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  1. IrishBeatdown

    spark plug choices

    Didn't relize this was in the 420a subforum. Disregard my spark plug choices, I don't know the first thing about the 420a, read: zero.
  2. IrishBeatdown

    Future DSM owner, need feedback.

    That car isn't worth 4 grand
  3. IrishBeatdown

    spark plug choices

    Copper is best, just depends on how cold you want to go, BPR7ES or BPR6ES. Keep it with NGK, time tested and proven, especially in our community.
  4. IrishBeatdown

    trading for a 2g that has problems...

    First of all, welcome. The head swap would be straight up with no modifications, the heads are identical. If compression is good (you can trust him on it) and you can invest in the rebuild of the head, pull the trigger. Swapping the head is pretty easy and painless, just gets a bit tight...
  5. IrishBeatdown

    DSM's in movies and TV.

    Someone needs to get seinfeld on the horn to run a 2g as the featured car.
  6. IrishBeatdown

    IrishBeatdown's 1997 GSX "Punishment" Build

    Because my girlfriend told me to get rid of it and I am a peon. No seriously, I am moving and I can't see myself bringing it along. I am keeping some things and I will build another dsm down the road. Tuners hasn't heard the last of me. But seriously, my girlfriend made me do it.
  7. IrishBeatdown

    IrishBeatdown's 1997 GSX "Punishment" Build

    Parting this car everything is available.
  8. IrishBeatdown

    11-sec 99 GSX (The Vindicator)

    Node, what is up with this buddy? More updates! looking good since I last seen it though. :thumb:
  9. IrishBeatdown

    1990 Talon Budget Build

    Looks 100% better. Offtopic: Is this place in Schaumburg? I feel like i've driven past it before but I can't put my finger on it.
  10. IrishBeatdown

    OEM TOB MD749998 Click Normal?

    My TOB was just like that, still going strong. I think you are fine.
  11. IrishBeatdown

    What plugs can be deleted and the car will still run properly??

    It's easy to hide the wiring when the image of the engine is miniaturized. :p
  12. IrishBeatdown

    Engine Problem?

    This post is the perfect example of the average DSM'ers experience with a car with idle problems that hasn't been kept up. If it can go wrong with the idle, it will and has.
  13. IrishBeatdown

    Underdrive pulley fell off, now no spark?

    Turning the engine by hand isn't necessarily a great way to test if valves are bent. Your pistons do sometimes bend them out of the way when they get punted at high speed. Don't get an ebay timing belt kit unless you want to do it again. As far as the valves go, this guy's stuff is the real...
  14. IrishBeatdown

    Official Bench Racing Thread (how fast is my car/how much HP can I expect)

    WTF Are you planning on going mudding in your DSM or something? This sounds retarded.
  15. IrishBeatdown

    JMF VS FP Stock Replacement Exhaust Manifold

    Well, thanks for the help, I think we have hijacked this thread enough :D DNP ftw!
  16. IrishBeatdown

    JMF VS FP Stock Replacement Exhaust Manifold

    I can't find any setting for ecuflash for global fuel, ive been searching around. Either im not seeing it, or it isn't there. Been doing lots of research, but nothing concrete yet. Likely because im working on a platform with 0 customer support, unlike ECMlink. I am starting to realize how...
  17. IrishBeatdown

    JMF VS FP Stock Replacement Exhaust Manifold

    From what I understand DSMlink does the scaling itself, wheras ECUflash lets you plug in a global value and it does it for you. Although, I understand very little. Pretty much wish I went with DSMlink at this point, as frustrating as ECUflash has been so far.
  18. IrishBeatdown

    JMF VS FP Stock Replacement Exhaust Manifold

    It hasn't been on anything but bricks. I can't seem to find/tune in the damn latencies for my pte 1200's on ECUflash, all i found was the evo ones and they make my car idle like shit and go crazy lean. Trying to work on a solution, I posted on the tuning subforum, hopefully someone can help me.
  19. IrishBeatdown

