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  1. What was your first DSM?

    My first car crush.
  2. Yes, you can just remove it.

    Yes, you can just remove it.
  3. 2g Wheels and Tires Size Questions [merged] fit fitment

    Here are some tables that may help:
  4. Tire Size Recommendation Request

    My advice was for a 2g, it does not apply to a 1g.
  5. Help with Big brake kit

    Also remember that when discussing brake swaps like this, the subject of wheel spacers almost always comes up, as they are usually required. In my case the fit was so close that the wheel scratched the paint off the calipers. I sanded them and repainted and ended up with clearance about the...
  6. vr4 brakes on a 2g

    Make them. There are dimensions in these threads:
  7. Tire Size Recommendation Request

    From the math, you would have about the thickness of a penny for clearance on either side of the tire. Unless you can test fit them before purchasing or you are prepared to deal with rubbing by using spacers or aggressive fender rolling or increasing negative camber, it would be better to...
  8. Quick rim question wheels will fit with no problem whatsoever, but I'm thinking you might want some rubber on them. That's where things can get tricky.
  9. Tire Size Recommendation Request

    245/40/18's are BIG tires, diameter wise. The would fit with fender rolling but 245/35/40 might be better. If you want to avoid fender rolling, stay with the 225/40/18's.
  10. Tire Size Recommendation Request

    Lowering doesn't change any of the clearances. Changing camber after lowering does but only at the fender. With that high offset, you've got enough clearance at the fender for a __________ (fill in appropriate humorous noun).
  11. Tire Size Recommendation Request

    I think you'll find that all 235/40/18's require an 8-inch width wheel, so their out. That leaves 225/40/18, an easy fit.
  12. Tire Size Recommendation Request

    Hunh?You should be fine with the 225/45/17's on +48mm offset. Forget about tire chains though.It's the tire that's hard to fit, not the wheel.
  13. Tire Size Recommendation Request

    Those will be a little close to the rear fenders but should fit if they are rolled.
  14. Tire Size Recommendation Request

    If you had looked at this thread you would know that there is no way you would fit 255's on those wheels. I'd say 235's are the widest you can use without complications.
  15. Lowering the car need alignment help.

    You should start by estimating your correction based on the amount of suspension height change. That should put you in the ballpark. Otherwise you should get a bubble type camber gauge. Habor...
  16. lower stress bar [Merged 12-8]

    It is generally felt that that that is not an area that requires reinforcment. A strut bar on the top may stiffen things a bit if you have a sunroof. It's the torsional stiffness that is lacking and there isn't much you can do, short of a roll cage, that will improve it.If you are set on...
  17. [RESOLVED] 2g Caster - Changing it

    The top pic above shows a drivers side arm, typical of what you get when ordering new mitsubishi replacement parts. The bushing in this configuration lessens the caster on that side, theoretically optimizing handling on the right side of a crowned road. For equal (and generally better)...
  18. What the deal with 2g compression arms & bushings?

    This thread may help.
  19. 2g Ball Joint Lower Lateral Control Arm Recall [ merged ]

    I wouldn't drive around the block without the nut on. The dealer will replace it regardless of the abuse if it has not been already replaced under the recall, otherwise I would highly doubt it.
  20. Tire Size Recommendation Request

    No, sorry Briuah. I don't advise for 1g fitment.
  21. Tire Size Recommendation Request

  22. wheel size and offset to be able to run 275s?

    You might want to reconsider the 275's. 275/35/17 sounds about right but I don't know that that size exists. Last I knew 285/30/18's ruled at autocross. You'll want no more than +20mm offset for them, +15mm would be safer.
  23. Tire Size Recommendation Request

    While that write up does not declare what stock size was used as baseline, you may have inferred that the baseline is 205/55/16, in which case you would be correct. You are also correct in assuming the only difference if 215/50/17 was the baseline would be the values in the "%Diff from Stock"...
  24. Ideas for poor man's alignment?

