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  1. talonesi95t

    What was your first DSM?

    My first was a 95 green esi in 2004 then in 2006 got a 95 red tsi awd, both are kind of around still, the esi is in my little brothers hands, the red awd is sitting in a field for the past 10 years or so, has bent frame. SOO, I went out and bought a 95 RED ESI afew days ago. But it sits in OKC...
  2. talonesi95t

    2gmitsueclipse's Eagle Summit

    How are you getting such nice weather lol. It snowed all day yesterday in central Washington.
  3. talonesi95t

    2g AWD won't move in gear

    So here is what i found, got some time to work on it, As you can see the center came apart from the disk. Rivets failed? Did I over torque the pressure plate? It doesn't look like it was caused by riding the clutch, more rust build up from sitting for extended amount of time/months/year...
  4. talonesi95t

    2G Car is Too Rich Won't Stay Running

    Check your ECT reading before you start the car on a cold engine I spent some time chasing the cause you are having. Same code, same liquid coming out the exhaust, tired multiple sensors from different autoparts stores to used good oem ect sensors. Still the same. I checked grounds , cleaned...
  5. talonesi95t

    Vinyl Wrap Dsm, Who's Done It, Pics?

    In 2018 I had my right rear QT panel on my evo replaced and just paint/blend that part for $3500. To paint the whole car i was quoted $8000. Paint jobs are no longer in the 2 to 3000 dollar range anymore.
  6. talonesi95t

    2g AWD won't move in gear

    I did it all, flywheel , fork, pivot ball, slave cylinder oem throw out bearing. I always recommend a new flywheel when i get asked to do clutch jobs on friends and family cars. I'm still on my oem clutch on my evo with 70K miles so i cant be that bad at driving a manual trans.
  7. talonesi95t

    2g AWD won't move in gear

    I will update once i remove the transmission. I did put in a cheap clutch in it back in 2016 but I probably only put 300 to 400 miles on it sense then. I did not drive the car hard at all. Before i ran a act 2600 and that failed. The springs came out of the disk but i couldnt shift into any...
  8. talonesi95t

    Retro-Modern Head Units

    I sent out two oem single din radios, one infinity and the other non infinity, to get a aux added to them. I believe I could have had them add Bluetooth but I was to cheap and really don't care for it as plugging in the aux cord is fine with me. was the place I sent them...
  9. talonesi95t

    2g AWD won't move in gear

    I went on a cruise and my 2g left me stranded. I was slowing down to take a right turn, took it out of gear, then into 2nd, the car just revved up. So I pull over put it in first and nothing. All the gears go in no problem. I have drained the tcase and rear diff. No shiny material of any sorts...
  10. talonesi95t

    2G 4g64 Swap, Model years?

    Yes and no, the dsm 4g head is not a bolt on for the newer 4g series engines, you can bolt a evo head on that 3g engine. Projectzerog has a lot of info on the subject, I do not look at the forum as there's a lot of incomplete threads but the main pages has most of it. I too plan one day to swap...
  11. talonesi95t

    2G 4g64 Swap, Model years?

    All 4g series of engines that came in FWD cars are narrow blocks.
  12. talonesi95t

    2G Blue leather interior gsx for sale on facebook

    I only seen the blue cloth interior on early RS models.
  13. talonesi95t

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    A Pic for your viewing pleasure.
  14. talonesi95t

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    Made a 6 hr round trip for a used carbon fiber hood. Got home excited to install and all excitement ended real quick. Hood is for a 1gb not 2g :banghead: Anybody want a 1gb CF hood lol.
  15. talonesi95t

    2G DSM Billet aluminium brake & clutch fluid reservoir brackets

    So i received mine last week but how are you guys installing them lol. I manged to get the brake one on without taking the lines off, I do not recommend it.
  16. talonesi95t

    1995 TALON ESI

    I replaced some parts. Idle air control valve New Cam sensor pigtail New cam sensor installed Took it out for a spin and checked codes again, and they are gone except the egr code as i removed it, Thinking of putting it back on.
  17. talonesi95t

    1995 TALON ESI

    Well I didnt get to clean out the interior as intended. We were in the process of buying a new home, so my little brother ended up taking the car. It developed a oil leak. So had him bring it back to my new place. Valve cover needed to be re tighten and the crank sensor was leaking. Its a...
  18. talonesi95t

    Got a few days to make a decision. Guns or Cars?

    The way things look now, id say gun. I not a huge gun guy but i bought my first a few months back amid this chaos.
  19. talonesi95t

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    I installed a 90amp alternator over the week end.
  20. talonesi95t

    2G Guys, I couldn't stay away and it isn't even my fault...