    JMF VS FP Stock Replacement Exhaust Manifold

    I kinda wish I lived in the 808 in that case :hellyeah:
  20. IrishBeatdown

    Finding/estimating latency for my injectors ECUflash

    So after finally working out my ECUflash problems and getting a new reflash sleeve to replace the defective one, I was ready to tune the DSM. Or so I thought. I have PTE 1200cc injectors, and was following the instructions on ceddy's website on how to scale the injectors and plug in values for...
  21. IrishBeatdown

    JMF VS FP Stock Replacement Exhaust Manifold

    I wish I had the hook up. I could use a sweetheart deal every once and awhile :thumb:
  22. IrishBeatdown

    New DSM

    Matt, you take the worst pictures of all time, sweet lugnuts and parking brake lol
  23. IrishBeatdown

    Extremely lean idle after 850cc injector install...

    Angel, I am having the same problems you are, just have a little different tuning input than you as I am using ECUflash. My car starts just fine, then idles poorly and hesitates when you give it gas. My wideband shoots to 22 pretty quickly after the wideband warms up, so I have been turning it...
  24. IrishBeatdown

    JMF VS FP Stock Replacement Exhaust Manifold

    The reason why I think FP vs DNP is a joke is because in a purely price vs performance derby, it isn't even close. Like people have already stated, cast would be a better choice for a daily driver to keep the radiant heat from the manifold down. More people have also made more better numbers...
  25. IrishBeatdown

    Jake Montgomery's Evil_Eagle Top Mount T4

    This Eagle is beyond evil. Sweet car!
  26. IrishBeatdown

    JMF VS FP Stock Replacement Exhaust Manifold

    lol the FP manifold is way better than that overpriced DNP manifold. I'm hard pressed to think of a worse combo than the DNP with a DSM flange if you decide to spend serious $$$.
  27. IrishBeatdown

    What is this found while replacing crank postion sensor

    Could be AC compressor, there is a plug right next to it with the same pale green color as well that goes to the crank position sensor. I think they are virtually identical? Make sure you hook it up to the right one.
  28. IrishBeatdown

    Upcoming races at SIR shooting for 9 second pass!

    Your car has about the same mods as Noah, I forget his name on this site, you might know him. You guys share the same car? Switch off weekends? I wanted to stop by the import faceoff before I even read this. You should pm me your cell so we can keep in touch. Maybe I can even come by and...
  29. IrishBeatdown

    1998 Eclipse GST Complete Re-Build

    How are you going to fill the holes though? Imagine that my best solution I can come up with is duct tape, and then respond taking that into account. I think you assumed I had some sort of skills of some kind. :)
  30. IrishBeatdown

    What $250k, 22 Months, and a GTR has in common.

    Forged Performance sounds like the Bizarro Superman to Forced Performance's Clark Kent. Just as terrible in servicing its customers as Forced Performance is good. :hmm:
  31. IrishBeatdown

    1998 Eclipse GST Complete Re-Build

    Your story and car reminds me of my car: Got mine for about the same price, we have virtually identical mileage, mine = 131k, red 2gb, and most importantly, wingless with gaping holes in...
  32. IrishBeatdown

    2G owners running fuel cells

    WTF I knew the lead times on frontline's stuff was pretty stretched out as this point, but that is crazy talk. Maybe I will hold off a bit on ordering a rear diff cover after hearing this. I'm planning to blow up my dsm well before I would likely receive it.
  33. IrishBeatdown

    Exterior plans, opinions

    Smoka, how did you plumb the holes in your hatch from the spoiler? Right now i'm duct tapin it, would like to.....not be duct tapin it.
  34. IrishBeatdown

    2G owners running fuel cells

    Last time I saw it on their website, when it was still up, it was 650$ I believe Smoker. At least with the 'add-ons' that would be pretty much necessity if you bought one.
  35. IrishBeatdown

    Exterior plans, opinions

    Bronze by a long shot. The fact that you have one of the only DSM colors that can pull them off only makes them a more viable choice in my opinion.
  36. IrishBeatdown

