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  1. Readdy2die

    2G Throttle body question

    Thanks for all the replies fellas, I'll go ahead and close the gap a little and then install it and see how it idles then make any more needed adjustments.
  2. Readdy2die

    2G Throttle body question

    Hey guys, I picked up a used s90 throttle body from a member on here a few days ago but I noticed the plate seemed slightly open. Before I go about messing with it or installing it the way it is, I wanted to quickly check with everybody to see what they thought. Thanks
  3. Readdy2die

    FREE BILLET 2G Door Handles

    1999 gsx and 1995 AWD Talon.
  4. Readdy2die

    2G No Start 6bolt 2gAuto

    I'm gonna follow this post because I'm having a similar issue so if you're able to find a solution on your own please post it.
  5. Readdy2die

    2G Car doesn’t start. Need help

    The 1g cas simulates both your cam and crank sensor signals so if you're running the 1g Cas you can't also have the crank sensor plugged in. Did you rotate your engine to TDC before inserting the 1g CAS? Did you also make sure the 1g cas wasn't 180 degrees out? Those are both conditions that...
  6. Readdy2die

    Sold Borg Warner S366 T4

    450$ shipped SOLD!
  7. Readdy2die

    Sold 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS

    GONE! Thanks for looking!!!!!!!!
  8. Readdy2die

    Alloy 2G door handles! This time its REAL!!! Cancelled

    Just replaced both door handles on my eclipse GS over the weekend :| and this morning the passenger door handle on my talon broke after I lightly applied pressure trying to open the door lol needless to say, I need these
  9. Readdy2die

    420A Random stalling (power cutoff)

    Change your crank sensor. It's on the back of the motor. I had the same/ similar issue and it plagued me for over a month then I changed my crank sensor and the issues were gone.
  10. Readdy2die

    Superbowl champs!!!

    Superbowl champs!!!
  11. Readdy2die

    2G No start

    Sounds like an electrical problem. Double check your harness for a bad ground
  12. Readdy2die

    2G idle surge - throttle body rebuild or replace?

    I recently replaced my IAC valve with the tan one and a month later the car randomly started surging so I can attest to the fact that those things are indeed finicky.
  13. Readdy2die


    Another thing to check is your wiring. Specifically the wire going to the temp sensor on the Thermo housing. I dealt with an overheating issue before and after replacing a ton of things I stumbled across that wire and realized it was corroded and was barely clinging on so I cut it and added new...
  14. Readdy2die

    420A 420a problems

    Yeah bro eBay is gonna be your best bet for finding a short throw.. I bought one on eBay around 4 years ago and I'm still using it to this day and love it!
  15. Readdy2die

    1G Help Choosing a Motor

    If you choose to go with the 7 bolt, just disable the clutch switch to help prevent the premature thrust bearing failure.
  16. Readdy2die

    Is anyone in SJ still dsm'ing ?

    You got a wideband, link, turbo back exhaust, 255 pump and big front mount IC, you definitely should put them in
  17. Readdy2die

    Is anyone in SJ still dsm'ing ?

    Man I wish the Philly regional forum was alive just like this one :( setting up meets and stuff. I just might have to start driving to Jersey to hang lol
  18. Readdy2die

    Inbox full! How much you want for the MAFT genII

    Inbox full! How much you want for the MAFT genII
  19. Readdy2die

    Readdy2Die GSX

    Readdy2die submitted a new DSM Profile : Readdy2Die GSX Read more about this vehicle here...
  20. Readdy2Die GSX

    Street Build Readdy2Die GSX

  21. Readdy2die

    In my garage building a RaceCar

    In my garage building a RaceCar
  22. Readdy2die

    No start

    Usually the main things to check for when dealing with a crank no start issue are spark, fuel, compression and timing.
  23. Readdy2die

    2G Car stalls when clutch pressed

    Reminds me of some years ago when I went to look at a GSX that had been sitting a few months. I had owned a 97 RS, 99 GS and 98 Esi, but never a 4g63. I got there and immediately noticed that it looked really good cosmetically. Everything looked good.. paint, newer tires, brakes, no rips in the...
  24. Readdy2die

    1995 GSX Build - Journey to a 450awhp daily driver

    Just saw the IG post and I'm sad you're giving up on this project bro! This is by far the best build thread I've ever read in my life. In fact after having soo many problems with the DSM, I had decided to quit the game and move on to something else until I saw your build thread. It inspired me...
  25. Readdy2die


  26. Readdy2die

    Want to buy or rent tactrix open port cable

    I got one. Bought it from a member on here around 2 months ago 175 shipped I was hoping to tune my gsx but it's still down and probably won't be running for another few months so I'm letting some stuff go and I'm willing to let it go as well..
  27. Readdy2die

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    Hey what's up guys, long story short over the last few months Ive been doing a 6 bolt swap and finally completed a few days ago. I bought a black top cas and RREs harness to simplify the swap but after completing everything she won't fire up for some reason! I set the cas to tdc cylinder #1 and...
  28. Readdy2die

    Any DSM experts close to Philly area? I need help!!!

