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  1. Street Build 1G Build: Return of the DSMer!

    Early on you replaced the steering rack with "upgraded steering rack". I see you don't have a ps pump so is that a de-powered rack you're using and how do you like it?
  2. Does Size Matter? 2.5" vs. 3" Exhaust discussions. [merged]

    Sooooo..... Care to explain the jetta dyno testing results?
  3. How do you run lower than stock psi with 1g parts

    Stock boost uses the bcs to make it around 11psi. Wastegate pressure is around 9.
  4. How do you run lower than stock psi with 1g parts

    Run a vacuum line from the j-pipe (off the turbo) to the wastegate actuator.
  5. Does Size Matter? 2.5" vs. 3" Exhaust discussions. [merged]

    Quoted for truth. awdcoupe, I can't believe you've been so patient. Where the hell are the knowledgable moderators? 6 yrs ago this thread would've turned out completely different. Also I love how no one has commented on the link to the shop dyno testing exhaust differences. Although I'm sure...
  6. Convert Hydraulic to Manual Steering rack?

    I did the "miata mod" and did NOT reweld, after talking to someone who had over 15k miles on their rack. I haven't got to test it out yet unfortunately. Hopefully that time will come soon. The work itself is pretty easy.
  7. Does Size Matter? 2.5" vs. 3" Exhaust discussions. [merged]

    Haha gone a few days and whew! I never said my car made more power by adding the exhaust restriction, just that it was MUCH funner to drive, but I guess that's just flat out impossible, I just "had other things wrong with my setup", and somehow tossing a muffler on fixed them LOL . 94awdcoupe...
  8. Does Size Matter? 2.5" vs. 3" Exhaust discussions. [merged]

    I too have felt the lag/loss of low end power when I ran an open 3" down pipe on my 14b with 7cm housing. First drive after bolting up a dual chamber muffler directly to the downpipe I noticed a HUGE improvement in drivability/low end response.
  9. Boosting base FP to force more injector flow

    A lot of this depends on how much boost you're running. They'll probably be harder to tune with a higher base pressure too
  10. Street/Strip *Project Stick* again :(

    Love this build. How's it ride with the new suspension compared to before?
  11. 10 year hibernation, this is a rebirth of a 92 talon.

    Excited to read more. The teal DSMs are my fav
  12. 1992 1G Rally recce/Course opening car

    Dude more info! Congrats
  13. 2G Outlander brakes

    Told my wife to order me a set before I posted this.....and she didn't.....and now they're gone! :banghead:
  14. 2G Outlander brakes

    Waaaabaam!!! Mr307282 - Support Front Brake Caliper For Mitsubishi: Automotive
  15. Cheapest bolt on downpipe that will bolt on to stock cat?

    eBay, however idk if it will bolt up to the stock exhaust or not.
  16. Early '95 Rear Brake Thread (Discussion/PN)

    Sorry if I missed it, but is this mod 1g friendly as well?
  17. Evo 560cc fuel injectors

    It's known that the evo560s actually flow around 590cc. If you're running too rich either add some e85 in there or get something to tune with.
  18. A look at Stock Rod weights

    Where on the rod would be the best place to shave weight off? And did you take them all down to 680?
  19. o2 housing exhaust and boost leaks

    1. Sounds like you might need a new downpipe. 2. Get pics of turbine housing crack 3. If by intake gasket you mean the gasket at the throttle body and intake manifold, then yes it is a common leak. The best thing you could do is get a throttle body barrier gasket, they're thick, reusable, and...
  20. fuel pressure regulator questions

    With the car running pull off the vacuum hose off the fpr and lower it to 37.5 psi. 43 if you have an automatic.
  21. How did you break in your stage 4 xtd clutch?(searched)

    Over 10k and counting on my buddies stage 4 xtd, still grabs just like new but hasn't seen very much hard driving
  22. 1G blowoff help

    You might find this site helpful as well - Virtual Tour of the DSM Engine Bay - Top index
  23. Auto 96 with lots of Pics

    Nice progress!
  24. What is this BLT saying?

