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  1. My1GLaser

    Collector Car Insurance Policy

    I recently looked into a collector car policy since liability insurance is so expensive in FL. My DSM qualifies thru Hagerty insurance!!! It has to be garage kept and driven under 5k miles per year, be highly modified and rare. The policy was written thru my local Allstate agency. She said she...
  2. My1GLaser

    How to tell if a used clutch type LSD is good?

    I have recently acquired a transmission from an 89-90 Galant Evo RS. (Whatever the heck that is!) I swapped the ring gear and output shaft from a DSM tranny already. I've got a couple days while I wait for my shims to come in to set the bearing preloads.I want to reuse the front diff cause...
  3. My1GLaser

    How do my spark plugs look?

    I am kind of familiar with the Haynes manual color spark plug pics. I don't see any of the problems listed. I am interested if you can tell how my tune looks from looking at my plugs. I have never learned how to read plugs. Some people can look at them and tell if your timing is good, etc. If...
  4. My1GLaser

    Which CF hood vendor should I choose?

    So I have been searching around for a week or so trying to decide which CF hood that I want. I am going with OEM style. I am pretty settled on Seibon as well. It seemed like there were less complaints over the VIS. Here are several places to buy the Seibon hood I am interested in with varying...
  5. My1GLaser

    How much should the clutch fork move?

    I did quite a bit of searching on this and couldn't find anyone who said how much their fork moves when the clutch pedal is pushed. Mine moves almost 1/2" and I don't think that is far enough, but I don't have anything to compare it to.The problem is that the car won't go into gear while...
  6. My1GLaser

    Too much piston height?

    I have searched and searched, but could not find much at all about this issue. I am building a 6 bolt w/.020 over Wisecos & Manley H-beam rods. Up until now, all my clearances have checked out well and I am happy so far with the build. But..My pistons are sticking out of the block .007 on 2...
  7. My1GLaser

    What turbo should I get

    There are so many out there to choose from and I am too new to the turbo world to match one to my needs. I am looking to be in the 400hp range, and I would like that to be WHP eventually with drivetrain mods. So, I am looking for a turbo that I can grow into over time. I am fine with running...
  8. My1GLaser

    90 CAS in a 92 GSX

    I am dropping the motor from my totaled 90 laser into a 92 GSX. I need to use the CAS from my 90, but the plug end on the sensor is different from the 92 wiring harness. How do I get it to connect? Should I hard wire it, and which wires splice together? Or is there some sort of adapter? Thanks...
  9. My1GLaser

    Tach doesn't work correctly

    My tach is 300 rpm off at idle and about 1200 off at Redline. What could be causing this? I have been having this problem for a couple months now. It is consistent and hasn't changed at all over time. I did a total rebuild on the car and everything seems to run fine, except for a few idle...
  10. My1GLaser

    ECU Pin 109 Source

    I have a 350 rpm discrepancy between what my tach says and the rpm log on my dsmlink. Does anyone know what the source for ECU pin 109 is on a 1g? (I assume thats the input that dsmlink logs) It says it is for igniton pulse tach input, but I need to check the source and see if I can test it...
  11. My1GLaser

    no cylinder combustion

    I have included a pic of 2 of my spark plugs. The left is a good cyl, the right is problem cyl #3. Here is the info I know about cyl #3. 158 psi compression. I can hear the inj clicking when the car is running. There is 11.78v on one terminal of the inj harness and 12.26 on the other terminal...
  12. My1GLaser

    No power at fuel pump

    I will try to be brief and thorough. I do not have power at the fuel pump. I do have power at the no. 10 terminal on the EFI control relay in the center console. I also have tested the relay itself per the Haynes manual and it checks out fine. The ign. fuse on the battery + terminal is fine also...
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