    Like the title states, I need help from any dsm wisemen within the area to get my car started. Over the past few months Ive been doing a 6 bolt swap and now it's complete but won't start. Ive gone over possible reasons why it's not starting in the forums but I can't seem to get the answers I...
  29. Readdy2die

    2G Boost builds, but no power!

    Bro, when you hook up your tester it's a really bad idea to set it to straight to 20psi :nono: The proper way to do it is to hook up the tester, remove the oil cap then start pressuring it at 5psi and slowly go from there
  30. Readdy2die

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    There's ways to do it yourself but you're better off Taking it to a machine shop and having them pressure check it for you
  31. Readdy2die

    What spoiler is this?

    I like the led light in it but other than that it looks kinda bulky on our cars
  32. Readdy2die

    1G Idle RPMs

    Yeah that does seem kinda low. +1 on checking and adjusting your biss screw
  33. Readdy2die

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    Upload the video to YouTube first then copy and paste the link here
  34. Readdy2die

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    Ok I'll check the voltage on that wire whenever I get another chance to do some work and then I'll get back to you
  35. Readdy2die

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    So is that sound it makes normal? I'm only asking because Ive disconnected my battery several times but Ive never heard it before.
  36. Readdy2die

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    I fixed the video and reposted it.. anyone know what that sound is? I'm pretty sure it's related to my no start problem 001:
  37. Readdy2die

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    ok I'll check all connections related to the starter and get back to you. Also sorry about the video I'll fix it and repost it
  38. Readdy2die

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    I Actually disabled my clutch switch awhile ago so I don't need the clutch to start the car. I'm gonna double check the fuses and relays and make sure they are all good. Do you have an explanation for the clicking/ticking sound when I put connect the battery? I posted a video of it.
  39. Readdy2die

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    I used the diagram you provided and everything checked out good.. I also made sure the plug synthetek suggested to check was plugged in but still nothing. Since the threads were merged I'm gonna quickly go over my problem again. My stock 7 bolt in my 99gsx went on me a few months back and while...
  40. Readdy2die

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    001: That video is the weird clicking noise I hear when I plug the positive terminal back on with the ignition on
  41. Readdy2die

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    The engine is not turning over at all. I can get to turn over and start by manually powering the starter but other than that it won't turn over. Also Ive checked all connections and they appear good
  42. Readdy2die

    Work mode

    Work mode
  43. Readdy2die

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    So I finally got some time today to work on the car. I went ahead and rotated the motor to TDC cylinder #1 and set the cas but I'm still getting no crank. I tried switching plug order still nothing. Also not sure if it matters but when I hook the positive battery terminal back on I get a weird...
  44. Readdy2die

    2G GST Shaking When Hits 50 All new Motor Mounts Not Sure What's Going On

    Bro, what you have on your hands sounds like an alignment issue. Start from there and work your way
  45. Readdy2die

    Wanting a dsm, could use some help

    One thing I can say though, if your budget is strictly 3500 then you might wanna wait til you save up more because regardless of what the previous owner says you should start with basic maintenance like oil change, brakes, trans fluid etc.. and these cars tend to break down a lot so most likely...
  46. Readdy2die

    A couple questions about the 4G64 engine?

    remember seeing a 2g eclipse along time ago and thought it looked and sounded awesome then watching tons of youTube videos of them and thinking I definitely want one! But when I did save up enough for one I bought a GS because I didn't know the differences haha after what seemed like every car...
  47. Readdy2die

    A couple questions about the 4G64 engine?

    Like the guy above said, the 3g gts or the 4g would be a good more reliable DD but since you specifically asked about the 1g and 2g models, I'm guessing you're just like the rest of us and love DSM's haha in that case they are both very reliable and will be good daily drivers. You could even get...
  48. Readdy2die

    A couple questions about the 4G64 engine?

    Well to answer your second question, reliability depends on a lot of factors one of them being how well you take care of the car and maintain it and also your actual plans for the car. Do you plan to keep it stock or mod it? If you plan to mod it and make serious power I'd go with the 1g or...
  49. Readdy2die

    91 6 bolt 4g63t engine swapped into 97 eclipse gst

    This link should tell you all you need to know involving the swap.
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