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  1. My1GLaser

    transmission replacement

    Like said, a used tranny is a used tranny...with possibly the same problem as the one you're replacing.The one I have had the best luck with over the years is a used tranny that I disassembled and sent the gearshafts to Jacks transmissions to be rebuilt. I then shimmed them using the...
  2. My1GLaser

    Act vs Finanza

    I'd get the ACT. I think the Fidanza is too light. It makes launching with a 6 puck a very difficult task to get perfect every time. The much lower inertia makes the rpms drop too low between shifts for my liking. I'm actually ditching my Fidanza and going back to an OEM FW.
  3. My1GLaser

    Any mitsu OEM parts vendor you recommend?

    extremepsi here too
  4. My1GLaser

    1G Trans issues

    Damn! I run a ClutchNet sprung 6puck so there is less shock load on the tranny. I would imagine it also helps the splines take less abuse. I chose ClutchNet cause the springs are mostly encased with no risk of popping out.
  5. My1GLaser

    Crank is not turning by hand

    Yeah. Once the head comes off, TDC doesn't matter. You'll be able to see the top of the piston :)
  6. My1GLaser

    420A sprung or unsprung clutch?

    At that power level I'd stick with a sprung street disc. South bend makes a good clutch. Contact twicks69 or visit He will steer you in the right direction!I personally run an ACT 2900 PP with a Clutchnet sprung 6 puck disc. The springs are mostly encased and I havent had a...
  7. My1GLaser

    Active DSMers in Tampa area

    I live in Lakeland. That's close enough for a nice cruise to Tampa!
  8. My1GLaser

    Hi I'm new and have questions

    I'd stick with the Holset HX35. The spool rocks! Get a 7 blade for the extra room to grow.50/50 E85 works great! Its easy to tune, u don't need as large of injectors, there's enough gas to not have the downsides of running 100% E85. I ran that blend for years. I believe I was hitting 30 psi at...
  9. My1GLaser

    Hx35/T3 vs Hx40/BEP.55???

    I maxed out the HX35 7blade compressor wheel on a T3 setup. I logged 59-61lb/min depending on ambient temps. I believe the best I got on the .55 was about 54-55 lb/min...granted I switched to a SMIM somewhere in there too.I will say this though. I recently switched to a T3 HX40, and I wouldn't...
  10. My1GLaser

    Fuel pump hose

    Yeah that last recommendation is a viable solution. Mine has been like that for 8 years without any problems. It started out as a temporary install solution...:D I have two hose clamps on it.
  11. My1GLaser

    Collector Car Insurance Policy

    The stated policy coverage is $15,000. I don't have to prove it with receipts or anything. However, if there's an accident and its not totaled it'll be easier to get the damage appraised correctly if any of the aftermarket parts are damaged. CF hood, rims, intercooler, Fluidyne radiator, etc...
  12. My1GLaser

    Bottom line on 14B to 20G TDO6SL2 upgrade?

    The 6SL2 turbine was disappointing in my 18g I ran a few years back. Full boost at about 3800-3900rpms. My 7 blade .55A/R HX-35 hit 28 psi at 3800 rpm with much more lb/min airflow.I'd let Justin build the turbo if you're not doing it yourself!
  13. My1GLaser

    Collector Car Insurance Policy

    I recently looked into a collector car policy since liability insurance is so expensive in FL. My DSM qualifies thru Hagerty insurance!!! It has to be garage kept and driven under 5k miles per year, be highly modified and rare. The policy was written thru my local Allstate agency. She said she...
  14. My1GLaser

    Reasonably Priced Brake Rotors that don't Warp?

    Do the outlander brake swap. I have plain parts store rotors, Wagner ThermoQuiet ceramic pads and junk yard 3000 GT calipers. It stops great!
  15. My1GLaser

    Evo X owner think of getting a gsx

    I just saw a beautiful low mileage mint condition 2G Talon on here yesterday for $6500. If I were looking for a 2g, I'd get that one in a heartbeat. That's about one in a million!
  16. My1GLaser

    Best wheel/tire size and setup 1G DSM

    I personally prefer the look of 17s. 17x8 Evo VIII Enkei rims with 235/45/17 Nitto NT555. I had 16x8 with 225/50/16 Yokohama S. Drive before these.
  17. My1GLaser

