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    Question by 'AZDSM' on classified ad 'DSM HUGE PART OUT'

    Tell me that Injen fuse box cover is for sale??
  2. Front Upper and lower control Arms (OEM)

    Reply to question by 'AZDSM' on the classified ad 'Front Upper and lower control Arms (OEM)'

    Dang, are you serious? I would love to buy those!
  3. Front Upper and lower control Arms (OEM)

    Reply to question by 'AZDSM' on the classified ad 'Front Upper and lower control Arms (OEM)'

    Damn, yeah I've been looking for adjustable front uppers for years lol
  4. GSX Part Out and Many More Parts

    Question by 'AZDSM' on classified ad 'GSX Part Out and Many More Parts'

    Can I get the hood hinges? What condition are the window mouldings in? They look decent from this pic, but hard to tell.
  5. Front Upper and lower control Arms (OEM)

    Reply to question by 'AZDSM' on the classified ad 'Front Upper and lower control Arms (OEM)'

    Where did you find SPC uppers from? I thought they were d/c years ago.
  6. AZDSM

    Wanted 2g 2gb (97-99) AWD rear knuckles, Carbon Fiber AB2 Hood

    Been looking for a while with no luck. Need the extra clearance to fit the new rims I bought.Also looking for a Carbonetics AB or AB2 hood. CF or Fiberglass.
  7. !!!ROUND 2!!! 2G Adjustable tubular Rear upper suspension arm / wishbones, With R/C adjustment. (CLOSED)!!!!!

    Question by 'AZDSM' on classified ad '!!!ROUND 2!!! 2G Adjustable tubular Rear upper suspension arm / wishbones, With R/C adjustment. (CLOSED)!!!!!'

    Never been a fan of heim rod ends where polys would normally go, but these uppers are so damn nice and way more adjustable than an engalls camber kit I don't think I can pass it up, lol.
  8. AZDSM

    Warning: Aftermarket oil pan paint

    Is that the proper amount of RTV to use for the oil pan? Seems excessive.
  9. AZDSM

    2G Rear diff grinding, drain/fill plugs wet?

    Everything else looks dry. Just the plugs look wet.If it really is just water, why does it have obvious orange substance in it? I know it wasn't there before I pulled the car out.If it is the brakes, why does it make a louder grind in reverse?I drove the car to turn around in the...
  10. AZDSM

    2G Rear diff grinding, drain/fill plugs wet?

    I replaced my trans/t-case/rear diff fluids all around the same time in July last year. Filled the rear diff with Redline 75W90. Used new copper gaskets on the fill/drain plugs.Que to last night, I had just fixed my rad fan issue and pulled the car out to cruise it around the block since it...
  11. AZDSM

    2G Running very lean, high idle & not building boost

    I'll check it out.After doing some reading, I read it is best to use 6's for mostly stock/under 15 psi and 7's for higher HP applications. So I've opted to get 6's tomorrow to replace my 7's. In the mean time, I pulled the 7's and this is what they look like. Mind you, the car pretty much sits...
  12. AZDSM

    2G Running very lean, high idle & not building boost

    I would agree with this, but I also can't figure out why there is so much... condensation? Or something that spits out the exhaust pipe. It used to be black like soot, but that was when I first got it running after a year of sitting. Now it is just clear. Doesn't smell like anything. But it...
  13. AZDSM

    2G Running very lean, high idle & not building boost

    Wish I could, but I don't have DSM Link or anything fancy to tune with. Car had a weird list of mods when I got it. Stock blue top injectors btw.Couldn't edit the main post(suppose since it's so old now) to supply some minor details about add-ons and what have you. But here is a basic break...
  14. AZDSM

    96 TSi AWD

    AZDSM updated 96 TSi AWDView updates to this DSM profile...
  15. AZDSM

    2G Running very lean, high idle & not building boost

    Didn't realize this topic was so old now, but I do have a few updates. (still not building boost)- TB shaft seal was leaking. Took me a while to get that all fixed since the screws were a pita. But shaft seals are replaced. - Took the liberty of removing the EGR and installed a block off...
  16. AZDSM

    2G Running very lean, high idle & not building boost

    Thanks for the response. A few things you mentioned I wanted to clarify on.Both throttle body gaskets are new and replaced. No leaks(had one at TB elbow/TB gasket before). BISS screw is new as is the o-ring inside of it. It no longer leaks. ISC o-ring was present and in good condition.Is...
  17. AZDSM