    The check valve is a godsend.
  25. Delta "HKS272 Regrind" Info.

    What does this mean!!!???
  26. lost, wot stutter @15 psi

    Still something wrong if those are your safc settings for 650s. It'd be really helpful to know what your fuel trims are like.
  27. T3 frame HX52 breaks 600awhp

    I've never ran one either, but I did add another breather tube, and I ran one of them directly to the intake pre-turbo. As long as your compression isn't terrible and the lines are big enough oil isn't going to get pushed up through the baffle. This whole catch-can craze the past few years is...
  28. T3 frame HX52 breaks 600awhp

    I saw it the other way around in the previous thread. Either way good job love that you guys keep trying new things and then actually post results.
  29. my first dsm turbo and need some help figuring out some stuff

    Virtual Tour of the DSM Engine Bay - Top index Why doesn't every member know about this?
  30. 2g maf in 1g Questions

    The 2g mas is the "tune" used to compensate for the 550s. safc's are great for the price if you don't have huge hp goals, but anything 350ish hp + is going to need injectors too big to use with an afc.
  31. Exhaust or Gauges/MBC

    If all the maintenance is up to par and the car's running well I'd get the exhaust and the mbc, wideband after that.
  32. 1g performance issues

    This. Also check mechanical timing. And those compression numbers are fine. One's a little low obviously but my old car ran out pretty well with all cylinders around 130.
  33. Why do my PTE 1000cc injectors look like this?

    Seafoam in the gas tank! An e85'ers must if you buy from a "black goo" station (not all e85 users get this problem)
  34. The story of my first car: The Talon

    Nice first post lol. Here's some reading I always recommend to new members. The Essential Primer on the Diamond-Star Engine Control Units - Table of Contents
  35. 2g Maf 1g combo

    I'd say it'd probably work "ok" with a 43.5psi fpr instead of the 37.5 manual fpr.
  36. 1g MAF honey comb questions

    It COULD make it run too lean, especially under boost. You need some more logging solutions to know for sure.
  37. 92 GST Stealing 14B record build

    What exactly is a "track bar"?
  38. 2g mass problems help

    You need something to compensate for the 2g mas you can't just throw it in there. You either need some form of tuning or 550cc injectors to "even" it out.
  39. Solid mounts?

    Moreso a thing for fwds to help with wheelhop/higher power awds.
  40. Clutch disc weight comparison

    Too much powaaaa!!! For reals though I've never seen that happen before.
  41. 1991 Eagle Talon Modding

    Welcome Tech Guide - DSMtuners VFAQ Site - Visual Frequently Answered Questions
  42. Can I use a mix of E85 and 91 to get higher octane without tuning?

    I used to do this on my old car with nothing to tune with, just had a logger. The 1g ecu targets 9.5:1 afr under boost, which is uber rich. I used to mix 6 gallons of 93 to 2 gallons of e85 and definitely noticed and smelled a difference. The ecu compensated with fuel trims and my o2 still...
  43. 1991 GSX Rally Build (Project Rally Beater, Production GT?)

    Looking forward to following this, I love it when people with money get into DSMs lol
  44. Billet 11 Blade 20G 374hp/369tq 91 pump

    Good numbers for 91 pump!
  45. 1990 Eagle Talon TSI

    Intake manifold looks great! Loving this build. Next thing you can do is a partial tuck of the wiring harness that's attached to the intake mani. Really really easy and free just takes about an hr or so and some electrical tape.
  46. awd suspension (coilovers)

    Read dude
  47. 90 eclipse gsx autox

    Do work!
  48. Ported 1G intake mani = FRH, Venom, Magnus

    Pretty sure I snagged that pic off of dsmtalk a year or two ago. IIRC the guy who posted it didn't have any data on it yet.
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