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  1. tlikethedrink

    Kill it with fire. 3g dsm 2g “conversion”

    Seen this for sale. $400. Thought I would share for kicks
  2. tlikethedrink

    2G No start CAS?

    I have a freshly rebuilt 7 Bolt. The head it came with was cracked so I sourced another. The head came with complete with cams and AEM gears etc. After I dropped the engine in i noticed the CAM angle sensor was different. It has the 3 pin style. My stock harness on my 98 has the 4 pin. I made a...
  3. tlikethedrink

    Rays Wheel Restoration

    I picked up a set of Rays Versus Campionato SS6 wheels up. I got them for cheap and am planning to to refinish them to clean them up to possibly re sell. They’re not as desirable and other styles or fitments but I thought they would fit my “build” goals and I can keep my evo8 wheels too. my...
  4. tlikethedrink

    98 GST rescue

    tlikethedrink submitted a new DSM Profile : Savethiseclipse Read more about this vehicle here...
  5. tlikethedrink

    serious help needed- ecu?

    this morning on my way to work i had some serious problems. it almost feels like a really bad boost leak, i cant accellerate over 3k. but i looked down at the tach and noticed it was all over the place! it went past 9k when i tried to give the car a little gas. it started when i tried to...
  6. tlikethedrink

    awd spyder parts list

    im looking o convert my spyder to awd. as of now is auto fwd. ive come across a gsx 5spd. i need a list of parts im going to need off that car to convert mine.
  7. tlikethedrink

    logger timed 0-60

    im just curious to see what the average 0-60 time is for a DSM. Car and Driver has 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T (Auto) 7.4, with a 15.5 1/4mile. i recently picked up a logger and it had a acceleration timer for 0-60. with a 60 degree intake temp at nearly 5,500 ft above sea level i got...
  8. tlikethedrink

    fmic too small?

    i picked up a fmic from a local. its bigger than stock. about 27" X 6.5" X 2.5" heres a link to a SIMILAR one. eBay Motors: INTERCOOLER STARION ECLIPSE TALON EVO8 WRX SRT4 3000GT (item 370022312488 end time Feb-18-08 14:09:42 PST) too small? should i slap it on? or should i just sell...
  9. tlikethedrink


    FlowTech made by Holley. 2.5 in/out i kinda bought it today on a whim. $25 tho is not bad for a muffler. not just for a straight can, but an actual muffler. i kinda cheaped out on the cheap. i actually went in looking for the "AFTERBURNER", after seeing the shitty welds and peeling...
  10. tlikethedrink

    HKS Drager...

    OG ol skool HKS Drager catback... i may have just picked up a sytem for cheap... any one else still use/have this system?
  11. tlikethedrink

    what intercooler is this?

    i seen a FMIC IC for cheap... just dont know what it is.. at first i thought it was a Starion IC. then i searched a bit n now im not so sure. it should work better than stock with a t25 right? <center> <img...
  12. tlikethedrink

    good deal?

    95GST. straight panels, but needs paint. rough interior. 6 bolt swap(blown), extra head is included. HKS exhaust, and misc odds and ends. car is dismantled but is supposed to be all there. $500 bucks. deal or no deal?
  13. tlikethedrink

    92 engine in a 95...

    would it bolt right in? or what would be needed for it to fit?
  14. tlikethedrink

    H22 civic or Spyder GST?

    ive found a 93 civic coupe... it has a H22 with basic bolt ons. the car itself its alright. just needs a paint and some wheels and pretty much its set. i could get it painted for like -$500 the wheels would depend. ild like some red 16s-17s with a polished lip. i think that car would be a well...
  15. tlikethedrink


    im looking into getting an Audi TT... anyways i was checking out some pages with parts in stuff and came across this... " Forge "TWINtercooler" is a ground breaking innovation featuring their unique twin-intercooler design that retains the use of the OEM intercooler. The Twintercooler has...
  16. tlikethedrink

    oil leak passanger side

    I just got back from out of town. I noticed i got a huge oil leak. Like 1/2 quart was dripped on the floor. It looks like its coming from the passanger side. I havnt done anything to that side of the engine. I checked the CAS as once it was left loose and leaked something fierce. I was hoping...
  17. tlikethedrink

    noise in upper timing belt area.

    Ok so i just finished changing the timing belt/water pump. I made sure the time was true. I was about to put it together when i decided to test start it. I test start it, idles fine. Only thing is- theres a funny noise up top. I figured it was the motor mount that i put in 1/2 assed. (It was...
  18. tlikethedrink

    Auto Spyder GST's...

    Is there any outther putting out good HP with decent times? I would eventually like to add an 3inch Cat-Back, FMIC, and maybe a 14b- with a few fuel mods (hopefully nothing that requires management). Is it worth it? Its not like im gonna go out tryn to race, but i would like to be able to hold...
  19. tlikethedrink

    Problems with XXXXXXXX

    Vendor Reviewed information removed.
  20. tlikethedrink

    water pump install

    so today i installed a new water pump... which is kinda making me want to kick my own ass for not having it changed with the timing belt that lead to a rebuilt head. anyways along the way i came across a few issues: busted BS belt. as soon as i enountered this little surprise i did a quick...
  21. tlikethedrink

    aftermaket intercooler pipe with stock bov?

    i ordered a EVO MR BOV, which is a direct bolt on to our stock UICP. so i would need a pipe that fits the stock BOV. is there any aftermarket UICP or Flange that translates pipe to be campatible with the stock BOV? <center> <a href=""...
  22. tlikethedrink

    real CF sparkplug covers...

    ive seen one for sale on been outta stock for quite a while... anyone else make em? is there enough of a market for me to make/sell em for say $75 a pop?
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