    Lifted Head killed composite

    Compression test? Did you leave the cams in while you had the head off? I've bent a valve doing that when I set the head on my workbench...
  18. My1GLaser

    Double check build before buying

    My Felpro composite was .039" compressed.Choosing the correct oil viscosity is dependent on a number of factors. Looser bearing clearances lower oil pressure and BSE tends to raise it. My mains are .002" and rods are .0025" I personally run 15W40 Rotella. 18psi idle, 50-60 psi cruising and...
  19. My1GLaser

    2003 eclipse not chargi

    The voltage regulator is part of the alternator where the harness plugs in. It could be bad but you said the alternator tested fine...Did they test it in the car or did you take it to them and let them bench test it?What was the original issue that caused you to have the battery and...
  20. My1GLaser

    CopperCoat on a MLS or not?

    Just run a composite and L19s and save yourself on machining and worrying about a perfect sealing surface. 35-40psi and 65-68lb/min on an HX40 with no issues. Ran my HX35 at 40psi and 58-60lb/min for 2 years on this HG.
  21. My1GLaser

    2003 eclipse not chargi

    2.4 or 3.0? How did u confirm that the battery and alternator are both good? Tested in or out of the car?Sounds like loose/damaged wiring between the alt and battery causing a poor connection. I'd start at the battery terminal connections and work my way to the alternator. I'd also check the...
  22. My1GLaser

    1G Hx35 necessary changes/build info

    I wouldn't put in a new HG. Just change out your head bolts for headstuds one at a time. I was maxing the HX35 at about 38psi on a Felpro Composite and L19s with no issues.
  23. My1GLaser

    has anyone tried vfaq motor mount inserts?

    Get a large washer with an ID to go around the bolt hole and the OD that fits just inside the OD of the mount. Then weld it solid around the outside of the mount and the bolt sleeve. $2 solid mounts!
  24. My1GLaser

    1G Hx35 necessary changes/build info

    How much boost do you plan on running? That will dictate the upgrades you need.With the bolt on BEP housing either stick with a 2g exh mani (for cheap) or spend a little bit on the FP manifold.The 7 blade can flow up to 60lb/min which is well over the 8blade. However you will probably need...
  25. My1GLaser

    Carbon Fiber

    I have a Seibon that I'm very happy with. It's garage kept and I got it clear coated at a body shop a few months after I bought it. Hope it looks new forever!Edit: I didn't see the resurrection date cause I was distracted by the crack baby talk...:D
  26. My1GLaser

    New from Florida.

    Good job on the find! She looks good! I'm new to the Lakeland area myself. There's an import face off at Bradenton next Sunday if you're interested...
  27. My1GLaser

    broken half shaft bracket bolts

    Anybody have a part number for the half shaft bracket bolts?Edit: I found the part numbers on JNZtuning MB297860 & MF450406
  28. My1GLaser

    broken half shaft bracket bolts

    Good info on the bolts and OEM spacer! Gotta get me some and save a potential problem down the road...
  29. My1GLaser

    broken half shaft bracket bolts

    I have had 4 stacked up washers under mine for about 7 years with no issues.
  30. My1GLaser

    fast spoolin 450whp turbo?

    It's will kill transmissions without being a 2.4! I'm on tranny number 6 in 4 years. OMG:ohdamn:I just switched from a T3 7 blade 35 to the Super 40 in a BEP T3 .70 A/R housing. It's not really noticeably laggier when going WOT from a decent RPM (3500ish) It pulls incredibly hard up top and...
  31. My1GLaser

    2G Used clutch advice

    What does the PP surface and clutch disc look like? Nearly new? If you're swapping out the tranny in the near future anyway I would just reuse the clutch. I would rough the surface up by hand with 100-150 grit sandpaper to get rid of the glaze and make sure to clean it real good with brake...
  32. My1GLaser

    fast spoolin 450whp turbo?

