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  1. YungTlon

    1G Headgasket size please help

    Alright gurus I will be posting this with a little more info this time hoping for a answer with the Newley provided information, I tried posting on tuners but no hits. So I’m still trying to figure out the right headgasket size. My head is reading about 5.190” And my pistons sit about 5-7...
  2. YungTlon


    Hello, so today I have a question that I find really complicated and I’m sure you gurus won’t. so I’m trying to figure out what headgasket thickness I will need to keep from hitting valves and pistons here’s what I got going on . the car will be on GSC S3 cams , or kelford 288/280. If two cam...
  3. YungTlon

    1G Oil pump scoring

    So I messed up, basically have a brand new oem case and was turning the gears slow with a drill when I felt a small bind. Pulled it back apart and noticed I didn’t have the stub shaft tight so the gear had play in it . Causing it to score the housing. Should I be worried about this? I assume I...
  4. YungTlon


    So I have this very strange noise that refuses to go away. It has been doing this since I rebuilt the motor 300 miles ago. It follows rpm and gets louder from rpm. It sounds like a very very fast rattle. Compression came back 1. 120 2. 120 3. 120 4. 120It’s so bad it’s causing terrible false...
  5. YungTlon

    1G Loud tapping , 5 miles on motor:(

    Hi all. Started my new long block and it has been having a problem idling . It honestly runs like shit. So come to find out it skipped one or two teeth. But it ran decent enough so I didn’t think much of it I thought it was just in the tune. Drove it to get gas and everything . Come home and see...
  6. YungTlon

    Manley platinum series pistons

    Hi all. So I’ve been told time and time again that I should have went with a different piston and my manley platinum series pistons are too weak for my goals of 700ish. They’re 9:0.1 with the .210 wrist pin. Just posting this to see if anyone has made good power on these pistons? I called manley...
  7. YungTlon

    Re using piston rings

    Please read the whole post before you get too crazy.So, I picked up a talon for $1,000. It was thought to have needed a head but I threw new plugs in it and it started right up. Sounded like a dead lifter. Put all new lifters in it and still makes the noise, have came to the positive...
  8. YungTlon

    1G Aftermarket oil pan

    Hell all(; I have read the many post made in the past about the Moroso oil pan. I like the quality of Moroso stuff as my dad is a v8 guy and has a handful of Moroso objects on his car. My main concern is I have heard more bad things about this pan than good. With that being said I also...
  9. YungTlon

    ARP 2000 RPM

    Please move this thread if it is in the wrong forum . Thanks !So I’ve been reading everywhere from the ls1tech to the Honda forums since I cannot find much info on how high people have revved their car that has arp 2000 rod bolts . I know weight is a huge part of it . With that being said...
  10. YungTlon

    Reputable Tuners in Co

    Hi all, I know post have been made like this in the past but they seem to be very out dated. I was wondering if anyone knew of any places in Colorado Springs / Denver area that are good at tuning the car as far as squeezing power out of it safely and good drivability. At the end of the day I can...
  11. YungTlon

    General AEM VS V3

    Hi all! So I have looked at the already existing forums on this topic but quite a few of them are out dated, out dated enough to where v3 didn’t have a speed density option yet. From what I read anyway.. so I just wanted to know when ecm link v3 starts to “hold you back” . And if a full Aem...
  12. YungTlon

    TB and TPS wiring

    Hello all, Please move this thread if it is in the wrong forums . My apologies .SO! I plan on going to a RMR throttle body as recommended by a lot of big name dsm’ers. Link: When I buy my Jmf...
  13. YungTlon

    1G Lifter question

    Hello fellow dsm’ers. I have had yet another amazing idea of everything that can go wrong cross my mind. SOOOOO! As it’s my first time building a motor (machinist will be installing rotating assembly) when it comes to after my first start up and my lifters are knocking at my door like a jehovas...
  14. YungTlon


    Hi guys, I was just wondering when is a cam cap considered “bad”. I know obviously you don’t want your cam cap to look mangled. But my cam caps look like they have normal wear.. I can hear my finger nail scraping against if I scratch it fast enough. But they feel smooth when you run your finger...
  15. YungTlon

    1G Battery relocation question

    Hello my Gurus and GuretsThis is probably going to be the dumbest question I have ever asked. So I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the endless write ups there is on this topic . I am not worried about being “NHRA” legal , this is because it’s a full time street car and the tech people...
  16. YungTlon

    How do you like your twindisc?