    2g build

    You won't be sorry for getting the Hi-Z's. I have 1200cc Delphi Low-Z's and I do not like them at all :| Probably the modification I least like about my car at this point. It's on the to-do list to be rid of them soon. I'm liking your build thread, I'm going to try and keep up and see where...
  37. IrishBeatdown

    My new 90 Eclipse GS-Turbo

    End of an era. It's hard to believe how this build didn't work out.
  38. IrishBeatdown

    2g build

    Get Hi-Z if you can. They tend to idle a lot better than Low-Z and perform better overall. They are also a little more pricey, but if you can afford them, I would go that route. Fuel injector clinic injectors are also always a good bet for DSM's :thumb:
  39. IrishBeatdown

    11-sec 99 GSX (The Vindicator)

    Most of these people will never appreciate how long or how much effort truly goes into polishing the intake manifold. I did the same thing you did, and I know firsthand how long it takes. Looks like you did a great job on it as well. The funniest part is it looks like you started polishing...
  40. IrishBeatdown

    holy crap never replace your oil pan

    What's with dogging the guy that wants to pay $$$ to get work done on his car for him? Not all people that turn wrenches for a living are hacks, and if he doesn't have the time, he doesn't have the time. To tell him that he will never appreciate it because he isn't doing the work himself is...
  41. IrishBeatdown

    ECUflash issues & that cliff looks nice

    I just wanted to bring some resolution to this thread. The problems were being caused by a faulty reflash connector. Michael from tactrix sent me a new one and it works flawlessly now. The "sending init sequence 2" followed by the timeout error is caused by the reflash pin not getting the...
  42. IrishBeatdown

    ECUflash issues & that cliff looks nice

    Tracked it down on the device manager, it is being issued as COM3. How can i rectify this? I have perused the different tabs, I cant find one to change the port assignment.
  43. IrishBeatdown

    ECUflash issues & that cliff looks nice

    Mine is USB, it is recognized in the lower right corner of the ECUflash screen. I know this is pretty obvious, but 12.5v on the battery IS enough to read a ROM? Or maybe that is my problem. I think id pitch a fit if my problem was a partially charged battery. This error has been attributed...
  44. IrishBeatdown

    ECUflash issues & that cliff looks nice

    I tried both ways, seems as if people say to install the drivers with ecuflash rather than downloading the drivers separate. Even tactrix recommends that on their download page. Even, so I gave it a go both ways. I can't even read my ecu, so i've played around with it, I get this error...
  45. IrishBeatdown

    ECUflash issues & that cliff looks nice

    I wish I could get it there. ECU is now confirmed as not the problem, the new one I bought off a member here has the same response as my first ECU. I'm going to try a new computer, redo the whole process. I've tried every possible combination of definitions and roms, and did everything twice...
  46. IrishBeatdown

    ECUflash issues & that cliff looks nice

    The first link you posted I looked at, but the OP Blaze never found a solution he posted. The solution you referred to was posted by another member. Nonetheless, I tried switching to XP and reinstalling, didn't work. The second link was posted by a guy with a Subaru :confused:
  47. IrishBeatdown

    ECUflash issues & that cliff looks nice

    Pretty much everyone I know in tucson with a modded dsm runs link. The biggest single problem I run into is the non-standardization of error messages. What I mean by that is there isn't any clear reasons why many of these error messages come up, most of the solutions on are...
  48. IrishBeatdown

    EVO3 OFH in 2g (need help)

    It will work, might not seal perfect though. If you are really concerned about it, run a NPT tap through it. BSPT threads have more taper so they can be tapped to NPT, but not the other way around. So, tap away.
  49. IrishBeatdown

    ECUflash issues & that cliff looks nice

    So. I've spent the better part of 20 hours installing/wrangling this black box ECU. I am unable to log for more than 10-15 seconds on Evoscan, and I cannot read or write the ECU at all in ECUflash. I get two messages alternatively on ECUflash, "J2534 error [ERR_TIMEOUT]," and other times...
  50. IrishBeatdown

    forced performance exhaust manifold blanket off ebay?

    I had a good laugh at the instructions part LOL
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