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  1. Kryndon

    2G Turbo a '96 Euro non-turbo Eclipse

    They are F5M31-2s, allegedly with weaker and smaller internals but otherwise identical bellhousings and dimensions. They lack the 3 breather ports on top. But yes, he'd also need to think about at least swapping in a GS-T trans. I've heard some EU folks using boxes and gearsets from other Mitsus...
  2. Kryndon

    2G Turbo a '96 Euro non-turbo Eclipse

    I'm coming to NL to trade a Civic to a guy for another car next week. Maybe I can find you a decent GS lol. There is a GS converted to turbo here for sale for 5k euros with ECMLink v3 lite. Also from what I know, if you import a car from another EU country it shouldn't be a problem since the RDW...
  3. Kryndon

    2G Turbo a '96 Euro non-turbo Eclipse

    Our N/A 7 bolt blocks (as well as 6 bolts) do have oil squirters in the exact same places as turbo blocks. I can supply photos if you need or you can check my build profile. I scavenged a 7 bolt N/A shortblock and put EVO 7 pistons and rods in it.There are quite a few threads discussing this...
  4. Kryndon

    E3 16g dyno results

    Oof, how do yall keep getting those good f***in' numbers on the E16g?! I've got pretty much the same setup and I'm still struggling under 300 whp based on link calculations. Currently at 256whp 12 deg timing 11 AFR and 20 psi boost :banghead: . Sorry I sound like a grumpy kid but I guess I am...
  5. Kryndon

    2G Replaced valve stem seals but now high idle.

    Charge up your lappertopper hook it up to good ole Link and log a cold start all the way thru fully warmed. Once fully warmed check your airflowperrev value as well as ISC pos and TPS volts. If those are out of spec (airflowperrev ~0.25-0.28 g/s, ISCpos ~30, TPSVolts @0.63/0.65v idle), tweak as...
  6. Kryndon

    1G Transfer case choices

    @pauleyman Hey Paul, so just to get this straight (after also reading your VFAQ article on this), the leak comes from the pictures brass plug above? So oil flows from within the transfer, through the splines, through the plug and out to the atmosphere?I remember now that almost every time I...
  7. Kryndon

    2G Which Outlander parts fit 2gNT

    I use this one but the menu itself is in Russian, however part names and model names are in English so it should be easy to navigate: is also
  8. Kryndon

    2G Which Outlander parts fit 2gNT

    I believe 1st/2nd gen Outlanders share a lot more parts with EVOs than DSMs. If you have the patience you could just load up an Outlander VIN in a CAPS-like program/website and start comparing part numbers.
  9. Kryndon

    AEM How much timing reduction for 9.0:1

    Am I reading this right? Let's say I'm running 22 psi selected boost via controller. And let's say my ECR is around 8.5:1. Does that mean my actual FCR will end up being 21.22psi? If so, that would make sense, and it really does show that CR isn't all that big of a deal in terms of tuning so...
  10. Kryndon

    ECMlink NLTS 2-3 and it was lean

    How old is the sensor? It could be lagging from age? I just compared with my logs where I'm rowing thru NLTS (innovate LC-2) and I only get 0.35seconds of 22.4 reading during the shift. I think in your case the ECU is still running your target AFR but the gauge is lagging. You'd really need to...
  11. Kryndon

    I got even with a scammer after 18 years

    That was a good story. People can be real petty but I guess it's easier in life to be on the asshole-end of things than it is to be decent. Personally so far I've sent at least 10 items to the States through the classifieds here and people were always happy. Yes, it's real easy to just block and...
  12. Kryndon

    2G Mixing Poly & OE Motor Mounts

    I've ran poly mounts since 2017, front rear and driver side to be exact. I could never find the trans poly mount so it's remained stock. The polys are great and definitely worth doing but now my trans mount has worn so much that you can definitely feel clunking and negatively affected shifting...
  13. Kryndon

    "Lucky" Sevens Talon

    Thanks for the kind words. There is actually only one other 2G turbo Talon in Bulgaria but it's the pre-facelift and the owner swapped Eclipse bumpers on it. There are another 3-4 1G Talons, the rest are N/A Eclipses. Timo is right, I've also seen some Talons in Germany but they are still much...
  14. Kryndon

    Shimming the pivot ball.

