kalub

    All your moderns vehicles are belong to hax0rs

    Obd2... I don't afraid of anything.
  8. Kalub

    My Barbaric/Massive oil drain. Holset HY35

    I used a worm clamp on my drain with no ill effects. It doesn't really see pressure.
  9. Kalub

    Flex-a-lite 2x12" Fans with Shroud

    Thanks for the help folks. I'll dig around now that I know the part number, and I'll look into the Permacool fans. Those high performance ones look mean...
  10. Kalub

    Flex-a-lite 2x12" Fans with Shroud

    Right, thanks. I prefer not to run the Mishimoto one. I already have it and it doesn't really work as well as I would like. I'm rebuilding my ducting and I need to move some serious air through this huge VRSF front mount. I'm ready to spend some cash on the last set of fans and radiator parts...
  11. Kalub

    Flex-a-lite 2x12" Fans with Shroud

    Does anyone know the part number of the 2x12" Flex-a-lite puller fans with shroud? I'm trying to buy a set, but I can't find anything on the normal vendor websites. Are these even produced anymore? If not is there a recommended alternative that I could bolt up to my 95+ style Mishimoto radiator...
  12. Kalub

    VR Speed coupon code

    I don't think I have one, but chances are that VRSF is doing a group buy in the vendors announcement forum. That's usually the best deal you can get.
  13. Kalub

    1g head with 2g water pipe

    I use a 2G radiator, with a 1G water pipe that goes across the front of the block. If you have a 2G pipe, and a 2G thermostat housing it should work.
  14. Kalub

    1g head with 2g water pipe

    I don't understand. Can you clarify? Are you asking, or telling?
  15. Kalub

    turbo install order

    I always just put it on as one single piece.
  16. Kalub

    Evo 560cc fuel injectors

    Yep, they plug right in. They're close to the size limit for a SAFC on pump gas as well. If you want to go bigger you'll need another controller such as ECMLink.
  17. Kalub

    i need a hydraulic tensioner for a 2g turbo

    Buy a new one. Save yourself headaches in the future. Extremepsi or other vendors sell them for way less than a new engine.
  18. Kalub

    (New?) Ebay Recirculated 38mm Wastegate 02 housing

    I love my Punishment Racing O2. I recently upgraded to a STM open dump since I didn't need the recirc. I've only seen one other person around my home town run an eBay one like that. He had no issues, but your mileage may very. If you have the money buy the PR one to show some support/peace of...
  19. Kalub

    2G Eclipse GST Spark plug question.

    I run a BPR7ES, but I'm making the switch to a colder plug for a FP Black. It all depends on your setup, and if you're having ignition breakup.
  20. Kalub

    Vrsf intercooler install question..

    You can attempt to upload the image to Photobucket or ImageShack. Then just get the link and paste it into your post.
  21. Kalub

    Vrsf intercooler install question..

    Yea it was kinda tight in there.
  22. Kalub

    The Official funny stuff on Craigslist thread

    Link, or it didn't happen
  23. Kalub

    On "noobs"

    It's not so much the proven members you want to really listen to as much as it is the Wisemen. Like with all things, you win some and you lose some. Just keep posting while trying to be as descriptive as you can and hope for the best. (Be sure to search the forums before you post, as this site...
  24. Kalub

    How accurate is a palm data logger

    I'm not sure whether MMCD logs oil pressure accurately. I would advise that you get a secondary stand alone gauge to further investigate your findings.
  25. Kalub

    Timing 5 degrees advanced?

    I think you may have read wrong. Base timing should be 5°BTDC. Any advancement/retarding of the timing should be handled by the ECU or an experienced tuner.
  26. Kalub

    Boost Controller

    I too run this exact boost controller. No issues here.
  27. Kalub


    Yep! That's the one. I see it's went up in price a few bucks since I purchased mine in 2009.
  28. Kalub


    I've used one of those boost controllers that look like what he got for "free" once before. It was terrible.
  29. Kalub

    New ECMlink is choking my car

    Verify your ISC is properly functioning by capturing, and displaying ISCPos. After you've done that verify your ISCPos is at or near 30. If it isn't, then rotate your BISS clockwise or counter-clockwise to achieve this outcome. If you need more help, you could also attempt to watch these...
  30. Kalub

    New ECMlink is choking my car

    I would perhaps start by watching the Demo videos posted on the DSMLink website. (Here) You need to verify that you have the correct values in place for your injectors. (Global/Deadtime) And that if it has any sort of MAF/Airflow adjustments then zero those out. Good luck.
  31. Kalub

    GM Maf + Safc2

    That's a bad way to look at determining which size of injector you need. Instead look at what the 16G flows (Big, Small, Knock-Offs all flow differently) and determine what kind of airflow/horse power you'll be making and go from there. There is a nice set of calculators/spreadsheets that can...
  32. Kalub

    Updte: Auto vs. 5speed Quick question about the Biss and Isposistion sensor i

    Make sure you watch the demo videos on ECMLinks website. Also, I read that you should try and set your idle/ISCPos while in a gear. Just know that your idle might raise when you go to Park or Neutral, but no worries.
  33. Kalub

    DSM Tuning Spreadsheet!

