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  1. fredom dsm

    For Sale WTB swaybar

    Hello... Im looking for a stock front swaybar for 97 gst spider. If anybody knows anyone selling one please let me know.
  2. fredom dsm

    2G Criticize my port job

    m in the process porting and polishing my 2g exhaust mani. Should I port some more or should I start polishing? I plan on polishing the runners as well. Thanks.
  3. fredom dsm

    For Sale Sway bar, ac compressor

    Hello guys,I have a red sway bar that I bought a long time ago and never got around to install it, it is brand new but I do not remember the brand. I bought it for my 97 spider and no longer need it. Make me a reasonable offer. Also, I have an ac compressor that was in good working order...
  4. fredom dsm

    2G Upper ball joints,1997,eclipse,2.0l+l4+turbocharged,1205873,suspension,ball+joint,10070Hi guys, has anybody used this ball joints and if so are they any good? And if not, what would be a good set up for my UCA? My car is lowered about two inches (probably a lill...
  5. fredom dsm

    For Sale Rx8 Black leather seats

    Up for sale are some awesome rx8 seats. This look amazing, no tears nor rips. Leather is almos new, I can not ship unless you are very interested. Im located in Denton Texas. Look at the pics and let me know what you think. 300 will take them.
  6. fredom dsm

    2G Rx8 seats in spider

    Hello guys, I got a hold of some nice Rx8 seats for dirt cheap in excellent condition that I could not turn down. My question is, has anyone installed this seats in a 2g? I have not been able to do a mock up or anything like that. Ive searched here in the forums and done a Google search as well...
  7. fredom dsm

    For Sale Motor mounts

    Up for sale brand new set of motor mounts, all four. The Torque Soulution one I installed and removed after 63 miles, not 63000, only 63 miles. I did not like the vibration because Im daily driving the Eclipse and its not comfortable. Selling as a set, please please please do not low ball me. I...
  8. fredom dsm

    Bad AN fitting

    Hello guys, I just finished installing my evoIII many and I used the same old but in good condition (before the swap) fuel line from my fuel regulator to fuel rail but now it leaks!!! Not from where it connects but from where the elbow and hose meet. My question is, do an fittings go bad?? It...
  9. fredom dsm

    For Sale Few 2G items

    Make me an offer. I no longer need this
  10. fredom dsm

    For Sale Goodies for cheap

    Make me an offer guys, 10an elbows, one is used the other brand new and a stright 10-an new as well. Auto meter boos gage. 20psi Small catch can. Did the job while installed. Please do not expect Calan’s quality or perfomance. 50g turbo with less than 5k miles just colecting dust, Slow Boy...
  11. fredom dsm

    2G Finished cold air intake box

    Hello guys! I build this heat shield out of cardboard and then MDF but I want the final product to be made out of aluminum. Is there anyone here that can take on this task for me. Please PM me if anyone is willing to help me out.Thanks.
  12. fredom dsm

    For Sale 50trim Turbo,

    Up for sale I have a Slow Boy Racing 50 trim turbo that I used for about 4k miles. No shaft play what so ever. I also have a Forced Performance intake pipe and and KnN filter along with what I think is an evoIII exhaust mani. I dont have pics at the moment uploaded but text me if you want me to...
  13. fredom dsm

    Business decision, sell or struggle

    Hey guys I have come to a major decision in my life and I need to hear other people's thoughts. Please no immature answers, I will tell you my story, you get in my shoes for a brief moment then reply if possible please..So a few years ago I decided that I wanted my own business because I was...
  14. fredom dsm

    fredom dsm's Eclipse/talon GST Spyder

    fredom dsm submitted a new DSM Profile :fredom dsm's Eclipse/talon GST SpyderRead more about this vehicle here...
  15. fredom dsm

    Rx8 wheels

    Hey guys!! Does Anybody know if the Rx8 wheels fit the 3000gt vr4 calippers? Any pics anybody? I kind of like those weels! Im either going with the rx8 wheels or evo 8 or 9's I know I shouldnt have any problem the evo 8's.
  16. fredom dsm

    What do you guys think?

