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  1. Werewolf just went live.

    Yeah I've heard about running the EVO 8 ECU before. I'll research it and find out what wiring mods are needed. I've heard tuning is based off EVO scan??
  2. Oil Leaks... Again

    Are you daily driving your car?
  3. Werewolf just went live.

    Gotcha...yeah I ran jackal for a few years and then snagged werewolf when it came out. One of the beta testers was a local close friend of mine so we put alot of time and effort into tuning. I then parked my car for a few years and boom here I am now. I really dont wanna move into an AEM setup...
  4. Werewolf just went live.

    Thanks man......I signed up for it today so I'll see how it goes. Guess no one is running or use to run Werewolf ?
  5. ECMlink Dreaded idle surge after AEM wideband install?.?

    Nice repair job...even though the shielding was damaged on th O2 sensor at least you wrapped it up.
  6. Quality Facebook Content!!

    I think its freaking hilarious.......just when I thought I've seen it all.........
  7. Werewolf just went live.

    Old tread I'd like to bring back up...... Did anyone end up using Werewolf?I setup my car with it after a couple of years using Jackal but I fell out of the DSM world for awhile. Got back online a few months ago and seems the website and support are gone now. WTH?When I opened my software an...
  8. Oil Leaks... Again

    Yeah best solution is just pull the head and replace the head gasket.....great time to replace the valve cover seals and check valve stems seals as well. Bandaiding the problem not only is a bad idea but will bite you in the butt. If you're going to put effort into fixing the...
  9. 2G Hi all!

    Nice......its hard to find a car still OEM.....good luck in finding everything you need!!
  10. ECMlink Dreaded idle surge after AEM wideband install?.? that couldn't have gone any worse but at least you were able to find it. Soldier that sucker up....and dont forget your heat strink.
  11. I'm back!!!

    Welcome back!! I joined the site several years and then never really posted until now. I was definitely happy to see the site is still running strong and chatting up some other fellow 1g owners!
  12. ECMlink Dreaded idle surge after AEM wideband install?.?

    Meant to say if I see janky wiring I wouldnt even waste my time
  13. ECMlink Dreaded idle surge after AEM wideband install?.?

    Man that sucks to hear things have gotten worse. You'll be doing the right thing by tearing it all back apart and fixing it right. If I'm looking at a car to buy and see someone had been splicing wires or as you said janky wiring. Good luck to you!!!
  14. New to DSMs and need advice

    Welcome!!! Hey thanks for you guys mentioning Miller for parts. I've got some external weather stripping I've been searching for a while now!!
  15. Hello :)

    Agreed...this site is loaded with information and extremely knowledgeable people. Welcome !!!!
  16. 1gst from Turkey

    Welcome....very clean looking 1g....I'm sure your rpm issue is something simple...process of elimination!
  17. Oil Leaks... Again

    Yeah sorry freeze plug was the only term that came to mind.....that's for the clarification
  18. Oil Leaks... Again

    Freeze plug??
  19. New and need some advice

    Yeah if you've never been to the shootout go....I have yet to see more dsm's packed in one place at the same time....always inspiring to go and then go back home and start playing with my DSM. Welcome to the site!!
  20. hello fellow dsm freaks

    Welcome to site Luke!!
  21. Starting with an engine...

    Nice!! Welcome to the site
  22. Hi All

    Hi welcome to the site!!
  23. 2G The Ambitious Kid on the block already balls deep....

    The best way to learn to work on a car is to get one that needs aot of work.......success!! Good luck on getting it up and running!
  24. New to dsm

    Welcome to the beginning of a love hate relationship!! Good luck with getting her back up to par
  25. Long time 1G owner

    Hey everyone.....wanted to reach out and introduce myself. My names Dan and I've had my 91 GSX for about 13 years now. I've done a tons of upgrades to my car over the years and kind of fell out of the scene for a while but thinking of getting back into it again. I still try to attend the...
  26. 2G Hi all!

    Welcome...what kind of plans do you have?
  27. ECMlink Dreaded idle surge after AEM wideband install?.?

    Wow...this is great I information for me as well...thanks!!
  28. ECMlink Dreaded idle surge after AEM wideband install?.?

    Just food for thought....I fought idle surging on my 1g for years and day someone mentioned the idle stop screw being out of adjustment. So I did the feeler gap check and sure enough the damn throttle plate was open too far. Adjusted it to proper spec and never had idle surging...
  29. 420A Sometimes there's power, sometimes there's not

    Depending on what shape your timing belt and water pump are in....if you've got the motor out that's a great time to replace timing belt, water pump, timing tensioner, cam shaft seals, crank shaft seal. If you're running AC and your compressor is bad......good time for that replacement. Check...
  30. 420A Sometimes there's power, sometimes there's not

    You mean wiring wise once you pull the motor or are you asking outside of that?
  31. 420A Sometimes there's power, sometimes there's not

    Ok well good thing is that means you probably have a dead short somewhere. If you have a multimeter you can ohm it out compared to a chassis ground and see if you can see a short. If so I'd suggest removing all the wires that connect to the fuse until the short disappears and then that should...
  32. Oil Leaks... Again

    Dang.....maybe I should have read everyone elses replies before I chimed in...sorry hahaha
  33. 420A Sometimes there's power, sometimes there's not

    I agree with MotoMattx.......start disconnecting things or disconnect everything and then start reconnects. Crappy part is your going to burn through a bunch of fuses before you find thing issue. Older cars like ours are susceptible to wire insulation rubbing through and shorting to metal. Does...
  34. Oil Leaks... Again

    Are you watching the cam seals to make sure they aren't leaking on you? Are you seeing signs of oil on the timing belt? Do you have an external oil cooler? I've had one not seat properly and started leaking on me which sucks since there doesnt seem to be an easy way to change it without pulling...
  35. 3586HTA

    Street Build 3586HTA

  36. 3586HTA

    dantheman91gsx submitted a new DSM Profile :3586HTARead more about this vehicle here...
  37. 2G vs 1G!

    I still have my 91 GSX and even though I've always loved the 2G body style I cant help but to love my 1G.
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