    Yes, that's exactly what I mean. I think that a stock 2.0l MT will pull right around .26gm/rev, but I'd like to be able to computer what I should be aiming for on my car. 2.3l 8.8:1 Kelford 272I/E I realize that AirflowPerRev isn't really a set number, and if your fuel trims are in line...
  34. Kalub

    Updte: Auto vs. 5speed Quick question about the Biss and Isposistion sensor i

    You could always just increase your idle to around 1000-1200rpm that way when you drop it into gear it mellows out around 750-950rpm. I honestly don't know how the Auto works. I wish I had an answer. I was under the assumption that you were a MT.
  35. Kalub

    Updte: Auto vs. 5speed Quick question about the Biss and Isposistion sensor i

    I would assume you set it in park/neutral. The ECU/TCU/IAC should be able to hash out the idle when in a gear, but don't quote me.
  36. Kalub

    Updte: Auto vs. 5speed Quick question about the Biss and Isposistion sensor i

    I've never heard of grounding the timing to set your BISS/ISCPos. I usually just set my desired idle, make sure my idlesw is working, and then turn the BISS 1/4 turn, wait, and repeat the process until your vehicle is idling around where you want it, and your ISCPos is around 30. You could...
  37. Kalub

    engine blown

    You sound really cocky, like you already know the answer to your question. You can either take the advice given in the thread, or go about it your way. Your choice.
  38. Kalub

    boost leak and short distance driving?

    As long as your car doesn't have an exceptionally large boost leak it will drive around just fine. However, your WOT/Spirited driving will not work, and I would not try it. If you stay out of boost and, like I said, don't have any major issues (holes, missing couplers) then the car will drive...
  39. Kalub

    Msd dis-2

    Ah! I apologize I missed the fact that you were a 420A. Yes, ignore me. :p
  40. Kalub

    Msd dis-2

    DSMLink can do this with no more than 5 clicks of a mouse.
  41. Kalub

    cxracing turbo manifold

    Pick up a FP Cast Race Mani. They're cheap, proven to work, and better than stock.
  42. Kalub

    overseas evo's

    I'm in Korea with the Army, and what Mike96 is true. Joining the military isn't a catch-all freebie. In fact I know two ignorant people who purchased, and attempted to ship home Skylines (R33, R32) only to have them impounded and crushed; never to be seen again.
  43. Kalub

    Bad Gas Mileage [Merged 9-6]

    It very well could take care of the boost leak. You won't know until you make a tester and perform the test. Hell, you could have a crack in one of your end tanks, or something like that which would require a new intercooler.
  44. Kalub

    Bad Gas Mileage [Merged 9-6]

    I'm saying wastegate pressure on a stock T25 is much higher than 5PSI leading me to believe you have a large boost leak. I would recommend that you check that first. The Subaru owner has no idea what he is talking about (when it comes to our cars). Ignore him. With the way our cars meter...
  45. Kalub

    Anyone use Castrol Titanium Oil?

    I would have to agreed with oil weight silencing ticking. In my old 1G running Castrol DinoMix 10w-30 it would tick, however if I added Lucas oil goop to the mix it would quiet down. In my 2.3 6 bolt I run Rotella T6 5w-40 and notice almost no tick.
  46. Kalub

    Bad Gas Mileage [Merged 9-6]

    First, that is not stock boost pressure on a T25. I would suspect that you have a major boost leak. Build a boost leak tester. Also are you pulling any DTC's? A bad front O2 sensor can cause the car to not enter closed loop, and your MPG as well as low throttle cruising will suffer. However...
  47. Kalub

    My 2min winter door handle

    Mine broke in the middle of summer... Good fix, but I've seen slightly more elegant ones.
  48. Kalub

    I'm moving to Japan!.... Help me store my car.

    Stabil worked for me, 11 month storage. The fuel was definitely ruined, but it started right up and with it tuned down it got around town until I could refill the tank. E: I also didn't have a problem with this because I was still running a "stock" fuel system with nothing more than some used...
  49. Kalub

    What the hell came oht of my valves

    You can more than likely buy a single one from a vendor or any other parts website. Also, could you please work on your spelling. It's hard to understand you sometimes. I would try websites like JNZ, ExtremePSI, MAPerformance, DSMTuners Classifieds, or something like that.
  50. Kalub

    Oil lines off of Oil filter

    I know on my 2.3l six bolt that I capped mine off. Not only did I not have the provisions on my water neck/pipe, but I did not care for the water cooled one. If my oil temperature is too hot, then I'll invest in a reputable Air cooled oil cooler.
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