    Hey guys, I overheated my car:cry: and since the head is coming off Im looking to upgrade my springs, retainers and hopefully valves as well. I curently have 272 B.C cams, im just looking to see what people have used and what has worked best for ya'll. I am looking at the B.C springs and...
  17. fredom dsm

    an fittings

    Hi guys, those of you that are familiar with an fittings, can you pleas tell me what size this an fittings is. Thanks!
  18. fredom dsm


    Hi guys I have a few questions that the search button has not been able to answer. I have a pair of vr4 calipers and i was wondering if I could use the brakets that RTM Racing sells? The one for the cobra rotors. The second question, is it true that rear evo calipers fit 2g gst with no...
  19. fredom dsm

    Corvette vs ws-6 intake mani

    Does anybody know if the intake mani from 2001 corvette is a good upgrade to the 2000 Trans am ws-6? A friend of my brother once told him that the corvette intake would do more bad than good, I just can't see how! My brother stole one from this friend (different friend), well he paid $50 for it...
  20. fredom dsm

    what do guys think about s15 headlight conversion??

    hey I was thinkin on doing the s15 headlight convertion to my 2g, has anybody done it here? yall think is tacky? and if not how hard could it be, let me know thanks!
  21. fredom dsm

    exhauste mani question.

    Hi guys Im trying to buy one of the this manis but I dont know wich one, can you guys give me a hand here?? Im going to be using a 50trim from slowboy, 750cc injectors, maf-t, safcII ported stock o2 housing and one of this manis, please no bs guys just tell me your experiance if you are...
  22. fredom dsm

    Few questions, please help!

    Hey guys I just bought the Sb50 trim turbo, and I am about to install it, my first question is, is there anything that I need to know before installation? Like if anybody on here installed their own 50 trim and just came across the same problem. My 2nd question is about the evo3 exhaust mani...
  23. fredom dsm

    Take a look at this turbo please

    Is this a good turbo? Is it legit? Has anybody seen for sale at a reputable dsm store?eBay Motors: Bullseye Power turbo for DSM Eclipse Talon Galant VR4 (item 200228028636 end time Jun-05-08 19:14:31 PDT)
  24. fredom dsm

    Can I use this turbo?

    Like the title says, what do I need to run this turbo on 1g awd?eBay Motors: Turbonetics t3/t4 ceramica ball bearing big shaft turbo (item 180245506983 end time May-26-08 18:04:21 PDT)
  25. fredom dsm

    Profec b problems!!! Plase help.

    Hey guys whats going on, well like the title says, I dont think my profec b is working, I thought I had the boost controler set to 14 lbs, but sometimes when I hit the gas I hit fuel cut, and that just got annoying, last night I was doing some pulls just to set my controler right but boost...
  26. fredom dsm

    fuel pump and injectors question

    Hey guys whats going on, I have a few questions about my fuel mods, I currently have a small 16g on my car with no fuel mods at 14 to 15 psi I am like a week or two away from buying injectors and a fuel pump the problem is that I will be getting a bigger turbo by the end of the year and I plan...
  27. fredom dsm

    Very weird problem, feels like fuel cut.

    Hey guys, I recently Upgraded to a small 16g, everything was fine for about two months, it was a total difernt car, it pulled really nice, but now when Im boosting it feels like fuel cut or thats what I thik, I turned the boost down to 13 to 14 lbs and it's still doing it, I had it at 15lbs with...
  28. fredom dsm

    Help with cylinder head question please!!

    Hi guys, I got a a 2.0 cylinder head with a mild port and polished job for pretty cheap, the only problem is that the head did not come with the cam caps, the ones that hold down the cam shafts; my question is, can I use the ones from any head? if not what can I do?Thanks a lot!!Dont...
  29. fredom dsm

    Has anybody ever used this HID's

    Hi guys whats up, I was just wondering if anybody had used this ebay HID kit for our cars I waant to buy some HIDs but I dont want to pay $1000 for a kit. Please let me know...
  30. fredom dsm

    Will this fit?

