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Search results

  1. Dericsh

    ECMTuning discount code / BF

    I don’t recall getting an email from them over the holiday weekend. Maybe I’m not subscribed either but I would think I was, I purchased link from them last summer (2020).
  2. Dericsh

    Street Build ITFLYS - 1Gina2G

    Nice work, the sem trim black is definitely on my list!
  3. Dericsh

    GVR-4 Another coolant boiling thread

    Bummer, but thanks for updating us with your findings.
  4. Dericsh

    Street Build ITFLYS - 1Gina2G

    Some of the reviews said the sticky tape was not good quality on that one. Not sure how tough it would be to remove and replace with 3M tape before install.
  5. Dericsh

    Street Build ITFLYS - 1Gina2G

    It’s coming along nicely!I searched for a little bit and wasnt happy with any of the results, but so far this is the best one. I just don’t really like how much taller it is, but if factory is NLA, guess we gotta figure something else out.Rubber Seal | U Height: 29/64", Flange Height...
  6. Dericsh

    FIC Black Friday Sale

    Oh thanks! I need to sign up for their emails.
  7. Dericsh

    The throtl eclipse

    Just finished the series over the weekend. I love the car, in all its ridiculousness, just like the movie car. My favorite part has to be the repurposed NOS tank. Here’s a screen shot if you have not looked it up yet.
  8. Dericsh

    Resolved 1G 6 bolt timing belt tensioner oil leak

    congrats on the fix, you put in the work for sure. Now hopefully you can get that alternator bracket fixed and enjoy the car!
  9. Dericsh

    99 GS to GST

    I believe you’re asking about bolting a 4g63 transmission to a 420a block. I hope I’m reading that correctly. If so, the answer is it will not work.
  10. Dericsh

    1G Help - how to stop alternator squeal?

    Thanks, fixed [email protected]_lover did the same squeak come back causing this thread to continue or are you searching for multiple squeaks? Just wondering if the solution on post 9 should be removed?
  11. Dericsh

    Joke for the day

    Why can’t your nose be 12 inches long?Because then it would be a foot!-Brought to you by my six year old
  12. Dericsh

    1G Control arms for 1991 Eagle talon TSI AWD

    Not sure if you want to go tubular but volk makes some.
  13. Dericsh

    Timing Belt Tools

    I believe the threaded rod would be more useful if you were planning on reusing the old tensioner for some reason.
  14. Dericsh

    Spyder 97 spyder starter clicks. Doesn’t crank

    That’s great to get you out of being stranded, but don’t forget you should still plan to replace the starter in the near future if you’re going to be depending on this vehicle.
  15. Dericsh

    97 eclipse

    Have you measured the draw? Unhook the negative battery terminal and hook a voltmeter set on amps between the battery post and the terminal. 50 mA was the maximum acceptable draw when I was working at the dealership, and that’s on newer cars so I’d imagine dsms should run lower than that. Most...
  16. Dericsh

    DSMtuners is 20 years old this month.

    Congrats on 20 years! Such a great resource. I’m proud to be a small part of this community.
  17. Dericsh

    1G Looking for Windshield for Eclipse 1991

    Yeah I wondered that also, hopefully it’s a supply issue that will be resolved with some time.
  18. Dericsh

    1G Looking for Windshield for Eclipse 1991

    I’ve heard they are getting hard to find here, too. Although safelite gives me a quote online, I don’t know if they would call and cancel after the fact due to availability. We may all be running lexan one day soon.:idontknow:
  19. Dericsh

    1G Rear balance shaft bearing came loose

    It was supercharged. Fun car but admittedly it was modded too much for a daily. My wife hated it! LOLGlad you got your car back going. Hope you get used to the extra vibrations easy. How’s the oil pressure looking?
  20. Dericsh

    1G Rear balance shaft bearing came loose

    That’s how my k24 Civic was with the poly mounts and it got really old on a daily driver.
  21. Dericsh

    Change car photos for my profile

    If you’re ready to add your vehicle/build thread to your profile, try this:
  22. Dericsh

    Change car photos for my profile

    If you’re talking about the avatar image next to your name when you post something. Try this, I screenshot from my phone.
  23. Rvr Manifold

    Question by 'Dericsh' on classified ad 'Rvr Manifold'