    2G Running very lean, high idle & not building boost

    So when I first bought this car last year around May, it drove home fine. Built boost and pulled hard. I pretty much tore it down from there as I saw a lot of crap I wanted to replace I wasn't ok with. Compression test last July came back good. It's a 2.3 stroker, but numbers were 160 across the...
  18. AZDSM

    2G catch can, dipstick, pcv questions

    Just to throw my 2 cents out here... I had issues with valve cover leaking from the bolts, etc yesterday with a closed catch can with 2 lines running from the valve cover(-10AN). I presumed this to be the culprit so today I modified the can with an OEM PCV valve and ran a 3rd line back to the...
  19. AZDSM

    96 TSi AWD

    AZDSM updated 96 TSi AWDView updates to this DSM profile...
  20. AZDSM

    2G Fired up the TSi yesterday for the first time in a year... now I have a few questions

    So question... is it possible for crankcase pressure to be the sole culprit of a leaky valve cover and possibly oil pan?(may or may not be the problem) When I first fired it up yesterday I had a bad issue with oil leaking from a few spots where bolts were not tightened down all the way(threads...
  21. AZDSM

    Oil Pan leaking after numerous attempts

    I just fired up my Talon last night for the first time in a year and oil leaks are the plague of me right now. My pan is leaking pretty badly and I'm pretty sure it is because I didn't use enough grey stuff when I ran the bead on the inside. Annoys the hell out of me since I have to drop the...
  22. AZDSM

    HID Retro Number 3 (2Ga Headlights)

    Great topic with excellent step by step info. Thanks for the link on The Retrofit Source. I've always been interested in doing a Retrofit on my headlights as I was one of "those" guys who got ebay Projectors 7+ years ago and thought they were great, lol. I had to switch from 10k bulbs to 6k just...
  23. 96 TSi AWD

    Street Build 96 TSi AWD

  24. AZDSM

    96 TSi AWD

    AZDSM submitted a new DSM Profile :96 TSi AWDRead more about this vehicle here...
  25. AZDSM

    Inside of valve cover slightly powder coated

    So at the suggestion of greengoblin I used Simple Green Extreme to coat the inside of the VC. Let it pool inside the baffles and sat for about 5-10 mins. The hope was to see what would come out when I dumped it all out. Here's the result...Now I'm no expert or anything, but I do believe what I...
  26. AZDSM

    Inside of valve cover slightly powder coated

    Someone suggested to me that I remove the baffles and find evidence of beading/sand and try and have them fix it, but I don't see anything being resolved from that. I'd much rather put it in the hands of someone professionally trained from this community to do it right (which I regret not doing...
  27. AZDSM

    Inside of valve cover slightly powder coated

    I feel like such an idiot for never really noticing this when I had this work done several months ago. I'm sure I saw it, but it just didn't click with me. Probably too excited over how cool it looked. The place specializes in automotive parts, but yeah. Obviously little to no masking was done...
  28. AZDSM

    Sunroof weatherstripping too short?

    So after getting the sunroof fixed and getting parts to finish it up, I test fit the weatherstripping... low and behold it doesn't appear to fit.This is off another 2G Eclipse that I essentially got for free from buying other parts. The original weatherstripping was glued shut because...
  29. AZDSM

    Sunroof cable question

    Had to replace one cable as it snapped in half and wouldn't allow the sunroof to retract fully. So I decided to replace the other side while I had the headliner and all that crap off.Low and behold, I go and snap that little plastic piece that holds the end of the cable...
  30. AZDSM

    My Photography

    Excellent pictures dude. Working full time with Nascar sounds like it would be a blast.
  31. AZDSM

    Which / What Oil Should I Use? [Merged]

    Been looking over this topic and some sites for an idea on what oils to get, etc. But the weight is what I'm unsure of. I live in TN and have a 96 GSX with a 2.3 Stroker. 10w-30? 10w-40? Just looking for advice. Thanks.
  32. AZDSM

    8 years later, finally got my AWD

    I plan on doing this myself. It will get quite a makeover by the next time it see's the road.
  33. AZDSM

    Timing Belt Cover for 6-bolt?

    Alright, sounds good. On another note I'm just going to start googling for threads on dsmtuners. I get completely different results that get me answers way faster.
  34. AZDSM

    Question about exhaust and resonator.

