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  1. brownfinger

    For Sale WTB: 1G fwd T downpipe(s) oe, 2.5, or 3". Read ad

    i need one or two 1g turbo fwd down pipes. Stock, no rust, all heat shields, I can replace a bad flex... Or 2.5 to 3" aftermarket pieces... I just need a couple 1g turbo fwd down pipes. Pm me or text. 309-838-1619
  2. brownfinger

    A sad message at the former DSM factory

    The lot is full of recalled VWs now
  3. brownfinger

    2G Pushing coolant again

    i was running a wallbro w/ a stock fpr. once i figured out that, things cooled down a lot.
  4. brownfinger

    2G Pushing coolant again

    I mean you've built a totally custom machine. it shouldn't be an easy thing to make it work right
  5. brownfinger

    2G Pushing coolant again

    I've had almost the same problems with a nearly stock 4G63T. new Mitsu thermostat, cap, etc... arps, double checked the torque, some is tune, some is home-made engine. tried different heads, different gaskets. Just a stock engine w/ a 16G at about 16 psi. exact same shiz. overheating and...
  6. brownfinger

    my little red jelly-bean

    brownfinger submitted a new DSM Profile : my little red jelly-bean Read more about this vehicle here...
  7. my little red jelly-bean

    Street Build my little red jelly-bean

  8. brownfinger

    How the hell do I edit this? I'm still not used to the new site. I'm learning, but I'm so not...

    How the hell do I edit this? I'm still not used to the new site. I'm learning, but I'm so not there yet!
  9. brownfinger

    Is this how we pm on here now? I never learned the new site yet! I need a resistor pack. any...

    Is this how we pm on here now? I never learned the new site yet! I need a resistor pack. any chance you have a matching harness-side plug to go with one?
  10. brownfinger

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    damn; computers confuse me. guess I'm old
  11. brownfinger

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    OMG! The hangout has been dead since was all left on the same day in 2010! A lot has happened! the factory is closed. I have 3 1G DSMs. all FWd. Finally got a Laser. I mostly just put gas in them and fix the brakes and suck or blow leaves off of them. Missed you all!
  12. brownfinger

    He's on the level. A good guy.

    He's on the level. A good guy.
  13. brownfinger

    Happy Thanksgiving All!

    Gobble gobble. Nothing but love. It's sad the factory here in Normal is closing, but life goes on.
  14. brownfinger

    4G63 in 1974 VW BEETLE!!!

    sorry, forgot to refresh. Just get a new boost gauge from the classifieds! My pretty Eclipse (I have 2; one pretty, one ugly.) also overheats, even though mostly stock. I think I just put a bogus water pump on the engine. It happens, it's a thing. There are aftermarket water pumps out there with...
  15. brownfinger

    4G63 in 1974 VW BEETLE!!!

    that idle sounds very high. I'd check for leaks before wasting time thinking about anything else; including mis-fires. This is a pretty big build, stick to basics before going paranoid-crazy and obsessing over details. You're doing an awesome thing!
  16. brownfinger

    4G63 in 1974 VW BEETLE!!!

    1990 CAS was 1-year only. 90 cas is not compatible with 91-94 ecus. you can change the pins in the harness connector at the ECU, but it's easier to just use 91-94 parts
  17. brownfinger

    4G63 in 1974 VW BEETLE!!!

    wouldn't be an issue if it was air-cooled. If I were Oprah, we'd all have free air-cooled 911's, on me! good luck with the frozen block...If I were Oprah... Free air-cooled 911's for everyone on this thread! then no frozen blocks. Too bad I ain't site is messing with my head
  18. brownfinger

    4G63 in 1974 VW BEETLE!!!

    sorta an interesting thing for me... My other automotive love besides the 1G DSM platform is my 66 type I VW. If I chopped up a perfectly good piece of German Beetle to put a 4G6 in it, I'd'a done a transverse mid-engine with the 5-speed mitsu gearbox and driveline, but, whatevs... Good for you...
  19. brownfinger

    4G63 in 1974 VW BEETLE!!!

    I like your wheelie machine! Still got my first car, my 66 BeetleSorry, my first post on the new siteDo wally 190s over-run stock FPRs? I, too, need to know this for my 94 Eclipse which is running way too rich and dumping fuel into the engine, especially at idle/low-load running>
  20. brownfinger

    Another DSM makes it into Jalopnik!

    My brother sent me this link today: Holy Sheep Poop, This '95 Eagle Talon Will Terrorize White Suburbia Enjoy.:D
  21. brownfinger

    Personal Issues.. Don't know where to go..

    If you were really wrong, try to apologize, and don't feel like a wuss for it. If you were really wrong. It sounds to me like this has a lot to do with what happened to you in high school, and how you never dealt with that stuff. I'd think that you are aware of this, since you're the one who...
  22. brownfinger

    Removing/Reusing Outer Tie Rod End

    Put a nut on the stud, and beat on that with the hammer. And apply pressure to the tie rod to help pop it out while you beat it with the hammer. And/or heat the knuckle, or just buy a new boot and use the pickle fork. Or get a hold of a scissor-type ball-joint press.
  23. brownfinger

    MOD 2012 Cruise Video

    Still fun Thanks for the photo link.
  24. brownfinger

    1.8l eclipse worth parting out a good idea?