    Bolt-on 7blade HX35. I wouldn't call it a big truck turbo since it really had excellent street manners! It's been years since I switched it to T3, but I believe I was hitting 25+psi by 3800 in 3rd gear. I was getting around 50lb/min back then. It spooled faster than the FP18g6SL2 I replaced it...
  33. My1GLaser

    1g Coilover selecion, help

    I've got $1050 into my Koni Yellows and GC coilover kit. New bump stops and Torrington bearings for the front and rear. I did find a great deal using an online coupon on for the Konis. I love them! So much better than the AGX/Prokit combo I had before!!! (The fronts are for a...
  34. My1GLaser

    what valves to use 1g head

    I'd get a set of Enginbldr valves off eBay. He sells a kit with bronze valve guides too. They're nice looking valves! I've got 2 sets at the housing waiting for a couple different builds.
  35. My1GLaser

    T3 hx35 slow spool

    That's VERY slow. I see 35psi by 4500. Did you install the fire ring on the WG?
  36. My1GLaser

    automatic trans launch info

    If you have adj cam gears, you can retard the exhaust cam a couple degrees. If you have timing control you can advance ignition timing down low to spool up a little quicker. You may not have to sit on the converter as long that way.
  37. My1GLaser

    6 bolt head height question....

    Mine measures at 5.175 and I run it with a .039" Felpro composite HG. I degreed the cams and clayed the pistons and have tons of clearance on HKS 272s.I would get adj cam gears and run the good head with a composite HG!What I don't like about thicker HG is that you end up with too much...
  38. My1GLaser

    passing coolent to overflow

    I run 35-38 psi on a composite HG and L19s. I fought an MLS HG for too long and gave up!If you didn't get the block resurfaced, it probably won't stop leaking.
  39. My1GLaser

    passing coolent to overflow

    Why did you have to replace the head gasket? Overheat, detonation, etc?More than likely you're pushing coolant under boost from a HG sealing issue. It won't show up on a compression test most of the time. You may end up having to ditch the MLS and go with a Felpro composite $35 gasket.
  40. My1GLaser

    1G shortened shock options?

    You can also opt for a Ground Control spring kit or go with Hypercoil and piece together your own.I went with GC and am very happy with the ride quality and handling.I cut half the threaded portion off on the bottom of the front inserts and still had plenty of thread engagement to bolt it...
  41. My1GLaser

    1G Piston ring gap

    So these are brand new ITM rings out of the package? Measure the bore to make sure it's bored and honed correctly for your desired PTW clearance. An improperly machined bore will make your ring end gaps too loose.I've also had new rings out of the bag be too loose on a properly machined bore...
  42. My1GLaser

    Should I use break-in oil?

    Grab some NAPA SAE30ND while you're there getting the oil filter.
  43. My1GLaser

    street disc clutches

    Don't get a Kevlar disc if you do any hot lapping! You will be sorry when it slips the rest of the night!!! On the way home it held fine and never had any other problems except for hard launches at the track and it would overheat and ruin my night!
  44. My1GLaser

    E85 spark plug question

    How much boost are you running?I also run non-projected plugs (BR8ES) gapped at .018". I replace plugs about twice a year for $10 a set...I have also had plug wires suddenly "go bad" and cause spark blowout. They looked fine, but when I replaced them with new ones the issue stopped immediately.
  45. My1GLaser

    steel nitrite rings for oem 7 bolt pistons

    Felpro composite $35 HG from adv auto
  46. My1GLaser

    steel nitrite rings for oem 7 bolt pistons

    Ditch the MLS gasket and just go with a composite. I run 35-38 psi on L19s and a composite HG.The HX35 is a very fun turbo!
  47. My1GLaser

    1G New Head, Valves Not Seating..

    Send it to (Dale) BogusSVO!
  48. My1GLaser

    HX35 or a 20G

    7 blade or 8 blade? I have a 7 blade and when I ran it in the bolt-on BEP housing I hit 28 psi at about 3800 rpms. (4 years ago so I may be a little off on my numbers) I can probably find a log...What fuel? Do you have DSMLINK? I run 60% E85 which makes a big difference in spool. Lots of...
  49. My1GLaser

    1G Camshaft Timing marks not lining up

    Where is your crank timing mark at? Line it up to TDC first, then check your cam timing.Turning it 6 times is just so that all the marks including oil pump line up.I wouldn't take it back to that shop again either. It's an easy job and can be catastrophic when someone messes it up!
  50. My1GLaser


    It's an 800 WHP turbo. It's not whether or not you can spool it, it's whether or not you can afford to support it! Your free turbo will probably cost you at least $5000, depending on your current set up! (And that's just a guess)
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