    I shimmed the pivot ball with an OEM 1G head stud washer (I believe 2mm thick?) when I installed a new Competition Stage 2 Clutch kit. I had my flywheel resurfaced, however the machinists f***ed up majorly and took it down to 0.590" even though I explicitly told them 0.608 is the minimum...
  15. Kryndon

    2G Got Spark, Got Fuel, Car Cranks But doesnt start... it did an hour ago... HELP!!!

    10 year old thread or not, I'm having the EXACT same issue on a '96 Civic EK4 1.6 I recently bought. Piece of shit car I thought it'd be half as nice as a DSM but nope, Hondas are definitely worse than our junk. Anyway the original poster posted on November 23rd, and it's Nov 25th now so it must...
  16. Kryndon

    Great history of DSM video

    Hah, it very well could be! I keep forgetting they sold a few thousand officially in Japan.
  17. Kryndon

    what oil filter housing is this?

    It does look like the same thing. Also it has no oil pressure sender (for an oil pressure gauge on the dash) but does have the oil pressure switch for the dummy light. As far as I can see, RVRs don't have an oil pressure gauge on the dash like DSMs do, so this would make sense.Actually...
  18. Kryndon

    Great history of DSM video

    This is really cool. At the 3:00 minute mark, you can see one of the rarest versions of a 1G, which is a 6 bolt N/A AWD unit with the turbo bumpers but has foldable side mirrors and side markers on the fenders, for the European market. I've only seen one of those ever. Also you can see they are...
  19. Kryndon

    2G Alternator Wire Upgrade Route

    Looks like this is the most recent thread about alternator wires so I'm gonna jump on here also.When I want to install a bigger size wire from the alternator to the battery in hopes of getting more volts (less volt drop), should I just leave the factory twin white wires in place and sandwich...
  20. Kryndon

    2G Painting car soon, what exterior combo?

    Yellow bumper and wheels, white fenders and hood, rest of car black with a white ducktail spoiler.Yep, it'll look like a bald eagle alrite. :talon::hellyeah:
  21. Kryndon

    ECMlink I'm confused, can't seem to reach the 300whp goal on E16G

    @TK's9d2TSi @Stapl3I hope you guys don't mind that I'm tagging you this way but you've been helping so far and I think I may have found a potential issue.So, since the FIC injectors came with a data sheet, I input all those deadtimes in the InjBatteryAdj table under Direct access. However, I...
  22. Kryndon

    2G New wheel bearings

    Honestly you got two choices really, either keep the OEM hubs and press new bearings in (SKF are the best followed by Koyo), or if you want new hubs, take your wheel off and place the new hub/bearing onto the wheel to check if it fits concentrically. If it does, run it. If it also rubs, go with...
  23. Kryndon

    2G New wheel bearings

    I learned the hard way and I would advise you to KEEP your OEM hubs and just swap the bearings over. This however requires you to hammer them out and use a press, as well as cutting off the old stuck-on bearing race.The problem with many aftermarket bearing+hub kits is that the hubs are ever...
  24. Kryndon

    1G Help - how to stop alternator squeal?

    Worn pulleys. Yep, you read that right. I've gone through this whole ordeal over the course of 2 years. I've even gone so far as to change Alternator bearings which was a complete waste of cash and time.Basically what ends up happening is the Power Steering pulley most notably wears out too...
  25. Kryndon

    "Lucky" Sevens Talon

    Aight, 8 months later wow what a year it's been. Had a really cool temporary job doing street view mapping for Apple around Europe and saved up enough that I could finally afford ECMLink!I found a trustworthy guy on the facebook classifieds who sold me his ECU + Cable + AFPR and FIC 1000cc...
  26. Kryndon