    Ditto on 2.5" exhaust. Also, if you want to reduce the tone the exhaust makes have them weld a resonator somewhere in there if the new one you buy doesn't come with one. It made a huge difference on mine.
  35. AZDSM

    Timing Belt Cover for 6-bolt?

    This has been throwing me off as they have differences, but the only noticable one I can see is the hole for the side motor mount. I have a 6-bolt bottom end with a 2g head, but the 2g cover(2nd link) LOOKS like the correct one based on visually comparing it with my engine.STM: OEM...
  36. AZDSM

    9!'clipseDOHC's 1g DSM build

    Spent the last 2 some hours reading this entire thread. Very inspiring with tons of great ideas for my future TSi build, but bittersweet at the same time(aka holy sheeeet this dude is dedicated). I am almost half-tempted to get something to rally with for fun now, but TN just has a bunch of...
  37. AZDSM

    Where to buy 2g Sunroof Weatherstripping 2010

    I nabbed weatherstripping off a parted out GST the other day from a CL ad. The guy threw it in since I bought so much other stuff. I don't think he knew the crap goes for $70 new.
  38. AZDSM

    8 years later, finally got my AWD

    Ah yeah, after googling that it does look like vr-speed fmic. I guess I didn't save much buying it used then, but the rest of the stuff was a score. I had to take that sunroof weatherstripping seeing as it's over $70 new from like one or two websites.
  39. AZDSM

    8 years later, finally got my AWD

    Made quite a haul today from a guy parting out a GST that threw a bearing on him. sure on brand of IC, but it is way bigger than the one that was mounted. Much thicker and overall higher quality. The piping is made by Injen and it's...
  40. AZDSM

    Cheapest place to buy OEM timing belt kit?

    Aha, that's the link I was looking for. I remember stumbling upon it from forum searching the other day and couldn't remember what it was called later on. Thanks again.
  41. AZDSM

    Cheapest place to buy OEM timing belt kit?

    Thanks dude. I really appreciate it. Timing is the one thing I'm not completely comfortable with doing on my own yet. So we'll see when the time comes I suppose..and yeah I need to update the profile, but I have only had the car for a few days. So that's my excuse >_>
  42. AZDSM

    Tempe Town Lake / The Pavilions Tuner Meet (Saturdays)

    Nice to see you guys still try to get together. Poor ol az2gnt is a ghost town now, ha. Guess I'll have to prod the SW forums to get a peep out of some of you.
  43. AZDSM

    Cheapest place to buy OEM timing belt kit?

    Thanks for the info and part numbers. But I have to ask, is this all for a 96 or a 6-bolt? I rummaged through a few older topics on here about this in particular and from what I gather a 6-bolt has different everything except for the actual belt itself. According to the extremepsi site that...
  44. AZDSM

    8 years later, finally got my AWD

    He sold it to get his hands on a 2006 SRT-4 with low mileage that some moron was selling for $3,600, haha. So I don't really blame him.Yeah it will need a lot of touch up, I knew that but not the extent of how much. It'll just take some time is all.I was born and raised in PHX myself. :)...
  45. AZDSM

    Cheapest place to buy OEM timing belt kit?

    It has been a while since I've done any real car part shopping so bare with me. Doing a quick google search landed me on and it actually looks like a fairly reputable site with the large stock of everything they have.I have a 96 TSi AWD but it has a 6 bolt swap. I'm not completely...
  46. AZDSM

    8 years later, finally got my AWD

    Good to know, thanks.Yeah, I'm beginning to find other things that are questionable. Lots of mixed bolt sizes here and there holding things together. 2nd previous owner text me and told me a lot was missing when he got the car and he used what he could(the one with the shop owner Uncle who...
  47. AZDSM

    8 years later, finally got my AWD

    Thanks, I read that in the maintainence guidelines a little before you posted, along with all the other fun stuff the others mentioned with the guides available on here.So here is the first major issue I noticed last night when doing a quick look under the hood...
  48. AZDSM

    8 years later, finally got my AWD

    96 talon tsi/eclipse gsxThat sums up the car pretty well. I met with the guy weeks ago and looked over the car quite a bit. Having an RS for 8 years and part of the club back in AZ has made me a bit of a nut when it comes to the small things. However, this is my first boosted car, so there...
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