    Hello all(: I wanted to hear your opinions on whatever twin disc you were running and how you went about breaking it in if you did at all! I see a lot of post about normal clutch break in on here but not twin disc. Dropping a fresh motor in the car and the first start up and drive is going to be...
  17. YungTlon

    Engine break in

    Hello all. I’m sure this post is beating a dead horse but I wanted to make this post regarding my exact situation . So here’s the plan for the engine It is at a pretty badass machine shop as we speak Alignhone for the mains Either a hone or a bore depending what machinist thinks And it’s getting...
  18. YungTlon


    Hey! I’ve been doing some reading but can’t find much I have read that a 17x8+40 will fit pretty good as far as wheels go. But will the 3mm offset make a huge difference? I assume the tire/wheel will stick out 1/4” or maybe 1/2”.. anyone have any input and or experience with 17x8+37?? Plan on...
  19. YungTlon

    BC 280 CAMS

    Hello everyone (; I just turned 18 and I get my degree and diploma next month you know what THAT MEANS!! I can finally dump all of the moneys into my car now that I won’t have to balance school and work.Now I can get a full time job.. I’m in the process of a motor build since the oem rotating...
  20. YungTlon

    1G Turbo timer help!

    Hey everyone so I need some help, I don’t have a tester light because it broke and can’t go buy another one yet, was planning on installing a greddy full auto timer and was just wondering if anyone knew off hand or had a picture of the ignition wiring diagram!! Here’s what I need , thank you all!
  21. YungTlon

    1G E85 Oil

    Hi all, I’ve been reading the other articles about what oil people prefer to run with e85 and I am looking at switching over to the well recommended Valvoline vr1 20w50, but my only question is I also saw a fellow dsm’er from Colorado say that he had to switch to 10w40 because of the cold temps...
  22. YungTlon

    fic 2150cc hard idle !

    so I just installed a brand new set of fic 2150cc injectors and the car has terrible idle and i know it can be tuned out i just need help with it so it will idle like normal, heres a log i took at idle, any help would be greatly apprecaited . thank you! (im on 91 octane pump gas) heres the...
  23. YungTlon

    My panda 1g

    YungTlon submitted a new DSM Profile :My panda 1gRead more about this vehicle here...
  24. YungTlon

    Are 2150cc injectors too big for my needs?

    Hi guys merry Christmas ! I can get a killer deal on some 2150cc fic injectors, I have ecm link v3 and was wondering if they can be too big and outflow the fuel pump I have in the car? I have a Aeromotive stealth 340 fuel pump in the car and a aem FPR(-6an) , was also planning on doing -6an...
  25. YungTlon


    So my motor was rebuilt right before i bought the car and is somewhere around 60k miles. I have a cometic headgasket and i am going to make sure everything is straight, I know the chances of this not sealing are high but i have heard some people get away with it, anyone who has got away with it...
  26. YungTlon

    1x1 arp headstuds

    So ive been reading the pros ans cons of doing hesdstuds the 1x1 method. Everyone says make sure the motor is bone cold, my car has not been startes in two months so its cold haha, and they said make sure to do it so there is no oil left in the head, i know I had oil down there evwn though...
  27. YungTlon


    So I’ve been reading and am just posting this for extra clarification! What port should I run my ofh turbo oil feedback line from? I’ve read #2 would be the best because of its “clean Oil” something about the other ports won’t supply filtered oil? Any help and advice would be nice thanks! Photos...
  28. YungTlon

    T case bolt loose cause problems!??