    ECMlink I'm confused, can't seem to reach the 300whp goal on E16G

    I don't have another MAF on hand and my 4 bar SD kit should be arriving this week or early next so I'm completely removing the MAF and stock intake snorkel.I've never installed a flexfuel sensor and I wasn't even aware that value was being logged. The only fuel-related item I have logged is...
  27. Kryndon

    ECMlink I'm confused, can't seem to reach the 300whp goal on E16G

    What I meant was on a cold start because the RPMs are high and injector pulsewidths are longer, the gauge will read base pressure even with the vacuum line attached. As the RPMs drop and engine warms up, it will start to pull strong vacuum and pull the AFPR diaphragm up, allowing more fuel to...
  28. Kryndon

    ECMlink I'm confused, can't seem to reach the 300whp goal on E16G

    So, in a sense, all else not taken into account, increasing the MAF sliders would have the same general effect as decreasing my global fuel (closer to 0%)? So, technically, I can drop my -55.5% global fuel to let's say -40% which would make my injectors act like 750cc and then go back to the maf...
  29. Kryndon

    ECMlink I'm confused, can't seem to reach the 300whp goal on E16G

    I understand now. But that's very odd. I'm running an EVO 9 gold pump which I recently rewired to get higher voltages to it. I also installed an AFPR which I've set at 43.5 psi (3 bar) and I paired it with FIC 1000cc injectors. When I input all those fuel stats into the global fuel calculator...
  30. Kryndon

    ECMlink MAFComp Sliders High

    Did you end up figuring out what was causing your sliders to go so high? I might be having the same issue and I'm digging through the forums to see how people handled it.
  31. Kryndon

    ECMlink I'm confused, can't seem to reach the 300whp goal on E16G

    Off how? I have noticed on almost every timing cell selected by the ECU, I'm actually getting from 0.4 to 1* less timing in the log. Sometimes my coolant temp goes over 95C which I know is when the ECU starts pulling 1* timing for every 3 other degrees, but it can't be this all the time since...
  32. Kryndon

    ECMlink I'm confused, can't seem to reach the 300whp goal on E16G

    Thanks guys. Maybe I'm being too naive and expecting too much from this turbo. I was under the impression that the evo 16g starts entering its optimal efficiency at 22 psi and up to 28-30 again depending on whether you're running corn juice or reg gas. In my case I'm using 93 which is more...
  33. Kryndon

    ECMlink I'm confused, can't seem to reach the 300whp goal on E16G

    Thanks; your table looks much more uniform and blended in. I adjusted mine slightly but with lesser timings still as I am on 93RON. I will drop the boost down to 24-25 psi and see where that takes me.What does this HPByAir metric really tell you? I checked mine and it's around 5-6. Are you...
  34. Kryndon

    ECMlink I'm confused, can't seem to reach the 300whp goal on E16G

    I went to the airstrip and did 9 pulls from 1st through third, using third gear as my main reference as it has a 1:1 ratio and offers the most accurate figures. I have also configured the HP/TQ settings to match my car. I tried:1. 28.2psi and no knock @ 9* timing and 10.8AFR, that netted me...
  35. Kryndon

    Oil Priming

    If he did a decent job at rebuilding, he'd have packed the oil pump full of assembly lube/grease, which should still be in there ready to go. Pull the MPI fuse at the engine bay fuse box (it's sometimes labeled as "ENGINE" fuse), I believe it's a 20 amper. Then you can turn the crank a few times...
  36. Kryndon

    1G Launching the Car is frustrating

    Friend of mine who runs built autos on his 2 DSMs had the same issue with medium/big turbos and high stalls off the line; his cars would creep and ruin the staging. Ended up putting EBC yellowstuff pads at the front and upgrading to Outlander brackets. Those two mods made his cars entirely...
  37. Kryndon

    ECMlink OBDII to ECMLink? (BimmerGeeks Cable)

    Worth a try. I used a $5 blue VAG cable which I soldered a short wire from pins 1 and 4 then used it on my brother's JDM Legnum VR-4 through Evoscan. It works and reads all the data and i can log, but I cannot flash with it; would need a proper Tactrix cable for it.So maybe the cable you got...
  38. Kryndon

    2G How does everyone here clean their engine bays?