    MAF is the same, too. I think. So are all the pig-tails and relays. Definitely worth it, if you have another 1G. Plus, someone may offer you a few hundred for the engine or trans, those little ####ers are good for 300K+ miles!
  25. brownfinger

    MOD 2012 Cruise Video

    horsehead was pretty awesome!
  26. brownfinger

    MOD 2012 Cruise Video

    It wasn't me. I waved to you when you were driving out. I was the balding mid-30's guy standing around in a median wearing a grey hoodie. Your GSX looks like my GST daily, which stayed home this year. There were some dick moves in this video, but entirely understandable to me. I just...
  27. brownfinger

    This boost leak test has me stumped

    Isn't it pretty normal to have a little leakage around the rings on a static BLT? The rings are designed to seal when hot, in motion, for brief periods of the cycle. Not under constant pressure while cold and motionless. I always get a little leakage into the case, out the breather, dipstick...
  28. brownfinger

    Blew my tranny

    You'll have to deal with all of these things when you roll with trannies:D Your last comment is just giving us more ammo/fuel: I imagine most trannies are at least 2nd hand; Any decent tranny should be able to use either/both hands; Why are you even dealing with a tranny if you aren't...
  29. brownfinger

    MOD 2012 Cruise Video

    Gee Achelea, I wonder which car was yours'??? Nice plate! You did OK in the raffle, too, didn't you?
  30. brownfinger

    MOD 2012 Cruise Video

    'Fraid so...
  31. brownfinger

    Tuning issue, or head gasket?

    Hmmm... I don't really know how to do a leak-down test!
  32. brownfinger

    Tuning issue, or head gasket?

    My 94 NT to Turbo conversion runs like crap. It's driveable, but at about 4500 to 5500 rpm, it stutters, bucks and backfires badly. It even seems like it's hitting fuel cut, but there are no boost leaks. After 5500 it will rev to redline smoothly. This is all the same whether it is under...
  33. brownfinger

    Say something about the person above you. Pt II

    Has a fruity-colored DSM.
  34. brownfinger

    Lean sometimes at idle and under load, failing o2?

    I would say it's the fuel pump. It can hold the correct pressure at idle, but not deliver adequate volume. If all your fuel trims are maxed-out, but everything else is OK, it's a safe bet that you need a new fuel pump. But do a BLT first.
  35. brownfinger

    bolting tranny to engine

    Well, is it in yet, or what? You just got to wiggle it a little, lightly grease the splines, etc...
  36. brownfinger

    OMaha to WV, through IA, IL, OH, Indy..looking for members

    Normal is waiting for you. PM me if you're still on the road. I live 1 1/2 miles from the factory.
  37. brownfinger

    Who here uses cordless impact drivers?

    I picked up a craftsman one for my new body-shop job. It has impressed me, even with just the ni-cad battery. It's been worth the money so far.
  38. brownfinger

    Blown tranny? Blown clutch? Help!

    Like I told you in the PM, just pull the trans. At least you need a new clutch. At most, you need a used trans. No need to dig into the trans case. If you want to be a nut-job, you can replace your trans with a used one, and have your old one rebuilt. Maybe you're lucky and it's just a...
  39. brownfinger

    Post drunk posts here

    I think I got laid last night... Working on getting drunk again. Gotta get up for work in 12 hours, I better get busy!
  40. brownfinger

    Whats needed to swap a 6 bolt into a 1g

    What Steve said, and all you'll need is the appropriate flywheel.
  41. brownfinger

    Stainless welding using cheap mig wire feed

    I have 309L SS wire that I use in my MIG with 25/75 star-gas (argon/CO2). On nice stuff, like 304 SS Thermal exhausts, I make tack-welds with my MIG, and take the piece to a shop to be TIG-ed. On cheap crap, like a 409 SS high-flow cat with junk chinese eBay flanges, I just MIG it all around...
  42. brownfinger

    Just so you guys know

    I was thinking that, too!
  43. brownfinger

    What's your cars name

    I can't. Help me!
  44. brownfinger

    New dsmer entering world today!!!!

    New Years and new babies! Congrats, for sure. Keep that baby clean, fed, and warm. Some chick told me that babies do good like that:thumb:
  45. brownfinger

    Need some help deciding

    I'm a sworn 1G lover. Completely whipped, I'm proud to confess. But I'd still buy a GVR-4 if one came along and I had the loot/time/space I needed. They are unknown sleeper super-awesome-sexy machines! Judging by your classified ad for the GSX, I'd say you already made up your mind, though...
  46. brownfinger

    Non Facebook people roll call

    [email protected]#k Facebook. I have a life. Thanks anyway.
  47. brownfinger

    Missing Seller

    Give him a couple of days. Don't be a stalker. As a career alcoholic, I need to say that some peeps need a few days. Maybe he's a scumbag scammer, but you've got to give him a few days. He might have a new baby or something.
  48. brownfinger

    Problem / Solution.

    You've got more Christmas spirit than I do!
  49. brownfinger

    need career help. opinions

    This is a good hangout thread. I just re-entered the work-force after 7 years as "self-employed". F1 would be nice, but I just settled for $9/hr, +benefits. Beggars can't be choosers. Not bad after the better part of a decade with no verifiable work history. Good luck, OP. Follow your...
  50. brownfinger

    1G 93-94 Stock Turbo Cams

    There's a thread, or 10, on here about it. But none seem totally comprehensive to me. The only way to go for sure is to mic them before you buy them, so far as I can tell...
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