    I use a laser level.
  25. Upgrading Fuel Injectors
  26. Spyder Top Electronics

    You might want to try this: mod is not for everyone. You are escentially removing part of the idiot-proofing.
  27. maft
  28. What the heck!? OLYMPICS !!!

    Anyone catch the men's synchronized diving?:barf: Who decides what to broadcast anyway? What's next? Synchronized stamp collecting?:toobad:
  29. Quick Control Arm Question

    I know nothing about the part numbers but last time I purchased toe control arms with an online parts selector ( there were 3 different arms listed at 3 different prices.Now that I look, I see that the front arm has 4 listings and the trailing arm has 2 (turbo/nonturbo).
  30. Quick Control Arm Question

    There are differences between the models for the rear toe-control arms.
  31. Tire discussion and choices [Merged 11-7] which size what tires tiretire

    Yes, 225/45/17 on the 17-inch +42mm offset would be fine.[/sarcasm on] If you want to use 17-inch tires on 16-inch wheels you will need a one-inch spacer. [sarcasm off]
  32. Tire discussion and choices [Merged 11-7] which size what tires tiretire

    I do not recommend 17-inch tires on 16-wheels. They may rattle around a bit.You will be fine with more common 225/45/17's on 17-inch wheels with offset (ET) somewhere around 40-46mm.
  33. blow threw maft setup?
  34. iphone performance meter

    This is really cool... Dynolicious turns iPhone into cheap performance meter - Autoblog
  35. Turbo Question.

    You'll want to set some goals and follow the appropriate upgrade path. Tech Guide - DSMtuners
  36. Turning radius messed up? [Merged 7-8]

    You could pull the steering wheel off and place it a few degrees to the right, then get the car realigned. This would give you a bit tighter steering on left turns at the expense of wiode right hand turns.
  37. Bargain Basement Big Brakes

    Torque is a big part of it, but the problem with the stock brakes in a motorsports application is not enough mass in the rotors to sink the heat that's being generated. It seems like the powerslot kit has that aspect covered.
  38. Brake help!!

    Siezed caliper. Rebuild or replace it.
  39. Double Din Radio On 2g's

    Anyone try the Chinese all-in-one units showing up on ebay? They are about half the price of comparable name-brand nav-sereos, but still they are up around $500. Not exactly chump change.
  40. CV Boot: Universal vs Application Specific

    The clamp type separators often work better than the fork but they don't always fit.You need only remove the outboard ends of the lower lateral control arm and fork to separate the axle. You might want to read up on the axle removal threads. It can be a pain without a hub puller...
  41. CV Boot: Universal vs Application Specific

    It shouldn't really be necessary to snap the other end out of the transmission. It only takes a moment though and it might make changing the boot easier.It's kind of like saying you can't decide whether or not to take your shoes off when you change your pants.
  42. 3.0 gm maf question

    You can ask you know:
  43. Will 19x8 wheels fit?

    The diameter is a little big but could fit if offset is close to +40mm. If you are rubbing at the knuckle you could use a spacer. You can space the wheel with washers to get an idea of how thick a spacer you need, but don't be tempted to leave them in there. Spacers typically require longer...
  44. help wiring gauges!!!
  45. Can DSMlink control boost?

    The stock ebc has only a narrow range of control. When it's closed, boost level is limited to the activation pressure of the waste gate actuator. When it's open, it allows a few pounds more boost to the intake before sufficient pressure reaches the waste gate actuator to open it. It's not an...
  46. Will 19x8 wheels fit?

    That's kind of like saying, "I got a pair of shoes from my cousin. Will they fit me?" I don't know your cousin.Anyhow, you put them on. Where did they not fit? Also, offset or "ET" is often stamped into an unmachined surface on the back of the wheel.
  47. Will 19x8 wheels fit?

    Offset: Unknown = Fit: Unknown
  48. avoiding getting pulled over

    He'll just nail you when you come out of the closet.
  49. ***Please help!!!! brake problem****

    Try pulling the ABS fuse. At least you coule eliminate that as a variable.
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