    @awd4g63turbo is looking for one.
  24. Dericsh

    Cool Shelf Find

    It was way in the back on the bottom behind the Supra’s and lambos and other “cool” cars lol
  25. Dericsh

    Cool Shelf Find

    You know I had to go check my local Lowe’s.
  26. Dericsh

    4g63T lifter upgrade 6 bolt 1g

    Post 2 in This thread will show you the difference in the 1g and 3g aka “big bore” lifters.
  27. Dericsh

    2G Eclipse favorite car as a kid

    Welcome! I like that center tail light panel lighting up, That’s cool!
  28. Dericsh

    new here

    Welcome! I worked at Honda as a tech for ten years and had a couple of fun Honda’s back in the day. Congrats on getting a dsm and making it to the right place!
  29. Dericsh

    anybody out there have any experience with Brisk Sparkplugs?

    Ngk is cheap and reliable. No reason to try to be different on this topic, I don’t think.
  30. Dericsh

    1G Harmonic Balancer Recommendations

    I bought oem, I think I read those same threads you did about the dorman failures when I made that decision.
  31. 1g JMF race intake manifold

    For sale 1g 1g JMF race intake manifold

    “JM fabrications 1g race intake manifold with stock TB flange”.I bought this used and that was the description from the previous seller. I have not tried to run it, it looks like some of the threads could use cleaning up but to me they do look usable. It wasn’t on my car- please check my...
  32. Dericsh

    1G Rear balance shaft bearing came loose

    I think it’s just because the bearings come in a set. They just send them together and let you decide what to do with it.
  33. Dericsh

    1G Rear balance shaft bearing came loose

    Thought about this too and wanted to show you while you were in there. I have one somewhere, to replace the balance sprocket on the crank.
  34. Dericsh

    2G MR217022 Sunshade slider (spring loaded clips)

    Heck yeah that came in pretty quick!
  35. Dericsh

    1G Rear balance shaft bearing came loose

    I think you made the right decisions for the BSE here. Any history of that block spinning that bearing out before this? Let us know your opinion of the vibration, hopefully not too bad!
  36. Dericsh

    My First Post

    This is a sad sight, but I hope you can save a few things off it.If the sunroof has a good seal on the glass, does anybody know if it could be transferred to a good glass?
  37. Dericsh

    2G Drip Moldings

    I know I’ve mentioned this before but I’ll link it here so you can check peoples results in their reviews.SEM 39143 Trim Black Aerosol - 15 oz.
  38. Dericsh

    2G Rear Ended, worth fixing? Insurance tips??

    Glad you’re okay. You gotta fix it! Maybe print out some final auction prices for similar cars on BAT and eBay? I’m case you have to prove that the car is a collector car with higher value than KBB.
  39. Dericsh

    New to dsm

    Easier to ask forgiveness than permission!
  40. Dericsh

    Resolved Oil Spill

    Thanks for coming back with the solution. Congrats on getting it going!
  41. Dericsh

    New to dsm

    Yeah, super clean examples can go from 10-12k plus lately
  42. Dericsh

    New to dsm

    Yeah before you’re stuck for 20 years like us 😂
  43. Dericsh

    New to dsm

    Are you looking for 1g or 2g? The 1990 being the first year has several things about it that differs from 91-94 so that can potentially cause parts issues. In 92.5 the engines changed from 6 bolt crank shaft to 7 bolts, and in 2g’s 7 bolts, crank walk was a big scare and lots of people swapped...
  44. Dericsh

    New to dsm

    Welcome, you’re in the right place! Patience is the key to dsm shopping these days.
  45. Dericsh

    "Grady Jones"

    Looks really nice!
  46. Dericsh

    420A Help with damaged spark plug

    You’re gonna need it on TDC to reinstall the belt, so you might as well put it there before you remove it. If you can, that is, it’s not broken? It’s fine to leave it sitting without oil while you’re repairing it. When it’s not running, the oil is just sitting in the pan anyway.
  47. Dericsh

    2G MR217022 Sunshade slider (spring loaded clips)

    Overseas shipping is expensive but it is what it is.
  48. Dericsh

    2G MB914056 Glass holder (exterior door trim)

    Amayama says discontinued and unavailable :notgood:
  49. Dericsh


    I have to agree with you here. That’s what I would do too. Pay out of pocket for windshield and just roll with the hood.
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