    Hi guys just wondering if this fits my new small 16g that I'm about to put in my car.Thanks!
  31. fredom dsm

    trouble with 1g tb swap

    Hi guys, I did the 1g tb instal on my 2g and now the idle is up and down, no sensors or codes with the snap- on scaner, when I disconect the TPS the idle stops going up and down but the rpm goes up to 2000 and stays there, I hook it back up and again, up and down.:mad: My brother says its the...
  32. fredom dsm

    trouble with 1g tb swap

    Hi guys, I did the 1g tb instal on my 2g and now the idle is up and down, no sensors or codes with the snap- on scaner, when i disconect the tps the idle stops going up and down bur the rpm goes up to 2000 and stays there, I hook it back up and again, up and down.:mad: My brother says its the...
  33. fredom dsm

    What's wrong people please read!

  34. fredom dsm

    What's wrong people please read!

    Whats up guys! this happend to me over the weekend, what would you have done?I had notthing to do saturday after noon so I called my friend and asked him what was he doing he said he was bored and had nothing to do as well but some of his friends had a cook out out in the boonies where his...
  35. fredom dsm


    Whats up guys, I've looked around here but I couldn't find the right answer all I want to know is if this intercoler can suport a 20g. Thanks guys.,1
  36. fredom dsm

    2g MAF in 1g Tsi?

    Hey guys whats up? I was wondering if the 2g MAF is a good upgrade for the 1g, I've heard that you can gain up to 20hp but I dont know, I personally don't like the looks of the 1g Maf but I dont know how they perform.
  37. fredom dsm

    Mavs or Heat?

    whats up guys, who's going to win the NBA championship? I say Mavs
  38. fredom dsm

    16g evo

    I was just wondering if the turbo from the evo fits the 1g eclipse, Not the evo3 turbo, can someone please let me know.
  39. fredom dsm

    Snap-On Scaner????

    What's up guys! I was just wondering if I could use a Snap-On Scaner like a data logger, I see that the scaner reads water temps, engine temps misfires and a hole lot of other things. Just wondering!
  40. fredom dsm

    fmic question

    Hey guys! how can I find a write up about fmic instalation? I searched for it but I didn't find what I was looking for, I saw a long time ago a write up with pics and everthing but I can't find it, if someone can tell me how to look for it I will.thanks.
  41. fredom dsm

    trouble with fmic instal

    Hey guys whats up, Im installing my fmic on my spyder, I still have my t25 but I'm having problems, can I do this or do I have to get another turbo? I have a 90 talon awd and it has a perfectly nice 14b, should I go ahead and buy the 90 degree angle which is like 60 bucks or should I just wait...
  42. fredom dsm

    throtle body swap

    hi guys I have a quick question, I tryed the quick search but didn't come up with what I want to know, I want to do the hole head intake many and tb swap to my spyder but still looking for the 1g TB now if I'm blocking my EGR do I still need the Tb with the 3 or 4 nipples on top? Because I have...
  43. fredom dsm

    what size is this turbo?

    whats up guys, I was wondering what size turbo this is, 4917801420 the guy is saying that is a big 16g, I just want to make sure, thanks for the help!:thumb:
  44. fredom dsm

    what do you think about these injectors?

    Hi guys I was wondering if this injectors were any good, I think thre are pretty cheap but I dont know about that brand, what do you guys think?,1&item=8036443283&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT
  45. fredom dsm

    what do you guys think about this front camber kit?

    what do you guys think about this, yall think they're worth it?? shipped_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ33581QQitemZ8033701797QQrdZ1
  46. fredom dsm

    14b or small 16g

    whts up guys, I want to upgrade my t25, but dont want to spend a lot of money b/c I want to start moding my 1990 talon awd but then again I dont want that small turbo, now my question is, is it worth it to get a 14b or shoud I justgo head and get the 16g (small) I understand that the 16g is...
  47. fredom dsm

    fuel problem???

    hi guys, hopefully somebody can give me a hand here, I have 97 gst, with just a few mods like N1 apexi down pipe and exhaust, profec b, greedy bov, greddy intercooler pipes, KnN air filter, turbo timer and boost and oil pressure gauge, my problem is that when I hit the gas at around 8 to 10psi...
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