    Id test the crank sensor. If i remember, the tach should bounce more then it did in your video if its working correctly.
  21. talonesi95t

    2G Billet Aluminium Handles

    Have any been shipped?
  22. talonesi95t

    1995 TALON ESI

    So between moving to our new house,I had my other bother @GSTsiAWD help me with this build. Took the head off and sent it to get decked and valves redone. Found all the valves leaked cly 2 was bad. Had180, 130, 180, 180 compression. Back before I got my first AWD dsm I got a set of cower cams...
  23. talonesi95t

    1995 TALON ESI

    This is more of a getting it back on the road build. Quick back story, This was my first dsm, the one that got me hooked. My parents bought me this car at an auction back in 2004 as my high school car. After graduation and working part time with no mechanical experience, I gave local builder...
  24. 1995 TALON ESI

    Street Build 1995 TALON ESI

  25. talonesi95t

    1995 TALON ESI

    talonesi95t submitted a new DSM Profile : 1995 TALON ESI Read more about this vehicle here...
  26. talonesi95t

    For Sale WTB fuel rail

    Im looking for a clean fuel rail, early style with the pressure regulator pressed on.
  27. talonesi95t

    2G Billet Aluminium Handles

    Just ordered a set.
  28. talonesi95t

    2G 3D printed gauge pod bezel

    Good Stuff :thumb:
  29. talonesi95t

    2G Talon 2ga front bumper possibilities

    2ga are not that bad. I have a 2ga lip in storage haven't used it because ive never seen another for sale. But if you dont like the 2ga then here you go,
  30. talonesi95t

    2G Racing seats

    Are those not the 4g seats? Im sure they are. I just installed some Braum s8 seats along with the Planted brackets. It was pretty much bolt on. Ive only sat in them, no drive time but i already perfer them over my stock recaros in my evo.
  31. talonesi95t

    FREE BILLET 2G Door Handles

    My aftermarket is about to give. 95 Eagle Talon TSI AWD
  32. talonesi95t

    95-99 B&M short shifter supplier?!?

    Call them. They list a phone number. 1-818-344-4410
  33. talonesi95t

    GHS GXS- Cylinders 2&3 dead, but why...?

    Have you had the injectors flow tested? I would ohm them out and see if there in spec. Ive read some of your past threads, if its been sitting for long, the gas is probably not the best and maybe some junk in the lines clogged up injectors 2 and 3 is my guess.
  34. talonesi95t

    Best Shot of your DSM

  35. talonesi95t

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    Last week I bought taps . The where expired since 2014. Installed my shifter base bushings and cable bushings and pulled my oil pan to fix the stripped turbo drain tube bolts. Took it for a drive now it's parked again.
  36. talonesi95t

    2g Aluminum handles

    Add me to the group buy list.
  37. talonesi95t

    Can't get my trans back in

    Not sure if this will work on a 1g, but on 2g's i like to go to the hardware store match up the two top tranny bolts about an inch longer then the factory ones. Then cut the heads off and thread them in the top two holes and use them as guides. Lower the engine, raise the tranny so the two top...
  38. talonesi95t

    Heater control back lighting inop.

    I just did mine a few weeks ago and put in a led. I don't have sausage fingers and i couldn't get to that light with the ac switch out of the way. I had to pull the hvac complete out. Maybe with some curved needle nose pliers you can have better luck getting to it without disassembly.
  39. talonesi95t

    1G Cam gears not flush

    Just for info but is the dowel pin on the camshaft out further then the other. If it is its keeping the gear from sitting flush. Maybe it got pressed in more when you swapped gears.
  40. talonesi95t

    2g 4g63t ecu in 97 spyder

    Could you not just swap the engine harness from the 99 as well?
  41. talonesi95t

    Showcar Build My almost perfect Fast and Furious Rep Eclipse

    Congrats on the clean work done to it.
  42. talonesi95t

    95' Talon ESi D.D./Project Car

    Keep up the good work. Almost makes me take back my esi from my little brother and restore it.
  43. talonesi95t

    dsm meet east of Washington.

    How was the turn out?
  44. talonesi95t

    Gentlemen, take care of your balls...

    Will a MIG work? I don't have a TIG.
  45. talonesi95t

    2G LED headlights?

    Or you can remove the tint off your headlights and see if it helps.
  46. talonesi95t

    which engine to put in mighty max

    What engine did your truck have? If it has the 2.4 4g64 or the 2.0 g63 you can bolt on a 4g turbo head.
  47. talonesi95t

    Transmission not going into gear

    Your symptoms sound like what my car was doing. On mine it was the clutch disc that broke and springs fell out.
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