    Recently did it on my Talon and on my brother's VR-4. Removed MAF/airboxes and batteries of course, then put a plastic bag over the alternator and any connectors which were loose (bags didn't help, water still got in 'em but whatever). Sprayed with a garden hose, then sprayed liberally with a...
  39. Kryndon

    New to me dsm

    Welcome back! Looks like a nice build you picked up and continued. Do yourself a favor and get some Chrysler 300C hood struts to install on yours. Same 300C as the one in your third picture (white one). They are pretty much a bolt-on affair, all you gots to do is drill 1 hole in each hinge and...
  40. Kryndon

    2G Are these EVO 7 or 8 pistons?

    Looks like I never came back to update with results, but ever since assembling the engine in May 2019 it has ran with this EVO 7 rod/piston combo without any issue. I have it all documented in my build thread. Again many thanks to Hiroshi for confirming the specs!
  41. Kryndon

    2G Replacement Oil Pressure Sending units and pressure readings

    Good points all around. I have the original '97 Talon FSM and I need to cross-check on that page 71. Again, we all know the needle isn't showing specific psi values but I have noticed it change resting positions in cases when I deleted balance shafts, mistakenly left the front balance shaft oil...
  42. Kryndon

    2G Replacement Oil Pressure Sending units and pressure readings

    Well after a few days of driving around with the Beck/Arnley unit, it seems that when it settles, it reads like the old one, so at idle I get real low pressure (which still makes no sense in my case!) and sometimes it will sit at the middle during cruise. HOWEVER, it's still 80% of the time way...
  43. Kryndon

    16g boost creep 😩

    @pauleyman Paul, I want to admit my idiocy and just share that I have, in fact, fixed the creep on mine. Apparently I forgot that I had put a 2mm thick washer under the chinese spring inside the wastegate, which of course caused it to act as a much stiffer spring. After removing it and running...
  44. Kryndon

    Best Shot of your DSM

    Here's one from the recent JDM Car festival here in Bulgaria (yeah I know this thing is more American than Japanese but it's got dual citizenship alright?):
  45. Kryndon

    Best Shot of your DSM

    Woah man, these engine bays looks like the work of somebody that either works in the aerospace or weapons industry! Absolutely love it, especially the heat shields and intake tracts. Great stuff! :thumb:
  46. Kryndon

    ECMlink Finally got Link and I'm trying to learn and dial things in, would appreciate feedback!

    I also have another log right after the first one where I added some TPSTipIn and did more pulls (my own little Mexico), so I will add it here.
  47. Kryndon

    2G Coolant hose part number

    MD309661 should be the hose in question. I've gotten away with cutting my own but it really is a tight fit and you need a more flexible yet sturdy hose to do the job.
  48. Kryndon

    ECMlink Finally got Link and I'm trying to learn and dial things in, would appreciate feedback!

    1). Any boost, vac, or exhaust leaks? No Boost leak tested 5psi above your max boost with no leaks? Yes2). Verified mechanical timing? Yes3). Verified base timing? Yes4). Ignition system Stock Wire brand and Age: NGK/3 year Spark Plug brand, type and Gap: NGK-BPR7ES/.0255 to help with...
  49. Kryndon

    16g boost creep 😩

    I don't want to hijack the guy's thread and I'll also be uploading pics of it as well as other things I did on my build journal very soon, but I assure you it's big.Two fingers in there easy; whole flapper lip is gone and then some, but I also made sure to leave enough meat on the housing walls...
  50. Kryndon

    ECMlink Adjust Your TPS!

    I ended up disabling TPS Adjust and left it untouched at my previous manual adjustment which had it at 0.63 at car off and 0.65 at car idling. The IPS is now switching properly after the TPS goes over 2% throttle, although my maximum throttle is now back at 97% but I reckon the difference is...
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