    Hi I picked up yet again another transmission but the first bolt going into the t case on the left will not tighten down all the way and I’m assuming it’s because someone tightened it down too much one day. The rest are all tight, will this one bolt being kinda snug tight not tight tight cause a...
  29. YungTlon

    1G Cylinder wall scratches

    can someone please tell me if this is fixable, virgin block, we’ll when it comes to Boring a cylinder it has never been done to this block. From what I’ve been told anyway. The scratches do get caught on my fingernail , but not enough to stop my fingernail dead in its tracks. Is there anyway to...
  30. YungTlon


    So I believe I’m going to have to helicoil the exhaust manifold stud because the first couple threads were ripped out (previous owner) I just want to know if I’m going to have to pull the head:( id prefer not to I was wondering if I could just like fill the hole up with vassaline or something to...
  31. YungTlon


    Okay can someone give me advice on how to get this damn speed sensor out!! 1ga dsm trying to replace with the speed sensor that has the spot for the 10 mm bolt
  32. YungTlon

    1G Turbo hits block:(

    So anyway I can get around this? My turbo hits my block it’s a .63ar hotside to4e style turbo with a redline (treadstone) copycat . The picture of it clearing the block was before I tightened down the bottom nut
  33. YungTlon

    Mt90 MTL synchromesh

    So I know there has been many post about what fluid to use and I’ve been reading for a while and everyone says straight mt90 or by synchroshift or they just run straight synchromesh etc. I know it’s all about personal opinion, but based on a mistake I’ve made I’m going to have to run mt90, Mtl...
  34. YungTlon

    PTE 1200cc LOW Z

    I need some help! So I’m looking into purchasing the pte 1200cc low imdeance injectors and was just wondering if anyone could quite literally explain the different from low z and high z to me in a simplified way haha. Have been reading and all that I got out of it was that you can basically make...
  35. YungTlon

    .63 ar spool time?

    i have a journal bearing .63ar turbo stock 2.0 stock head everything going with a cast t3 manifold wanted it to spool a little late . Wanting to see boost at 45-5200rpm. I’m in Colorado what do you guys think the spool times will look like?
  36. YungTlon

    1G Rev9 manifold?

    has anyone tried the rev9 manifold , it’s basically a version of the treadstone and turbonetics maniolfd. It’s cast looked just like all the other but cheaper. Should I just avoid it and go with the treadstone? Anyone ran this manifold? I have a on3 turbo sitting at home and I’m trying to keep...
  37. YungTlon


    i need help!!! My clutchfork was rubbing on my pressure plate and I didn’t know!! If friction welded together, I already have a new pressure plate, pressure plate bolts, and fork coming in the mail I just need advice how to get it off so I can pull the transmission!! This is the “bead” on the pp...
  38. YungTlon

    Tread stone questions

    Hello , I wanted to run a tread stone cast 4g63 t3 turbo manifold with a on3 performance .63 ar hotside hosuing turbo (about a 50trim) and I was wondering if anyone’s ran this manifold and had clearance issues . With water pipe , block, etc. any help would be perfect thanks!
  39. YungTlon

    1G Clutch and flywheel problem!

    hi I’ve put a act 2600 in my car and have had nothing but problems! I’ve always had disengagement issues I ended up shimming the pivot ball with two washers, ran for a day and I knoticed it would grind going into reverse and would try and die when rolling it backwards in neutral ,I have the rod...
  40. YungTlon

    1G Clutch drag help!!!

    hi I recently just installed a act streetlite flywheel with a act 2600 6puck and it’s stiff like it should be (the pedal) but the clutch engages literally right as soon as I start bringing my foot from the floor and I did the clutch drag test and it’s dragging, I’ve been reading for days and...
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